Best Hotels In Las Vegas: Ballys Las Vegas Review 2021

Leisure lovers travel to Las Vegas from all corners of the world for many reasons. One reason is the city’s reputation for hosting some of the best casinos in the world. It is little wonder that the city attracted over 42 million tourists in 2018. This year, the number is expected to be much lower because of the novel coronavirus, which has affected tourism globally. These effects have been experienced everywhere, including Ballys Las Vegas.

Nevertheless, the situation is set to improve once normalcy returns. In the meantime, you should start planning to spend time either alone or with loved ones and friends in some of the city’s best hotels. Ballys Las Vegas is one such facility, as you are about to see below.

Selection of Rooms and Suites

In talking about this hotel, it would be prudent to start with the actual accommodation. After all, it stands out for both the hotel experience and the marvelous casino. In terms of accommodation, you would have to pay a low of $70 during the week and as much as $400 over the weekend to stay in one of its rooms.

Based on that, it is safe to conclude that the hotel’s rooms and suites are in great demand during the weekend. However, expect the rooms to cost as much as $37 during the low season, as part of special deals the establishment offers occasionally. Typically, this is what you should expect to find:

  1. Penthouse Suites
  2. Indigo Junior Suites
  3. Jubilee Junior Suites
  4. Indigo Celebrity Suites
  5. Jubilee Celebrity Suites
  6. Indigo Deluxe Room
  7. Jubilee Grand Suite
  8. Indigo Tower Suite
  9. Indigo Room
  10. Jubilee Room
  11. Indigo Room with Pet Stay – Stay in this 440 sq. ft. suite with your pet that doesn’t weigh more than 50 pounds
  12. Grand Suite with Pet Stay – You can stay with your pet, as long as it is not over 50 pounds in weight, in this 650 sq. ft. suite

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Restaurant and Casino Options

Hotels are as good as the restaurant options they offer. In this regard, Ballys Las Vegas satisfies all criteria that rank it among the best in the city. The fact that it is also in the gambling headquarters of the world means it is impossible not to look at its casino offerings.

When talking about the restaurant, the focus is on not only the meals but also drinking. Once again, Bally’s measures up to any hotel that you would want to compare it to. Therefore, expect a diverse range of options once you step in through its doors for a bit of dining, gambling, and drinking alone or with your friends. Since the proof is in the pudding, look at what the hotel has to offer below.

  • BLK Steak
  • Sterling Brunch
  • SEA: The Thai Experience
  • Nosh
  • Sbarro
  • Java Coast
  • Nathan’s Famous

What is a good round of gambling without the accompanying ambience? In this regard, ambience refers to the entire package rather than the actual room you are in. Consequently, you are likely to find the drinking experience offered at Ballys Las Vegas to your taste. Some of the bars at the hotel are among the most popular in Las Vegas. Furthermore, the bars are open all the way until 3am.

That might not seem like much until you remember that they open at 10.30am. Essentially, you would never run out of drinks to order and sip as long as you are playing casino games with your friends. Examples of the caliber of bars the hotel gives you access to include the following:

  1. Evening Call
  2. Indigo Lounge
  3. Sully’s Bars

Its 67,000 sq. ft. casino is full of a wide variety of casino slots and keno. Feel free to move to the table games to play your favorite casino game too. As if that’s not enough, the range of race and sports book is likely to satisfy your craving for this kind of casino games. What is more, with your poker face on, you would be right in place to visit the casino’s poker room to meet other players for a round or two.

With more than 65 table games, there is no doubt that the casino offers enough variety. Are you a Total Rewards member? Then it would please you to note that the hotel’s casino is only one of the six where each time you play you earn cash and/or a reward. Essentially, you never win while playing at the casino!

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Fast Facts About Ballys Las Vegas

  • It encompasses more than 3.2 million square feet of space
  • It sits on 44 acres of land
  • It has 2,814 guest rooms
  • Offers over 175,000 sq. ft. of meeting space that include 43 meeting rooms and two ballrooms
  • Possible to access Las Vegas Monorail conveniently through the hotel
  • Host to the legendary Las Vegas entertainer and singer known as Wayne Newton, who is known as Mr. Las Vegas
  • Venue for an enticing and interactive show known as Tony N’ Tina’s Wedding
  • Features a 15,000 sq. ft. spa
  • Shop until you drop dead at the Bally’s Avenue Shoppe
  • Have the time of your life at its pool complex known as the Blu Pool

Therefore, do not hesitate to book your space at Ballys Las Vegas. Accommodation at the hotel is in great demand. Unless you book early, you could be in for a massive disappointment. That said, once you enter the facility, your breath would be taken away at its mesmeric beauty. Soon, though nobody knows when, the world would go back to normal.

Humans have overcome some of the scariest pandemics, wars, natural calamities, and devastations. For this reason, you should put your chin up and look to the future with a positive mien. As you do that, you would be justified in scheduling a trip to Las Vegas to stay at Bally’s where the dining, rooms, suites, bars, and casino are of the highest quality!

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