Drinking in Vegas: A Complete Guide for 2024

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Las Vegas, the city that never sleeps, is a Mecca for travelers from around the globe looking to experience the thrill of its casinos, the allure of its high-profile events, and the vibrant life of its nightlife. Yet, there’s a common myth that enjoying Vegas requires a champagne budget. This couldn’t be further from the truth! For budget-conscious adventurers who love a good drink, drinking in Vegas can still be your playground. This guide is a toast to you, the savvy sojourner seeking a taste of the city’s tipple without breaking the bank.

Understanding Las Vegas’ Drinking Laws

Las Vegas’ drinking laws are considerably more relaxed than those of many other cities, but understanding the specifics can save you from any unexpected run-ins with the law. In essence, there are no stringent “open container” laws in the city. This means you can freely enjoy your drink while wandering down the famous Las Vegas Strip or exploring the hustle and bustle of downtown.

However, it’s essential to be aware of a few limitations. Drinking is prohibited in certain areas, such as near schools or storefronts of liquor stores. And while you might see some locals or tourists drinking from glass containers, it’s best to avoid them. Las Vegas law prohibits glass containers in certain tourist-heavy areas to prevent injury from broken glass. Stick with plastic containers, or better yet, one of the city’s signature plastic souvenir cups.

Mixing Your Own Drinks

If you’re looking to stretch your dollar further, consider the DIY approach to your Vegas drinking experience: mixing your own cocktails. With a little preparation, you can enjoy your favorite beverages without the hefty bar price tags.

First, you’ll need to get your supplies. Numerous liquor stores around Vegas offer a vast array of spirits, mixers, and cocktail essentials. Two standout options are Lee’s Discount Liquor and Total Wine, both known for their broad selections and competitive prices. If you don’t have a car, don’t worry. Many of these stores offer delivery services for a small fee. Alternatively, you can use a ride-sharing service like Uber or Lyft to do your shopping.

Once you’ve got your supplies, you’re free to mix your favorite cocktails right in your hotel room. Remember to bring along some reusable plastic containers or flasks (remember, no glass!) so you can bring your homemade concoctions with you as you enjoy the sights and sounds of Las Vegas. With your favorite drink in hand and the city’s lights sparkling around you, you’ll truly feel the Vegas vibe without spending a fortune.

Budget-Friendly Drinking Options

While the bright lights and glamorous ambiance of Las Vegas can lead many to envision pricey drinks at upscale venues, the city also boasts an array of wallet-friendly alternatives that ensure you won’t have to compromise on fun or taste.

Look for the hidden gems of Las Vegas’ bar scene: small, independently-owned bars that offer amazing deals on drinks. Stage Door (located behind the Linq & Flamingo) and Ellis Island (found behind Bally’s) are renowned for their bargain beer options and economical shots.

Not to be overlooked, Casino Royale is the equivalent of a dive bar on the Strip and another great place to find budget-friendly drink options. Some Strip properties, such as Margaritaville, host extraordinary happy hours during non-peak hours, allowing you to enjoy your favorite cocktails at a fraction of the usual cost.

Complimentary Alcohol for Gamblers

In Las Vegas, gamblers aren’t just playing for wins on the slots or tables; they’re also playing for drinks. In most casinos, as long as you’re wagering—whether at the slots, sportsbook, pit, or poker table—you’ll be served complimentary drinks by the ever-attentive cocktail servers. This applies to all players, not just the high rollers, so don’t be shy about settling into a seat at the slot machine or making yourself comfortable at the poker table.

Just remember, these drinks are complimentary as long as you’re actively playing, and tipping your server is expected and appreciated.

Maximizing the “Free Cocktail” Effectively

Getting the most out of your complimentary cocktail isn’t simply about gambling and waiting for a drink. With a few clever strategies, you can ensure your glass is always full and your server is always nearby.

Start your gaming session right by tipping your server generously ($5-$20) up front, and politely asking them to check on you often. This gesture will likely result in your server prioritizing your care and coming by every ten minutes or so with a new round.

You can typically order up to two drinks at a time, so take advantage of this to maximize your order. Pair a cocktail with a shot, or perhaps a beer with a bottled water to stay hydrated.

As a general rule, a $1 tip per drink is standard, but if you can tip more ($2-$5 per drink), you’re likely to receive even better service and higher-quality drinks. Additionally, don’t forget to specify your preferred brand of liquor. If you don’t, you’ll likely receive the well (house) brand. Ask for your favorite premium liquor, or find out what comparable brands they offer for free.

Don’t forget, your complimentary beverages aren’t limited to alcohol. Feel free to order hot teas, specialty coffees, fresh pressed juices, energy drinks, or even bottled water. Just remember to ask what options are available, as luxury casinos may offer more premium non-alcoholic choices.

Purchasing Cocktails

If you prefer buying your drinks outright, without the need for gambling or mixing your own cocktails, Las Vegas has you covered. The city is peppered with bars that cater to every taste and budget. Numerous daiquiri bars on the Strip offer discounted refills or even free refills throughout the night.

But bear in mind, while these drinks are tempting, they often contain a lot of filler and may not provide as much alcohol as you might expect. No matter the size of the container, the alcohol content is carefully measured to ensure safe consumption.

Craft Cocktail Experiences

For a more refined drink experience, seek out one of Las Vegas’ coveted speakeasies or specialty cocktail lounges. These establishments are known for their meticulously crafted cocktails, using premium ingredients and artistic presentation. The average cost of a craft cocktail in Las Vegas is between $18 and $25, a small price for the level of detail and quality you’re receiving.

Additionally, many renowned steakhouses host a happy hour where you can enjoy small plates and handcrafted drinks without the pressure of a full meal. These venues allow you to taste a slice of luxury and experience top-notch mixology at a reduced cost.

The Best Bars in Las Vegas:

Las Vegas, often referred to as the city that never sleeps, is home to an endless number of bars, each offering a unique ambiance and a wide variety of drink options. Here are some of the top bars you should consider visiting during your stay:

  1. Herbs & Rye: This award-winning bar, located off the Strip, is a must-visit for cocktail lovers. Herbs & Rye is known for its classic cocktails and an impressive selection of steaks. With its Prohibition-era décor and drinks from different eras, this bar gives you a taste of the past with a modern twist.
  2. The Chandelier at The Cosmopolitan: This multi-story visual spectacle is one of the most iconic bars on the Strip. It offers three unique bar experiences depending on the level you choose. The middle level, Level 1.5, is known for its experimental mixology.
  3. Skyfall Lounge at Delano: If you’re after a bar with a view, the Skyfall Lounge at the Delano Las Vegas offers breathtaking panoramic views of Las Vegas. Aside from the vista, Skyfall Lounge boasts an extensive cocktail menu and a wide array of appetizers.
  4. Frankie’s Tiki Room: For a different vibe, Frankie’s Tiki Room offers a unique Polynesian twist in the middle of the desert. Enjoy a selection of rum-based cocktails served in custom-carved tiki mugs.
  5. Downtown Cocktail Room: This speakeasy-style bar, located in the heart of downtown Las Vegas, is known for its innovative and seasonal cocktail menu. Its unmarked entrance gives it an exclusive feel, adding to the overall experience.
  6. Oak & Ivy: Nestled in the Downtown Container Park, Oak & Ivy is a craft whiskey cocktail bar known for its barrel-aged cocktails and homemade mixers. Its small, cozy setting provides a nice contrast to the vastness of Vegas.
  7. Minus5 Ice Bar at Mandalay Bay or The Venetian: For a unique and ‘chill’ experience, visit Minus5 Ice Bar where everything – from the bar to the glasses to the seats – is made of ice. Don’t worry about the cold; they provide you with insulated jackets, gloves, and boots for your comfort.

Each of these bars offers a unique experience that reflects the diverse nightlife of Las Vegas. Whether you’re a fan of classic cocktails, unique concepts, or simply want to enjoy a drink with a view, there’s a bar for you in Las Vegas. Remember, it’s not just about the drinks, but also the atmosphere, the service, and the memories you’ll create. Happy exploring!

After Drinking in Vegas Care

Drinking in Las Vegas can be an enjoyable experience, but it’s important to remember that the city’s dry climate can quickly lead to dehydration, especially when alcohol is involved. To help recover from a night of revelry, consider hydration therapy services like Vegas IV.

They offer mobile IV hydration therapy delivered straight to your hotel room, with services starting at $150. It’s a refreshing and revitalizing solution to mitigate the effects of dehydration, ensuring you’re ready to enjoy another day in this vibrant city.

Our Final Thoughts on Drinking in Vegas

From understanding the lenient open container laws to discovering the most budget-friendly watering holes, knowing where and how to drink in Las Vegas can significantly enhance your experience. Whether you’re a gambling enthusiast aiming to maximize the free cocktails on offer, a craft cocktail aficionado searching for a high-end lounge, or a budget-conscious traveler looking for the best deals, there’s something for everyone in Sin City.

Moreover, taking care of yourself after a night of indulgence is just as important as the fun you have during. By using services like Vegas IV, you can ensure you’re hydrated and ready to tackle another day. Remember, while Las Vegas is a city of excitement and entertainment, it’s always important to drink responsibly and ensure you’re well-equipped to enjoy everything this city has to offer. So, raise a glass to Las Vegas, a city that truly offers a unique drinking experience like no other!

Finding the Best Food in Las Vegas: Eating Sin City in 2024

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Las Vegas, a city known worldwide for its vibrant nightlife, glamorous casinos, and dazzling entertainment scene, is also a paradise for food enthusiasts. The city has mastered the art of catering to diverse palates, offering a culinary journey that spans from high-end dining experiences to flavorful street food. In this article, we’ll guide you through some of the best food in Las Vegas. We will break down some of the most impressive restaurants and food experiences that Sin City has to offer in 2024.

High-End Dining in Las Vegas

Extravagance is a word synonymous with Las Vegas, and it’s reflected in its dining scene. Some of the world’s most revered chefs have set up shop here, providing a variety of luxurious dining options.

Bazaar Meat by José Andrés at Sahara Las Vegas offers a unique twist on the classic steakhouse, delivering mouth-watering options like A5 Wagyu, king crab, lobster, and more. The inclusive pricing makes it easier to indulge, and the staff is well-versed in accommodating dietary restrictions.

Perched atop the Strat, Top of the World presents a dining experience matched with a breathtaking view. You don’t need to pay for a window view here, as the rotating dining room ensures everyone gets a glimpse of the stunning cityscape.

For a taste of Paris, try the Eiffel Tower restaurant, where it’s worth the upgrade fee for a window seat. They also offer a coveted “most romantic table in the city” designation with their “Iconic Table 56”. It comes at a cost but includes a private corner overlooking the Bellagio Fountains and a special commemorative souvenir.

Seeking Out Steakhouses

While Circus Circus may not be the first name that springs to mind when you think of gourmet cuisine, their steakhouse is a sleeper hit worth trying. The same goes for the Edge Steakhouse at Westgate. Downtown, Andiamo Steakhouse at The D and Barry’s Downtown Prime provides exceptional fine dining experiences.

Off the beaten path, Summerlin’s Echo & Rig and Honey Salt rank among the best in the valley, while Harlo is quickly carving a name for itself in the city.

Two local favorites, Herbs & Rye and Cleaver, stand out for their steak “happy hours”, offering deep discounts on menu favorites. However, given their popularity, you’ll need to make a reservation at these venues to secure a table.

Affordable Dining Options in Las Vegas

Las Vegas isn’t just for high rollers. It also offers plenty of budget-friendly dining options that don’t skimp on taste.

Ocean One Bar & Grille inside Planet Hollywood is a prime spot for an affordable lunch, with every entrée priced at just $6. If you’re a fan of Korean cuisine, Gen Korean BBQ inside Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood offers an all-you-can-eat experience for $35 per person, including premium meats, sushi, and sides.

For Mexican cuisine with a side of gorgeous Strip views, head to El Segundo Sol at the Fashion Show Mall. Between Park MGM and New York New York, The Park offers a selection of upscale bar food venues and inexpensive burgers.

Mon Ami Gabi and Alexxa’s both provide more affordable dining options. This is coupled with fantastic views of the Bellagio Fountains at Bellagio Las Vegas.

Finding the Best Desserts in Las Vegas

If your sweet tooth is calling, Las Vegas is the place to answer. From over-the-top milkshakes to artistically crafted Japanese desserts, Sin City delivers an unforgettable sugar rush.

Black Tap at Venetian is famous for its jaw-dropping shakes and treats. Here, you’ll find milkshakes topped with half an apple pie, globs of caramel, and enough sprinkles to cover a stadium floor.

For a subtler, artistic experience, the Japanese dessert bar Sweets Raku is a must-visit. The desserts here are an immaculate aesthetic treat as much as they are a delight to the taste buds.

Spago Brunch offers rotating desserts like their delectable chocolate soufflé and a zesty lemon yuzu confection that are worth checking out. For a late-night dessert indulgence, supper clubs like Delilah and Lakeside at the Wynn, Mayfair Supper Club at the Bellagio, and Superfrico at the Cosmopolitan offer designer desserts and cocktails that can be enjoyed without the commitment to a full meal.

If you’re a fan of Gordon Ramsay, you can’t miss the sticky toffee pudding served at any of his restaurant concepts. And the warm butter cake at Mastro’s is an experience you don’t want to pass up.

Best Romantic Restaurants

Whether you’re celebrating an anniversary, on a honeymoon, or simply want to enjoy a special evening, Las Vegas offers a host of romantic dining options.

Nomad Library offers a unique ambiance surrounded by books, leather, and wood, with a fantastic European-influenced menu to match. Prime Steakhouse at Bellagio is not just about the food, but also about the stunning views of the fountains and the beautiful dining room.

Mon Ami Gabi at Paris Las Vegas is a more budget-friendly option for classic French cuisine, and Aureole at Mandalay offered the spectacle of “wine angels” zip-lining through a giant wine vault, however, it closed in February 2023.

Unexpected or Lesser-Known Las Vegas Gems

Las Vegas is full of hidden culinary treasures that you may not stumble upon unless you’re in the know.

Bad Owl Coffee Roasters, a Harry Potter-themed coffee shop, is a magical experience complete with exceptional treats and a “butterbeer” inspired beverage. Musashi Japanese Steakhouse offers a unique Teppanyaki experience with a side of fun. Shokku Ramen in Chinatown is a 24-hour spot loved by locals and visitors alike.

In downtown Henderson, Chinitas serves up some of the city’s most fresh and beautiful sushi. French Crepes in Henderson is a locally owned small business offering sweet and savory European pancakes.

Quick Recommendations by Cuisine Type

Whether you’re craving Italian, Greek, or Asian cuisine, Las Vegas is a melting pot of cultural food varieties. Here are a few quick recommendations, based on both the above and our personal experiences in and around the Strip:

  • Italian: Nora’s off-strip, Scarpettas, Sinatra & Carmines for large parties
  • Sushi: Sushisamba for a fun menu & vibes, Wakuda for fine dining
  • Mexican: El Segundo Sol for budget, Toca Madera for extravagance
  • Greek: Estiatorio Milos
  • Chinese: Ondori or China Mama and Wing Lei for a luxurious dining experience
  • Dinner & Show: Mayfair, Delilah & Superfrico
  • Seafood: Golden Steer, Amalfi, Water Grill, Wynn Buffet
  • Donuts: Saint Honore Downtown & Fremont Food

Getting Off the Strip: Dining Downtown

The best steakhouse downtown is Barry’s Prime inside Circa. Affordable options include Victory Burger overlooking the sportsbook and 8 East for a taste of Asian cuisine. Therapy offers cheap drinks and inventive food. If you’re looking for a place to accommodate a large group on a smaller budget, 7th & Carson is the place to be.

For downtown Mexican food, consider La Comida. If you’re a pizza lover, your best options are Pizza Rock or Evel Pie. And if you want to experience Las Vegas’ downtown food scene to its fullest, don’t miss out on the vibrant food trucks serving everything from tacos to gyros.

Additional Tips for Maximizing Your Experience

Self-Guided Foodie Experience

If you’re looking to explore Las Vegas’ culinary scene at your own pace, consider booking a self-guided food tour with Finger Licking Foodie Tours. They arrange the restaurants, provide a tasting menu at each spot, and even include a paired cocktail. Tours start at $79 per person, with all tax and gratuity included.

Hacks for Desirable Restaurants

If you’re eyeing a spot at the newest or most popular venues like Mayfair Supper Club, Delilah, or Superfrico, you’ll need to make reservations at least 30 days in advance. Hell’s Kitchen is another highly sought-after restaurant. If you can’t get a dinner reservation, consider going for lunch instead.

If the venue is fully booked, you can usually get a seat at the bar on a first-come-first-served basis. You’ll still be able to enjoy the food if not the full ambiance.

Tipping for the Best Views and Seats

A tip can go a long way in securing the best seats at any restaurant. A $20 tip, coupled with a polite request, will often land you a seat on the patio, center stage, or a spot with a stunning view. Remember, hostesses are hourly employees and appreciate when they are shown gratitude.

Our Final Thoughts on the Best Food in Las Vegas

Exploring Las Vegas’ culinary scene is a delight for all food lovers. With options ranging from affordable diners to Michelin-starred restaurants, you’re bound to find something to tickle your taste buds. Whether you’re a fan of steak, seafood, sushi, or sweets, the city has something for every palate.

Maximizing Casino Comps: The Vegas Player’s Guide for 2024

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In the thrilling world of casinos, there’s an unspoken currency that flows from the gaming tables to the guest rooms and beyond: casino comps. These are complimentary items and services given out by casinos to encourage players to gamble.

Comps can range from free drinks and meals to free rooms or even airfare depending on the level of your play. For many players, earning and using comps is an art – a way to enjoy casino amenities while minimizing costs.

But how can you maximize your comps?

This guide will delve into the world of casino comps, demystifying them and giving you the strategies to get the most bang for your buck.

Understanding Casino Comps

Casino comps are, in essence, a reward for patronage. Casinos use them to incentivize play and build customer loyalty. The more you play – and the higher your average bet – the more valuable the comps you can earn.

The range of comps offered can be surprisingly broad. It often starts with free or discounted meals, moves up to free rooms, and for the high rollers, can include free luxury suites, flights, and more. Some casinos even offer cash back, free bets, or entries into tournaments or electronic draws.

A key point to understand is that comps are usually based on your “theoretical loss” at gambling – a number calculated from the house edge, your bet size, and the time you spend playing. This is why your level of play matters when it comes to earning comps.

Importance of Player’s Clubs/Loyalty Programs

If you’re aiming to maximize your comps, it’s crucial to be part of the casino’s Player’s Club or loyalty program. These clubs are free to join and are the gateway to earning comps.

Once you sign up, you’ll receive a card. Make sure to use this card every time you play. Whether you’re spinning the slot machine or having a seat at the poker table, your card will track your play, and you’ll earn points based on the amount you bet. These points can then be exchanged for comps.

Different casinos have different tier systems within their loyalty programs. The more you play, the higher you can climb in tier status, which often comes with increased benefits and higher comp rates. For example, higher-tier players might get priority for restaurant reservations and room upgrades, better exchange rates for comp points, and invitations to special events.

So, if you’re a frequent player, it’s not just about the points – it’s about moving up the tiers. But remember, all this starts with joining the club. If you’re not using a player’s club card, you’re leaving money on the table.

Strategies to Maximize Your Casino Comps

Now that you have a good grasp of what comps are and how they’re earned, let’s explore some strategies to get the most out of them.

Concentrate Your Play

It might be tempting to jump from casino to casino, but if your goal is to maximize comps, it’s usually better to concentrate your play at one or two casinos. Casinos reward loyalty, and your comp earnings will increase as you ascend in tier status within a particular casino’s loyalty program.

Understand the Games You Play

Remember, comps are generally based on your theoretical loss. This is calculated from the house edge, your bet size, and your play duration. Therefore, understanding the games you play – and their house edge – can influence your comp earning rate. Games with lower house edges like blackjack, when played with perfect strategy, can reduce your theoretical loss compared to games with a higher house edge, like slots.

Play Longer, Not Necessarily More Expensive

While it might seem counterintuitive, if you want to maximize comps, sometimes it’s better to play longer with smaller bets than to play quickly with larger bets. Remember, the time you spend playing contributes to the calculation of your theoretical loss. Of course, this strategy has to be balanced with your enjoyment of the game and your gambling budget.

Using Your Casino Comps Wisely

Earning comps is one thing, but using them wisely can enhance their value even further.

Know the Value of Your Comps

Not all comps are created equal. Understand the actual value of the comp you’re receiving. Free or discounted rooms, for example, can be worth quite a lot, especially during peak times. Cashback or free play can also be valuable, especially since they can lead to more comp-earning play.

Use Comps to Reduce Expenses

Comps can be used to significantly reduce your expenses. For instance, use your meal comps for fine dining restaurants or buffet passes. Use your room comps for stays during high-demand periods.

Don’t Play Just for Comps

While it can be exciting to earn comps, remember that gambling should primarily be a form of entertainment. Don’t chase comps to the point where you’re spending more money than you intended. Always gamble responsibly and within your budget.

Navigating the Fine Print

Casino comps and loyalty programs often have terms and conditions that can affect their value. Understanding these can help you make informed decisions. For example, some comps might expire if not used within a certain timeframe. Or, your player’s club points might reset if you don’t maintain a certain level of play. Always read the fine print and ask questions if you’re unsure.

In the next section, we’ll look at some examples of specific casinos and how their comp programs work, to give you a sense of the variety out there in the market.

Case Studies: Casino Comps Programs

Understanding theoretical principles is always beneficial, but real-life examples can further help illustrate how these principles apply. Below, we’ll look at the comps programs from three popular casinos. This is not an endorsement, but a study to better understand the diversity of comp programs in the industry.

Caesar’s Total Rewards

Caesars operates many casinos across the U.S. and has a comprehensive rewards program. Players earn Tier Credits and Reward Credits. The former helps you ascend to higher status tiers, while the latter can be redeemed for comps. Comps include room stays, dining, and shopping. Their multi-tiered program rewards loyal players with even more generous comp rates.

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MGM’s M Life Rewards

MGM’s M Life Rewards program also operates on a tier system. The more you play, the higher your tier, and the more you earn from your play. M Life Rewards also partners with other brands, allowing you to earn points and enjoy benefits at a broader range of businesses. Comps range from room discounts to VIP access to select events and venues.

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Wynn Rewards

Wynn Rewards works a little differently. Instead of tier points, you earn comp dollars directly from your play. These can be used for rooms, dining, and entertainment. The Red Card also offers promotional bonuses and benefits, such as special rates and offers on room stays. While smaller in breadth (only working in Vegas at the Wynn and Encore), don’t sleep on Wynn Rewards for value per dollar spent when it comes to casino comps!

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Making the Most of Your Casino Experience

Casino comps can significantly enhance your gaming experience and provide value for your play. Understanding how these reward systems work and how to maximize your earnings can be a game-changer. Remember to always play responsibly, and consider your gambling activities as entertainment first and foremost. After all, it’s not just about playing the games; it’s about enjoying the entire experience, rewards included.

In this article, we’ve explored the world of casino comps, discussed strategies to maximize your comps, examined how to use them wisely, and delved into the fine print. We’ve also studied real-life examples of comp programs in popular casinos. With these insights, you are now better equipped to enjoy the benefits that casino comps can offer.

Tips and Tricks for Planning a Trip to Las Vegas in 2024

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Las Vegas, the Entertainment Capital of the World, beckons with its shimmering lights and vibrant nightlife. But navigating the city’s numerous attractions and deals can be challenging. This comprehensive guide will help you unlock the secrets of a perfect Vegas getaway by planning a trip to Las Vegas with effectiveness. Let’s dive into planning your dream vacation.

Arranging Entertainment and Transportation Ahead of Time

Las Vegas is renowned for its world-class clubs, restaurants, and entertainment venues. To make the most out of your trip, make reservations well in advance. Even if you haven’t finalized your itinerary, it’s better to secure a spot and cancel later if plans change. High-demand destinations can be hard to book at the last minute, so an early reservation is always a wise decision.

Along the same lines, consider pre-booking your ride-share or shuttle transportation from the airport to the Strip. Las Vegas can get busy, and waiting until your arrival might lead to unnecessary delays during peak hours.

Decoding the Myth of the “$20 Trick”

Among many Vegas rumors, the “$20 Trick” or “Vegas Sandwich” is often shared as a quick hack for scoring room upgrades. The idea is to discreetly slip a $20 bill between your credit card and ID when checking in, hoping to inspire an upgrade. But here’s what really happens:

Front-line employees are required to disclose all tips to surveillance as part of measures against internal theft, so there’s no need to be stealthy. Lay your tip openly on the counter and request an upgrade, if desired.

However, it’s important to know that while tipping is appreciated, it doesn’t necessarily guarantee an upgrade. Front-line employees can shuffle guests around, but they can’t override hotel policies or expected occupancy for free upgrades. If the hotel isn’t fully booked, you might luck out with a better room, but the chances of landing the Hangover Suite at Caesars Palace are minimal.

Optimizing Your Hotel Booking Strategy

When planning your stay, consider whether you want to book through a third-party website or directly with the hotel. Sites like Hotwire, Kayak, or Hotels.com can provide cost-effective options if you’re on a strict budget and won’t be spending much time in your room. They often provide discounts that can save you between 10-20%, depending on the season.

However, if you have your heart set on room upgrades, plan on gambling, or simply want the best room possible, it’s recommended to book directly with the hotel. Direct booking offers several advantages:

  • You can negotiate with the hotel to match third-party site prices.
  • You can ask about potential discounts that might apply to you, such as first-time visitors, students, or players club members.
  • Direct booking allows you to specify your preferences. Whether you want a king bed, a fountain view, or a room near the elevator, communicating your wishes is easier when booking directly.
  • If you’re celebrating a special occasion, let the hotel know. They might throw in some extra perks to make your stay memorable.

Planning a Trip to Las Vegas: Strategizing Your Visit

Planning your Vegas trip around specific months can make a big difference in terms of cost and experience. Generally, January, February, April, and September are more affordable with flight and average hotel room costs. On the flip side, March, July, and December can be pricier.

The city’s weather is generally mild in May and October, but do prepare for possible strong winds. Rain is a rarity in Vegas, yet March may bring occasional unexpected downpours. As for December, the city often enjoys shorts weather right up until Christmas.

A general rule of thumb is to book your travel accommodations around 90 days in advance. This

period seems to hit the sweet spot in terms of pricing and availability. Booking too early or last minute could mean missing out on seasonal deals and discounts.

Leveraging Room Upgrades

Whether you’re on a budget or planning a splurge, everyone enjoys the thrill of a room upgrade. While your tip at the front desk isn’t a guaranteed passport to the Presidential Suite, there are ways to improve your chances:

  • Maintain a pleasant and kind demeanor when interacting with the front desk staff. Their job is demanding, and a bit of civility can go a long way.
  • While tipping won’t necessarily get you an upgrade, it’s an appreciated gesture of recognition for their hard work.
  • Don’t be shy about asking for upgrades or expressing your preferences. The staff is there to make your stay as enjoyable as possible, and they’ll accommodate your requests if they can.
  • Consider the duration and timing of your stay. Shorter stays are more likely to be upgraded, and weekdays often have more flexibility than weekends.
  • Try to check in early in the check-in window. This might increase your chances of landing an upgrade before the best rooms get snapped up.

Maneuvering Busy Travel Times

Las Vegas is a bustling hub all year round, but certain events can draw exceptionally large crowds. The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) weekend, March Madness, the Super Bowl, and New Year’s Eve are prime examples. During such high-demand periods, accommodations may be reserved by hosts for high rollers, and availability can be limited.

If you’re planning a visit during these peak times, secure your accommodations as soon as possible. When you’ve found a room that suits your needs at a property you prefer and within your budget, don’t hesitate to book it. Booking directly with the hotel can give you the added benefit of adjusting the room cost if the rates decrease before your visit. Just call the hotel reservation line, and they’ll correct your rate to match the current best rate.

Our Final Thoughts on Planning a Trip to Las Vegas

Planning a trip to Las Vegas can be as exciting as the city itself. By taking into account these considerations—strategizing your travel times, choosing the right booking method, and understanding how upgrades work—you can make the most out of your Vegas experience.

Whether it’s your first trip or you’re a seasoned visitor, every Vegas adventure promises new thrills and memories. Happy planning!

Finding The Best Pizza in Las Vegas: 10 Serious Contenders

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What is the one food in all the world that everyone can agree on? What is the one food in all the world that even when it’s bad… it’s still pretty good? What is the one food in the world where everyone gets excited when you say it’s on the way? Pizza! But what is the best pizza in Las Vegas?

You and I may disagree on toppings, crust preferences, or if pineapple belongs in the discussion at all, but just about every person out there will share a pizza with you, even if it’s one they wouldn’t order it themselves. Once the decision has been made, your friend will pick off the toppings they don’t like, but no one turns down pizza. What other food is like that? What other food do we universally share? Pizza brings us together like no other food in the world. We gather over pizza and live a full and rich life, often in spite of our disagreements on pizza styles.

best pizza in las vegas

Because it is such a beloved food, the variations have become multiplied and widely varied. New York style, Chicago pie, pepperoni, cheese… even HOW we eat it has become a source of debate.

With all these options, it is no surprise that you can find dozens of pizza shops in any city, and Las Vegas is no different. You will find hundreds of places offering slices or entire pizza pies, and every single one of them will claim to have the best pizza in Las Vegas.

Our Picks For The Best Pizza in Las Vegas

The funny thing is, that none of them are wrong. Pizza is such a personal choice, that no two people could entirely agree on a single restaurant being the best place for pizza in Las Vegas but each of the restaurants that made our list stand out above all the rest of the pizza places in Las Vegas for one reason or another.

If you love pizza the way we do, and everyone does… come check out our list of the best pizza in Las Vegas.

Evel Pie

Right on the corner of Fremont Street and North Las Vegas Boulevard, Evel Pie brings you the most fantastic themed restaurant and some of the best pizza in Las Vegas.

More of an event than a location, Evel Pie celebrates all things old-school starting with the daredevil Evel Knievel and his glorious 1967 jump attempt over the Caesars Palace fountain! Forty bones in his body said “no” but Evel’s old-school Vegas style said “yes!”

Menu item names at Evel Pie reflect this cavalier red, white, and blue daredevil-may-care attitude. From the simple “Cheesy Rider”, to the “Evel Knievel’s Super Kick Ass Combo”, every order feels a bit like thumbing your nose at conventional authority, especially when ordering the “Balls to the Wall” onion and meatball pizza.

There is the Flower Power vegan menu, and the self-explanatory “Olivia Gluten-Free John”. Everything has that 60’s and 70’s feel from the “Led Zeppole” to the mandatory, “Jump’n Caesar Salad”.

Naked City Pizza

This neighborhood pizzeria is one of these gems that you always have locals and tourists alike ordering side by said, because when you have the best pizza in Las Vegas, word gets out.

Starting as a sidewalk vendor, growing into multiple locations and even featured on the Food Network’s “Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives”, this humble pizza shop is “that” place you tell everyone about.

Hot and cold subs, appetizers that deserve some mention like the Stuffed Banana Peppers, and fries that are a meal unto themselves, the real star of Naked City Pizza is the best sheet style pizza in Las Vegas.

Available by slice, or any portion of the entire sheet, they offer something for every taste. Order the “Back Home” pie for the standard pepperoni and sausage, or try the “Helen Yee” which is a full meat pizza, and it’s topped with Naked City fries.

Vegetarian options are the “Eat Your Broccoli” pizza, and the “Run It Through the Garden” is vegan. Although the “Rebel Pizza” will temp even the most ardent of vegetarians.

OMG Pizza Time

If you find yourself off the strip, traveling down Sahara Avenue for any reason, you’ll see how Las Vegas is just like most cities with industrial areas, residential neighborhoods, and plenty of commercial real estate.

Once you step off the glitz and glamour of The Strip, it may be difficult to spot “Vegas” in any of these smaller pockets of civilization, but you will be able to spot the best pizza in Las Vegas, stop in at OMG Pizza Time.

Not too far from the Strip, but far enough to escape the lights and sounds, you can relax and enjoy some fantastic pizza pie from this small restaurant.

There is nothing exotic and crazy about OMG Pizza Time, and that’s why it makes our list of the best pizza in Las Vegas, they serve great pizza, subs, and our favorite, the meal calzone, away from the beloved chaos in the tourist areas and allows you to just sit back and enjoy your pizza.

Those Guys Pies

We’re starting to see a pattern here, Guy Fieri has showcased some of these same spots we’re listing as the best pizza in Las Vegas. I guess if it makes the grade for Diner, Drive-In and Dives, it’s worthy of a mention here as well!

Just off the strip, and now the successful restaurant has afforded the ability to open a second location over in Henderson, “Those Guys Pies” make some of the best pizza in Las Vegas, on or off The Strip.

Promising that authentic “east coast” flavor, Those Guys offers amazing pizzas, wings, sandwiches, fries, and a surprisingly authentic Philly Cheesesteak.

The Meat Pie Pizza is heavy with toppings, the White Pie is cheesy and creamy, but you absolutely have to try the “Maui Wowie Pie”; barbecue, house smoked pork, jalapeno, bacon, and… YES, pineapple. We can argue about whether pineapple is an approved topping another time, it gets a waiver here as the Maui Wowie is worth the visit.

Pizza Rock

Henderson is growing, mostly with successful restaurants from The Strip or Downtown Las Vegas opening a second location. If you had to pick one successful pizzeria in Vegas, everyone would pick Pizza Rock, one block up from Fremont Street and undisputed serving the best pizza in Las Vegas, and in fact taking the world championship in Italy as well.

So when Tony Gemignani tells you he’s making you the best pizza in all of Las Vegas… believe him.

We pizza lovers will spend hours discussing the virtues of OUR favorite pizza styles, New York, Chicago, even the sheet Detroit style. Pizza Rock has all of them and more. Let’s not waste our time arguing for and against pizza types, let’s dig in and taste them all!

You order a Sicilian Mob Boss, and I’ll get the Detroit Motorhead, and we’ll share them, coming together over our love for pizza. Did Pizza Rock just create world peace? Yes, yes it did.

Metro Pizza

Now expanded out to five locations, Metro Pizza still calls itself America’s Neighborhood Pizzeria, only now available in more neighborhoods. Once you taste from their menu and enjoy their down-home restaurant, you’ll agree that they offer the best pizza in Las Vegas, no matter which location you enjoy.

Spawning from a family business and a love of both pizza and for cooking for guests, the founders of Metro Pizza constantly strive to provide the single greatest bite you’ll eat, each and every bite you take.

Traditional pizzas like the thin Old New York East Side, or the Sicilian 86th Street Square Pie, each slice brings you home. The stuffed Chicago style pies are rich and heavy, from the meaty Loop, to the cheesy South Side. Every style and flavor of pizza can be found here, but the Zamboni is our current favorite; sausage, pepperoni, roasted red peppers and a generous drizzle of Mike’s Hot Honey over the top.

If you want some of the best pizza in Las Vegas, and are unsure what kind of pizza you are interested in, one of the Metro Pizza locations can make your life much easier.

Amore Taste Of Chicago

Proudly displaying the moniker of “Chicago Style Pizza in Las Vegas”, Amore Taste of Chicago has what people outside of the Windy City call pizza available, but their claim to fame and the pride of the kitchen is the deep, thick, and buttery crust that can rise over the pan two to three inches!

They have the best pizza in Las Vegas because they have the best kitchen, stocked with Chicago ex-pats who grew up making these pies “back home”.

We have to order the traditional Chicago Italian Beef every time we walk into Amore, but there is so much else to taste on the menu. The best pizza in Las Vegas is that Italian Beef, but the place is a full service restaurant, they have tantalizing rib dinners, a page full of pasta options, and so much more, but the pizza is the draw here.

If you’re in the mood for something creative, get the Taco Pizza, it is a great mix of two styles in one dish. All in all, if you’re in the mood for some incredible pizza in Las Vegas, and you’re willing to take a bit of a drive, you can’t go wrong with Amore, offering some of the best Chicago-style pizza in the Southwest!

Moneyline Pizza & Bar

The best place to get a pizza in Las Vegas was once known by the name “Five50” at the Aria. It was recently re-themed and renamed the Moneyline Pizza & Bar, but still serves the best pizza in Las Vegas.

Right in the middle of The Strip, Aria Resort and Casino is an upscale luxury lodging attraction, but it never forgot how much everyone loves pizza. Though the old Five50 is gone, Moneyline still delivers.

Incorporating more of a sports book bar atmosphere into the new Moneyline, the menu is full of craft beers, good wines, and a selection of whiskeys, a perfect pairing with some excellent pizza choices.

Red or white base with just about everything imaginable available as toppings. The simple looking menu can be deceiving, from the six “listed” pies, thousands of combinations can be created by choosing your toppings. And for those not looking for an entire meal, you can enjoy a single slice of the best pizza in Las Vegas at the counter.

All in all, if you’re looking for some of the best pizza in Vegas, look no further than Moneyline Pizza and Bar at the Area Casino and Resort.

Pin-Up Pizza

You can get pizza anywhere, nearly everywhere, so what does it take to make our list of the best pizza in Las Vegas? First, a great tasting pizza, selection choices don’t hurt wither, but a gimmick always helps too and Pin-Up Pizza has that in spades.

On the strip, Pin-Up pizza is in the Planet Hollywood, in Laughlin it is in Harrahs, and either location promised not only the largest, but the best pizza in Las Vegas.

New York style pizza, hand made with tomatoes and dough flown in from Naples, Italy for that authentic taste inferior ingredients just can’t match. The largest pizza in Las Vegas, measuring just short of three feet in diameter making each individual slice fifteen inches long and nine and a half inches wide.

Oh, and that other presentation that draws customers? The 1950’s bombshell pin-up theme is a rockabilly lifestyle celebration that brings smiles while you’re enjoying the best pizza in Las Vegas.


Seated right next to Caesars Palace’ Fountain of the Gods, Trevi is a fully rounded Italian style restaurant where you can get appetizers, entrees of pasta or other favorites, but it is also home to some of the best pizza in Las Vegas.

The wood fire brick ovens bake the crust just perfect and the result is believing you’re not in Las Vegas, but actually back where the name comes from, at Trevi Fountain in Rome staring at Oceanus who stares ominously into the distance, perhaps distraught that he’ll never taste the best pizza in Las Vegas or Rome.

The crispy cracker-like crust is a perfect compliment to the hot bed lying beneath the fresh toppings baked in a brick oven. Flatbread-style creations in pepperoni, fully loaded chicken, or a margherita style… all of them delicious to the last bite.

Before you finish your meal, toss a coin in the fountain. Legend of the original Trevi says a tossed coin promises a return to Rome, but a tossed coin here promises you’ll come back for the best pizza in Las Vegas.

Our Final Thoughts On The Best Pizza In Las Vegas

Pizza is pizza no matter where you go. All over the world, you spread some sauce on some dough, cover it with your favorite cheeses and toppings, and you have a shareable feast for all. A title claim of the best pizza in Las Vegas, or the best pizza anywhere will always be a matter of taste and desire. When you crave a thick Chicago pie, you’re not going to agree that a New York crust is the best pizza in Las Vegas, and conversely, a New York fan won’t agree that your favorite Chicago style pie is the best pizza in Las Vegas.

An excellent way to approach this value judgment system is to acknowledge that here in Las Vegas, there are so many options to choose from, so many restaurant themes, so many pizza styles and toppings… that no one has to argue which is the very best pizza in Las Vegas.

They all have their merits and what we can all agree upon is that a good pizza is a good time out and about with friends or spending time alone, a pizza is there to comfort us all and to celebrate the diversity of choices we all make day in and day out. Pizza is life and none of these locations is wrong when they claim to have the best pizza in Las Vegas.

Best Breakfast In Las Vegas: 10 Great Spots For Morning Bites

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Some people come to Las Vegas for a once-in-a-lifetime trip, never expecting to return. Others make the annual pilgrimage, and some make Las Vegas their regular spot to get away every chance they get. No matter what your Vegas habits are, you’re are likely looking to cut loose a little bit while in the city renown for allowing the wild side of you to “remain in Vegas”.

Many people come here and indulge in excess, knowing that it is either a one-off, or a weekend escape. We stay up too late, we drink too much, we have a great time spending all our energy on these special days under the Las Vegas lights.

best breakfast in las vegas

However, at some point in the trip you’re going to need to refill your tank from all this excitement, your body won’t run on empty for very long and a great way to recuperate from last evening’s adventure is to ask the locals where to find the best breakfast in Las Vegas and take in a good morning meal before setting off on whatever your next Vegas adventure will be tonight.

When we think of food in Las Vegas, the image used to be polarizing. You either had the cheap buffets that were given away for coming to the casino, or you had the extravagant dining experiences that will set you back thousands, neither conjured up the thoughts of the best breakfast in Las Vegas.

But Vegas has evolved since the iconic stereotype image was created. Restaurants are everywhere offering fantastic meals at any price point. Take in a free buffet, splurge on a steakhouse experience, but each and every morning, fill up your tank with a bevy of choices from all the breakfast options around Las Vegas.

Our Picks For The Best Breakfast in Las Vegas

There are hundreds to choose from, but we’ve selected these ten to represent the best breakfast in Las Vegas. Of course, there are tons of breakfast options in Las Vegas, however these are the ones we selected as the best based on our own experiences and the in-depth research we have done regarding the best breakfast in Las Vegas.


With all the unique options for food you can only get in Vegas, are we really suggesting a chain restaurant as one of the best breakfast in Las Vegas options? Yes. Yes we are.

EggSlut is local to Los Angeles, California with four locations but branches out internationally into Korea, Japan, Kuwait, and the UK. Their Las Vegas location is on the second floor of the Cosmopolitan and when you visit, you’ll immediately understand why EggSlut makes our list.

Inexpensive, counter service, breakfast sandwiches. This may not build up your expectations but the line commonly winds around the concourse as everyone is willing to wait for their EggSlut. Anywhere you go, they tell you to eat where the locals eat, the line is full of those “in the know”. Top quality food, prepared by foodie chefs that want to create a menu full of options, all at a low cost… If you’re looking for great food served fast so you can get back in the games, EggSlut serves easily one of the best breakfast in Las Vegas.

Hash House A Go-Go

You can stop in a the Hash House A Go-Go at several locations in Las Vegas. The Plaza, Sahara, Rio, and two stand along locations in Summerlin and Henderson. All of them offer the same fantastic food, but the location on the Strip in the Linq may offer the best breakfast in Las Vegas.

They have lunch and dinner menus but the breakfast/brunch is the draw for why you come to the Hash House A Go-Go. The egg scrambles and great for those feeling less than adventurous with their breakfast, but if you want to enjoy some new flavors, you’ve come to the best breakfast in Las Vegas location.

The hash menu offers up five savory creations, the pancakes and waffles are ridiculously large and flavored with everything from the standard banana to the absurd Snickers! The Farm Favorite menu has sage fried chicken, with or without waffles, and crab cake Benedict. All of the meals are large portions and large in flavor! All in all, if you are staying at or near any of the locations mentioned above, you can get the best breakfast in Las Vegas at Hash House A Go-Go.


With five location in Las Vegas and branching out to Dallas and Salt Lake City, Skinny Fats is taking the food service industry by storm and celebrates their food by celebrating their guests.

Believing that food and friends go hand in hand, you might enjoy the best breakfast in Las Vegas with your friends, or among the new friends you found simply by walking into their restaurant.

Breakfast menu items rotate in and out but the general feel of the place is a “Healthy” option countered by a “Happy” option. For the healthy, we can get enough of the T.A.T.S. which is Turkey Bacon, Avocado, Tomato, and Spinach topped with a spicy sauce that brings it all together. From the Happy side, the Wake N Bacon is amazing even if just for that Sriracha cream cheese.

And if you fall in love with SkinnyFATS sauces, you can take some home with you or have them shipped out, by the bottle or a pack of all five. All in all, if you want one of the best breakfast in Las Vegas options, look no further than this delicious option.

Peppermill Las Vegas

Sometimes, breakfast in Vegas comes at odd hours. When you’re having the time of your life and enjoying all the Strip has to offer, you may wrap up your “day” and find that more time has passed than you expected, and so when you set out to find the best breakfast in Las Vegas, The Peppermill Restaurant and Lounge is there for you, serving a tasty breakfast 24 hours a day.

Peppermill offers up the traditional breakfast plates of ham and eggs, or pancakes and French toast, but you’re here in Las Vegas, time to try something new.

Order the Tostada Omelet for a taste of Mexican food, or the Maserati Omelet for an Italian flair for your breakfast. And you can’t go wrong with the Munch’s Breakfast, a sausage, pepper, and mushroom hash brown scramble. If you’re not a fan of mushrooms, try Joe’s San Francisco Special with sausage and beef mixed in with spinach. It is one of the best breakfast in Las Vegas options.

cosmopolitan las vegas

The Henry at The Cosmopolitan

When you find yourself at the Cosmopolitan and looking for one of the best breakfast in Las Vegas locations, you have more than one option, but have a seat at a table in The Henry, take a few moments to decompress and enjoy your meal, the breakfast and brunch menus at this warm and inviting restaurant will have you savoring every dish and comforted with familiar favorites.

If you’re in a hurry and need to get back to the tables, grab some of the best donuts around; bananas foster and caramel glaze!

But take a seat and order a traditional classic such as shrimp and grits or brioche French toast. And we highly recommend the best breakfast in all of Las Vegas, the Signature Short Rib Benedict; braised short ribs and poached eggs with hashbrowns and a tangy and silky hollandaise that tops it all of with a savory delight. Options abound, take time to enjoy breakfast at The Henry! All in all, if you want one of the best breakfast in Las Vegas options, look no further than this delicious option.

Rooster Boy Cafe

Head off the Strip and over to Summerlin’s Desert Shores by Red Rock Canyon for one of the best breakfast in Las Vegas locations. Rooster Boy Cafe is one of the best kept secrets in Vegas but we’re cluing you in because you do not want to miss out on this fantastic breakfast spot.

This is the quiet little cafe that makes you wish you lived in the area so you could visit every morning. Chef Sonia’s world travels and experience has brought her to Las Vegas with exotic breakfast recipes to tantalize your taste buds.

A rotating menu with a “Quiche of the Day”, a brisket hash or a variety of Galettes, you won’t find these flavors elsewhere. The Shakshouka is a savory tomato breakfast meal and the souffled Dutch Oven Pancake is a sweet treat. Beyond all these flavors, there are fresh baked goods as well as their own line of distinct granola, soon to be packaged and available at local markets.

Eat (Fremont Street)

Hiding away a short walk off Las Vegas Boulevard and one block off Fremont Street is a dining experience that is humble enough to call itself simple “Eat” while simultaneously serving one of the best breakfasts in Las Vegas.

When you spend your evenings under the glitz and glamour of all Fremont Street has to offer, spend your mornings dining where the locals eat. You’ll taste fantastic dishes designed by a master chef who wants to feed and please the guests.

Every option on the breakfast menu looks like it could win first prize for presentation in any competition, but it gets even better than looks, the taste is amazing! The Prime Rib Hash or the Truffled Egg Sandwich are favorites on the menu and the Deviled Eggs are unique, but for an experience and possibly the best breakfast in Las Vegas, order the Huevos Motulenos, served with green and red chili and every bite a rich and rewarding meal. All in all, if you want one of the best breakfast in Las Vegas options, look no further than this delicious option.

Cafe Americano

The dawning of a new day doesn’t always mean the party has to stop. In fact, that’s part of the fun of coming to such a non-stop party town like Las Vegas in the first place, you can do just about whatever you like, 24 hours a day!

So when you find yourself taking a break from the gaming tables and looking for some fantastic food to refuel your non-stop party without having to give up the spirits, consider stopping in at Cafe Americano in either the Paris or Caesars Palace locations for one of the best breakfasts in Las Vegas.

The fare at Cafe Americano will not disappoint. You have the multiple options as the omelets and Avocado Toast are “build your own” style. A great Steak and Eggs or a surprisingly tasty Truffle Mozzarella Frittata are especially great but for a unique flavor and quite possibly the best breakfast you’ll have in Las Vegas or anywhere else, order the Carrot Cake French Toast.

Echo & Rig

Breakfast is one of those events that we all know we need to take time for, but we’re only in Las Vegas for a little while and we lost track of time! Well fear not, Echo & Rig Butcher and Steakhouse serves one of the best breakfasts in Las Vegas and they skirt the “breakfast” rules by calling their menu “brunch” so you won’t feel so bad about missing the alarm and searching for eggs at noon!

Located in Tivoli Village in Summerlin, Echo & Rig is a great place to dine any time of day but when you crave breakfast, you won’t find better fare.

Being a butcher shop and steakhouse, the Grilled Bacon on the brunch menu’s Small Plates section is nearly obscene it is so thick and juicy! The Steakhouse Scramble is made with their own sausage and you simply must try the Short Rib Hash, but if you need lighter fare, the Spinach and Goat Cheese Quiche is well worth a bite! All in all, if you want one of the best breakfast in Las Vegas options, look no further than this delicious option.

The Bagel Cafe

When a family moves to Las Vegas from Long Island, New York one of the culture shock moments they are sure to realize is the lack of small intimate cafes with quality “New York” dishes available. If you’re on the hunt for the most delicious and best breakfast in Las Vegas, look no further than The Bagel Cafe.

This was certainly true in the mid 1990’s but small restaurants are making a rise, thanks in part to this family opening The Bagel Cafe and offering one of the best breakfasts in Las Vegas.

The restaurant was so popular in Summerlin, they opened a sister deli on the Strip. Twenty bagel varieties and a plethora of spreads to go on them, a simple bagel order can be fulfilling. Traditional egg dishes, omelets, or waffles are always available, but if you want the best breakfast in Las Vegas, you’ve got to go for a little “New York” flavor with potato pancakes with matzoh brie, fruit-filled blintzes, and of course, the bagel and lox because they have the smoked fish flown in from home! All in all, if you want one of the best breakfast in Las Vegas options, look no further than this delicious option.

Our Final Thoughts On The Best Breakfast In Las Vegas

Breakfast may not be the highest priority on your list of things to do once you make it to Las Vegas, but if you don’t take care of your body and feed it some good food in the mornings, you’ll find you risk running out of steam early in the evening. And breakfast doesn’t mean you have to eat bland food either, among the countless options available in Las Vegas, these are only a few of the best spots for a great breakfast. You can enjoy traditional favorites or exotic new dishes at most of these places. Some locations cater to the fancy, some cater to the fast.

Finding the best breakfast in Las Vegas is all up to your tastes, mood, and desires. Grab a quick egg sandwich and an orange juice, or sit down to be pampered with spices and flavors served on breakfast foods prepared in a new way, while sipping cocktails from the bar. Las Vegas has something for everyone and breakfast is no exception. The sheer number of breakfast dishes available in Las Vegas may outnumber the number of poker tables… well, maybe not, but we do know that the food at these establishments are tasty and fulfilling, giving you the energy to get back to that table!

Our Selections For The Best Pools In Las Vegas: Top 10 Picks

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As early as the the mid 1800’s, settlers and trade routes made use of the Las Vegas valley as a re-supply point on the long journey west. Hyman Roth of the Godfather movies would tell you that Moe Green built Las Vegas out of a military desert stopover and to a degree, this is true.

When the Hoover Dam was built and the workers were looking for vices, it was Bugsy Siegel (the fictional Moe Greene’s inspiration) that supplied it. Casinos along the famous Strip were developed and Las Vegas grew into a constant dazzling display of excess that persists to this day.

best pools in las vegas

Drastically different theming and a variety of styles are available at every address but each and every casino in Las Vegas have two things in common.

  1. These casinos are located in one of the hottest (temperature-wise) areas in the United States, if not the world, and guests need a strong source for cooling off, especially in the summer.
  2. With the hotels becoming larger and larger, the need to compete for one of the best pools in Las Vegas has led to constant amenities and size growth in pool complexes throughout resorts in the city.

The casinos want you there to spend your money. You know this, they know this, everybody knows this so it’s no dark secret. However they are also aware of the plethora of casino choices you have once you decide to visit Vegas so they each do their best to attract the most visitors.

They dress up their rooms, they offer fine dining, but in this oppressive desert heat they know you’ll be spending some time out at the pool, especially if you are traveling with a family. So if they can create the best pools in Las Vegas, they hope you’ll consider their resort or hotel as your base of operations while in the area.

Our Picks For The Best Pools in Las Vegas

Desert heat is dry and manageable, but everyone loves to take a dip and cool off. So even if you’re just here for the slots and poker tables, let’s take a look at ten of the best pools in Las Vegas, Nevada!

Mandalay Bay Beach at Mandalay Bay

The high-end resort complex of Mandalay Bay anchors the southern end of the famous Las Vegas Strip and is one of the first hotels you will encounter when coming into Vegas by way of the Fabulous welcome sign.

This hotel easily has some of the best pools in Las Vegas and we could easily shave two selections off our list by making each pool area its own worthy entry, but when you see the main pool complex at Mandalay Bay and the exclusive Moorea Beach Club you will know you have walked into one of the best pools in Las Vegas.

Eleven acres of water features, 2700 tons of pristine white sand bringing the beach to you, and the 1.5 million gallon wave pool and performance stage make the main Mandalay Bay pool a destination for the party-goers, young and old alike. Connected by smoked glass and an age restriction, the slower-paced private Moorea Beach Club is a top-optional pool complex with a more relaxed, adult nature. Overall, Mandalay Beach has not only the largest, but easily one of the best pools in Las Vegas, if not the best.

Garden of the Gods Pool Oasis at Ceasars Palace

Synonymous with the entire concept of Las Vegas, Caesars Palace may not be the oldest casino on the strip, but it is certainly one of the more revered, and for good reason. Aside from maintaining and updating the hotel and casino as a paragon of Vegas entertainment, The Garden of the Gods Pool Oasis is by far one of the best pools in Las Vegas.

The complex of pools at Caesars has its own map, and you’ll need it to get around and explore it all. Whatever you’re in the mood for, Garden of the Gods will provide.

Seven pools and more than a hundred cabanas and daybeds available, if you’re looking for exciting public action, swim into the Temple Pool or the Neptune Pool. Keep your lucky streak alive while you relax in the water at the Fortuna’s swim-up Blackjack tables! The Apollo Pool is a little more relaxed and quiet and the Venus Pool is dedicated to adults only. And if you’re lucky enough to be considered a VIP, you may get an invite to the best pool in Las Vegas, the Bacchus Pool.

Grand Pool Complex at MGM Grand

The Grand Pool Complex at the MGM Grand is one of those places where you can let your cares slip away and enjoy an afternoon or evening poolside with friends. The water complex is six and a half acres and includes four pools and a premier lazy river. The cabana rental and service is second to none with large screen televisions and standby service making your poolside stay one of excellence.

If you’re not staying in a cabana, the five poolside bars and the amazing Cabana Grill counter service restaurant are at every corner and always waiting to meet your needs.

The four pools are complimented by several hot tubs and spas dotted along the complex, and the winding lazy river is a great way to spend an afternoon floating along in bliss. An offshoot of the lazy river brings you right up to the center stage area where you can get up close and personal with the band without getting out of the water. As one of the largest hotels on Earth, it should come as no surprise that the Grand Pool Complex at the MGM Grand made it near the top of our list of the best pools in Las Vegas.

The Tank at Golden Nugget

At the north terminus of Fremont Street you’ll find the Golden Nugget and one of the best pools in Las Vegas. The Tank Pool at the Golden Nugget isn’t the largest pool in all of Vegas, or even the most exclusive. But what it does have is real live sharks.

Fear not intrepid traveler, the Golden Nugget hasn’t gone crazy and you won’t be tossed into a shark-infested pool… The 200,000 gallon shark tank is incorporated into the pool complex so you can swim right up to them but remains quite separate from the waters you’ll be swimming in.

The multiple story relaxation area has in-water loungers staring at the tank and if you’re adventurous enough, they have a twisting water slide that passes through the shark tank on the way into the water. If all this sounds like too much excitement for you, The Hideout rooftop adult pool is a little more reserved and calm, no sharks but plenty of action. While this is the only hotel on our list of the best pools in Las Vegas located in the Downtown area, it should definitely not be overlooked, simply for its uniqueness.

The Pools at The Venetian & The Palazzo

Another heavy hitter for our list, the Venetian and the Palazzo are technically separate pool areas so they could be listed separately but since as a guest of either hotel you’ll have access to all the same pools, it would be better to list this as one large water complex and certainly encompassing some of the best pools in Las Vegas.

The Venetian Pools are four large pools and some smaller hot tubs and a children’s play area splash pad. Actually, there’s no rule, feel free to frolic in the splash pad!

The Palazzo Pools add in another seven pools to the list, and if the Venetian Pools didn’t make you feel special, the Palazzo pools up the game and will have you soaking in the sun in splendor and regal atmosphere. Currently closed for renovation, the Venezia Pool is even more exclusive and quiet, when it opens, this will add four more pools to the Venetian & Palazzo pool complex, easily putting it near the top of our list of the best pools in Las Vegas.

Pool District at The Cosmopolitan

At the corner of the Las Vegas Strip and Harmon Avenue is the Cosmopolitan, where contemporary Vegas visitors go to make the scene, and where better to enjoy the hot desert sun than in one of the best pools in Las Vegas as you peer over the ledge down at the action on the Strip four stories below.

The Boulevard Pool has soothing and exciting action all day long, and in the evening the Sunset Cocktail Hour and the Dive-In Movies make a great way to spend the evening.

Just across the pool deck and up to the fourteenth floor of the Chelsea Tower is the Chelsea Pool, a more relaxed and quiet atmosphere where you may want to unwind away from the noise and prying eyes at the popular Boulevard pool. Between these two wildly different choices, the Cosmopolitan offers one of the more diverse and better pool complex options in Las Vegas. All in all, if you want one of the best pools in Las Vegas during your next stay, look no further than these great options from the Cosmopolitan.

Encore Beach Club at Wynn Encore

For many of the entries on our list, we’ve lumped many pools from a hotel’s complex together and called the sum greater than its parts. For the Wynn Encore, we’re not going to do that, not because the “ordinary” pools at the Wynn are less than spectacular, but because the Encore Beach Club is so exceptional that it deserves to stand out on its own.

The Wynn complex is amazing, but even if it were to stand alone, the Encore Beach Club is by far one of the best pools in Las Vegas.

If you came to Vegas to party, if you want to experience one of the greatest non-stop pool parties, you belong here at the Encore Beach Club. 21+ to enter, the music is bumping and so are the guests. Dancing, smiling, laughing, and generally having the time of your life, the fabulous pool is the centerpiece around which everyone is drawn as a daytime nightclub, and as the sun sets, “Encore Beach Club At Night” takes over and the party never stops at one of the best pools in Las Vegas.

Liquid at Aria

Aria is one of Vegas’ more upscale and contemporary hotels, attracting a younger sophisticated clientele.

The three Ellipse pools available at Aria will always be surrounded by wonderful guests soaking up the sun and enjoying a cocktail and conversation, but if you’re looking for one of the best pools in Las Vegas, Aria Sky Suites offers you “Liquid”, an exclusive poolside atmosphere for those looking for a small escape from the Vegas life.

Liquid Pool Lounge is an adult-only pool where you can get away from the hustle and bustle of younger children splashing and yelling. There is nothing wrong with children enjoying a pool, but Liquid is set aside as your oasis and relaxation venue, even of only for a short time, you have to take time for yourself. The secluded cabanas and daybeds make it easy to melt into the afternoon and regroup yourself before heading back into the bright lights of Las Vegas. Overall, if you’re on the hunt for the best pools in Las Vegas, Liquid at Aria in CityCenter should definitely be on your list.

The Sandbar Pool At Red Rock Casino

Getting of the strip doesn’t mean getting away from deluxe amenities. The Sandbar Pool, affectionately known by many traveling reviewers as “the backyard” over at the Red Rock Casino in Summerlin still boasts one of the best pools in Las Vegas.

A wheel and spoke design features prominently as the main pool houses guests and the outlying pools become less crowded, you can pick and choose your level of company from buoyant and bubbly, to quiet and less intrusive.

The Sandbar Cafe serves poolside drinks and eats, and you don’t have to stop gaming just because you wanted to step out for some air and get in a quick dip in the pool; poolside gaming is available as well. As the sun sets in the west, look out over the Red Rock Canyon and take in one of the most spectacular sights you’ll see while relaxing in one of the best pools in Las Vegas.

The Mirage Pool At The Mirage

No list of fantastic water features would be complete without listing the Mirage Pool at the Mirage. Easily one of the best pools in Las Vegas, this oasis of relaxation is specially sculpted to feel more like a secluded lagoon rather than a popular resort pool in the middle of one of the busiest cities in the country.

As the order of the day would be to relax and recline in comfort, it is highly recommended to reserve a cabana or daybed for your poolside luxury as the level of service is unequaled by any other pool complex in Las Vegas.

But if you’re only stepping into the pool area for a short time and don’t want to indulge in the pampered comfort of a cabana, the trickling waterfalls and crystal blue water will send you into your bliss all the same. The nearby Bare Pool just beyond the Dolphion Shop is an adults-only top-optional pool for those seeking a more “European” tanline. All in all, if you’re looking for one of the best pools in Las Vegas, look no further than the incredible options provided by the Mirage.

Our Final Thoughts On The Best Pools In Las Vegas

You come to Las Vegas, Nevada for a vacation. Some of us want to gamble, some want to see shows, some to cavort with strangers and indulge in an extroverted episode that we are promised “stays in Vegas”. But no matter what the reason you are drawn to the bright lights of the Las Vegas Strip, one thing we all have in common is that we have congregated in the middle of a desert and the sun is punishing all of us for this decision.

The casinos can offer you some protection from that heat as they are all air conditioned and windowless, but sometimes, no matter how long your winning streak is going, you need to step outdoors and take in a breath of fresh air. When you do, consider your resort’s pool as a way to get away from it.

Most hotels offer great pools but there are some on this list that step up the game and truly offer the best pools in Las Vegas. Take advantage of their desire to pamper you, relax and let the soothing waters cool your skin and ease your mind. You’ll be back at the tables soon enough, allow your inner-spirit a few moments to soar, and swim, in any of these best pools in Las Vegas.

The Best Topless Pools in Las Vegas in 2021: Locations/FAQ

topless pools in las vegas featured

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For some visitors to fabulous Las Vegas Nevada, the cool desert evenings will have you partying all night long and the bright sunny days may have you recuperating poolside while working on your tan. With Vegas’ reputation as a hedonistic playground, some guests may ask about the availability of topless sunbathing poolside at their resorts.

To the surprise of domestic visitors, the answer is, “yes there are good topless pools in Las Vegas”. To the dismay of international travelers, the answer is, “fewer than you’d think.” Because of these cultural differences, before we take a look at some of the better topless pools in Las Vegas, let’s go over some of the most frequently asked questions so we know what to expect before dropping our tops!

Additional Resources For Las Vegas Travelers

Frequently Asked Questions About Topless Pools in Las Vegas

Is there a cover charge?

Every pool is different but yes, most of them charge an entrance fee to get into the topless pool area. This eliminates the casual voyeur from gawking and encourages poolside visitors to relax and enjoy.

Some hotels offer free entrance for their guests before noon, some charge a higher cover for men than for women. And some have no cover for women, or for men escorted by a woman. They acknowledge that the topless pools are an attraction and the aim is to minimize casual curiosity.

Is this a meat market?

No, it is not, and in fact, the hotels will politely ask you to keep any public displays of affection or other visibly amorous advances private. While the pools are 18+ or 21+ age-restricted for entry, this is still just a pool and not a free-for-all roman orgy so we should all behave accordingly.

Any “what happens/stay in Vegas” kinds of activities you may wish to partake in should take place in private, behind the closed doors of your hotel suite.

Is being topless required or enforced?

This question may sound odd, but imagine you are in a group and someone in your party isn’t comfortable taking off their top… No worries, there is no requirement. Topless sunbathing is always optional, never required. Once you enter the pool area, wear a much or as little as you care to wear ABOVE the belt, and that brings us to our next question…

Can I go bottomless as well?

No, you may not. As alluded to earlier, American attitudes toward nudity is a little more prudish when compared to some international locations such as the south of France or much of Australia. The fact that you are allowed to remove your top is about as far as any “public” pool in Las Vegas will allow, so make sure your bottoms are stylish as they will be staying on.

Am I safe at the topless pools in Las Vegas?

We can answer this question with a solid and resounding yes! Never let your guard down anywhere, as any place can become unsafe in the wrong circumstances, but at the topless pools in Las Vegas, you are protected by the same rules as the rest of the world, as well as being subjected to more restrictive rules designed to keep you safe and comfortable.

Rules such as Do not “touch” another sunbather, even “bumping into” you will be seen as an infraction against your personal safety, and the offender will be ejected. No photography is allowed whatsoever! Even if someone is innocently taking a picture of their poolside margarita, once the phone or camera is taken out, the offender will also be taken out.

You are as safe here as anywhere in Las Vegas, perhaps more so since the rules are being closely monitored for your safety. Overall, your safety is staff’s top priority at topless pools in Las Vegas.

The 5 Best Topless Pools in Las Vegas

European Pools at the Wynn Encore Complex

The Encore Beach Club and XS Nightclubs are popular pools full of guests, but if you’re looking to sunbathe in a more relaxed atmosphere, step over to the smaller and more exclusive European pool at Encore, often considered as one of the best topless pools in Las Vegas.

Fewer revelers, less noise, but still plenty of action with poolside gaming tables so you can cool off your body without dousing your hot winning streak. You can also get your food and drinks delivered poolside, so you may never want to leave the water again here at one of the best topless pools in Las Vegas.

  • Open Daily: 8:00 AM – 7:00 PM
  • Hotel guests only (Complimentary)

Get More Information

Moorea Beach Club at Mandalay Bay Resort

Be cautious about just ripping off your top and flinging it aside as you dive into the deep end of any Las Vegas pool, the rules are always changing and it seems the topless-ness of any resort is subject to change. For the longest time we would have recommended the Venus Pool Lounge at Caesars Palace but it has recently ended its run as a topless pool in Las Vegas.

On the bright side, the Moorea Beach Club at Mandalay Bay has been designed since its inception as a topless pool and shows no signs of stopping any time soon! But always check ahead to be sure…

  • Open Daily: 11:00 AM – 7:00 PM
  • Female hotel guests: Complimentary
  • Male hotel guests: Usually complimentary Monday through Thursday
  • Non-guests: $30-$50 depending on demand

Get More Information

Marquee Dayclub at Cosmopolitan

The Cosmopolitan is commonly seen as a hipper, younger scene than some of the more established and traditionally known hotels on the Strip but even for a resort known for being a hot spot, the Marquee Dayclub is hopping and popping all day long with the Strip’s liveliest party atmosphere.

You can look over at traffic on Las Vegas Boulevard while the DJs are spinning the tunes and you enjoy the sun on your body. The pool goes fully clothed once the sun goes down but the party never stops as the Marquee Dayclub becomes Marquee Nightclub and you can dance until the sun comes back up.

  • Open Daily: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Topless: Monday through Thursday
  • Cover: $20 and up.
  • Local women: Free
  • Hotel guests: Complimentary Sunday through Friday

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Daydream at The M

If you’re interested in a more “local” topless pool in Las Vegas, take a quick drive south just off the strip at Henderson and visit DayDream at The M Resort. This topless pool is more likely to have locals enjoying the scene than a bunch of tourists dropping by.

This welcoming and hospitable party feeling the DayDream cultivates is something the locals cherish and you are likely to feel more a sense of acceptance and inclusively that you may feel at some of the more adventurous or exhibitionist topless pools in Las Vegas.

  • Open: Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays, 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Locals: $10
  • Non-locals: $20

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European Pool at Artisan Hotel Boutique

And if you are looking for that daring and risque kind of experience, just north off the Strip at Sahara and the 15, the Artisan Hotel Boutique has the “Naked Pool” recently renamed as the “European Pool”.

The renaming is focused on giving the hotel a new fresh upgrade with a Spanish-themed restaurant bar and updated rooms but the focus is still on the beauty and titillation of the nude human form. There are no visitors passes, the only access to Artisan’s European Pool is strictly for guests of the hotel.

  • Open Daily: 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM
  • Fee: The fee to enter varies. It’s best to check with the hotel.

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Looking For the Best Shopping in Las Vegas: 13 Great Options

shopping in las vegas featured

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Las Vegas is famous for its gambling scene, but it is also a shopper’s paradise. From budget retail outlets to high-end designer stores, Las Vegas has something for every shopper. Its spectacular shopping malls complete with retail outlets, fine restaurants, themed architecture, and décor give shoppers an unforgettable shopping experience.

Additional Resources For Las Vegas Travelers

Our Picks For The Best Shopping In Las Vegas

If you are looking for the best shopping in Las Vegas, here are 13 great options that you should consider.

The Shops at Crystals – The Strip

shopping in las vegasLocated at the heart of the Vegas Strip between The Cosmopolitan and Aria, The Shops at Crystals is 500,000 sq ft of retail heaven. From its futuristic architecture to its high-end store roster, this shopping mall is the most upscale element of City Center. More than 50 of the world’s most exclusive retailers have set up shop here.

Splurge extraordinarily on renowned luxury brands like Tom Ford, Gucci, Prada, Fendi, Louis Vuitton, and Tiffany & Co or unique brands like Paul Smith, Lanvin, and Sisley. When you are done shopping, sample some of the finest cuisines that Vegas has to offer at Cucina by Wolfgang Puck or Maestro’s Ocean Club.

  • Address: 3720 Las Vegas Blvd South
  • Phone: 702-590-9299

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Miracle Mile Shops – Planet Hollywood

The Miracle Mile Shops promise a wholesome shopping experience. Shoppers get to browse through 200 stores, some of the finest restaurants in Las Vegas, and live performance venues. This retail complex is home to Victoria’s Secret, LUSH, H&M, Mac Cosmetics, Urban Outfitters, Bath & Body Works, and more.

There is also a lot to see and do at Miracle Miles as you shop. You can enjoy a meal in one of the strip-side restaurants like Cabo Wabo Cantina, get a piercing or tattoo at Club Tattoo or catch a show in one of the entertainment venues.

  • Address: 3663 Las Vegas Blvd South
  • Phone: 702-866-0704

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Wynn Esplanade & Wynn Plaza – Wynn Las Vegas

Wynn is the embodiment of Las Vegas luxury. If you want to shop at the world’s most high-end designers’ signature stores, this is the place to be. You can shop for a runway look you fancy at one of the several posh retail boutiques here.

To name just a few, this shopping destination is home to Alexander McQueen, Chanel, Cartier, Dior, Givenchy, and Chloe. You will find the world’s largest selection of Rolex watches at the Rolex store at Wynn Esplanade.

Your shopping experience will not be complete until you’ve sampled excellent Italian Cuisine at the upscale Cipriani.

  • Address: 3131 Las Vegas Blvd South
  • Phone: 702-770-7070

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Via Bellagio – Bellagio

High-end luxury boutiques can only complement the Bellagio’s distinctive, elegant style and overall ambiance. A stroll down the marble-floored indoor avenue illuminated by glass ceilings reveals the most fantastic selection of luxurious designer brands under one roof.

Window shop before you walk into one of the shops to buy something that you will flaunt for a long time to come. The leading designer stores featured at the Via Bellagio include Chanel, Prada, Armani, and Tiffany & Co.

Spectacular views of the Bellagio fountains through the Via Bellagio’s southern windows will make your shopping experience even more memorable.

  • Address: 3600 Las Vegas Blvd South
  • Phone: 702-693-7075

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Las Vegas North Premium Outlets – Downtown

Downtown Las Vegas is known for offering affordable options in everything, including shopping. Shoppers at Las Vegas North Premium Outlets can save 25 to 65 percent. This impressive 540,000 sq ft outlet mall is a ten-minute ride from the Strip. It features more than 175 mid and upper range retail stores that will blow your mind with their selection of your favorite brands. You can find amazing bargains on brands like Calvin Klein, Kate Spade New York, and Ralph Lauren.

The VIP shopper club at Las Vegas North Premium makes shopping in Las Vegas exciting and rewarding with cool perks like redeemable offers, speedy checkout, and early access to sales.

  • Address: 875 S Grand Central Pkwy
  • Phone: 702-474-7500

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The Forum Shops at Caesar’s Palace – The Strip

Stepping into Forum Shops at Caesar’s Palace gives you an otherworldly experience. This Roman-themed shopping mall features a collection of boutique and couture shops set beautifully in a vast, multi-leveled, architecturally stunning retail space. Shop as you marvel at the beautifully painted vaulted ceilings, extravagant fountains, and Roman statues.

You will find designer and specialty stores like Cartier, Louis Vuitton, Tiffany & Co, Giorgio Armani, and more. If you work up an appetite as you shop, walk into one of the 12 restaurants that offer everything from casual to upscale dining experiences.

  • Address: 3500 Las Vegas Blvd South
  • Phone: 702-893-4800

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Fashion Show Mall – The Strip

It does not get grander than this giant shopping mall covering 2 million square feet.  While it neighbors The Mirage, Trump International Hotel, and Treasure Island, it is the only shopping center on the Strip not attached to a hotel-casino. It houses seven signature department stores and more than 250 boutiques. Popular retailers include Disney, Marcy’s, Hot Topic, forever 21, and Apple.

The Fashion Show Mall has an iOS shopping application and booklets that can keep you informed of all their discounts when shopping in Las Vegas. If you are a fashion show enthusiast, look out for the weekly runway events happening here.

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The Grand Canal Shoppes – The Strip

Cloud-painted ceilings, cobblestone streets, Italian restaurants, and gondola rides on the Grand Canal will give you the experience of a classic Venice while shopping in Las Vegas. The Grand Canal Shoppes feature a wide selection of high-end brand name stores.

The anchor store is an 85,000 sq ft Barneys New York. More than 160 signature stores are also located here, including some of the world’s premier luxury brands like Burberry, Tony Burch, Michael Kors, and Montblanc. Streetmosphere performers entertain shoppers from St. Mark’s Square throughout the retail center. You can also sample a taste of Italy from one of the numerous notable restaurants.

  • Address: 3377 Las Vegas Blvd South
  • Phone: 702-414-4525

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The LINQ Promenade – The Strip

The Linq Promenade, situated between the Flamingo and The Linq Hotel, makes shopping in Las Vegas fun and easy. It comprises 200,000 sq ft of retail stores, restaurants, and entertainment joints. The exciting atmosphere created by the bustling tourists and the numerous fun activities on the pedestrian walkway makes for a thrilling shopping experience.

Shopping at the Linq Promenade is not complete until you take a spin on the High Roller Observation Wheel or a swing on the zip line. Sample light delicacies from one of the eateries along the walkway like Gordon Ramsay Fish & Chips.

  • Address: 3535 Las Vegas Blvd South
  • Phone: 702-322-0560

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Downtown Container Park – Downtown

A giant flame-throwing praying mantis welcomes you to this unique shopping destination made from shipping containers. It is located at the heart of Downtown Las Vegas, 10 minutes ride from the Strip. When shopping in Las Vegas, this is the place to find a magic shop, a $5 shop, a candy shop, a cigar shop, and other kooky retail shops.

Dining and drinking options are also plenty. They include Oak & Ivy, Cheffini’s Downtown Terrace, and Big Earn’s BBQ. The playground at the center and the giant, glowing geodesic dome at the front provide excellent entertainment for your kids as you shop together.

  • Address: 707 Fremont St
  • Phone: 702-359-9982

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Townsquare Las Vegas – Southeast

Located a few minutes from the Strip, Townsquare Las Vegas is where the locals shop and hang out. This open-air mall has a fantastic selection of affordable stores, eateries, and entertainment joints. You can buy a lot of exceptional items from a broad range of affordable retail outlets, including H&M, Old Navy, Hot Topic, and Hollister.

This outdoor shopping center also offers excellent entertainment options. The large AMC theatre offers Dolby and IMAX Cinema options while Gameworks lets you indulge in arcade fun. As you shop, Yard house and California pizza have amazing food and happy hour deals for drinking and dining.

  • Address: 6605 S Las Vegas Blvd
  • Phone: 702-269-5001

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Downtown Summerlin – Summerlin

Shopping in Las Vegas with your pet is an exciting affair. This open-air mall located near Red Rock Casino Resort west of the Strip is very pet-friendly. Shoppers are treated to a broad selection of retail outlets, delectable dining options, and entertainment choices.

The center anchors of Downtown Summerlin are Dillard’s and Marcy’s. Other tenants include Hot Topic, Forever 21, Victoria’s Secret, Apple, and Old Navy. Take a break from the shopping by enjoying a meal at Shake Shack, Five Guys, Makers & Finders Coffee, and several other restaurants.

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Galleria at Sunset – Henderson

11 miles from the Vegas Strip in Henderson community, is Galleria at Sunset. This is a neighborhood mall that houses over 140 retail shops, several full-service restaurants, and quick stop dining options. Anchor stores at this mall include American Eagle, Gamestop, Footlocker, Charlotte Russe, Bath & Body, and Famous Footwear.

There are plenty of eatery options to suppress hunger pangs as you shop. These include Panda Express, Red Robin, and Subway.

  • Address: 1300 W Sunset Rd
  • Phone: 702-434-0087

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What Is The Best Time To Visit Las Vegas? Our Pick In 2021

best time to visit las vegas featured

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Las Vegas is a popular tourist destination (one of the most popular on Earth). There is always something happening in Sin City besides the typical gambling. Tourists stream in from the ends of the globe to sample a little bit of what Vegas has to offer, from some of the world’s largest hotels to wild parties, incredible restaurants to nightclubs, shopping, entertainment and much, much more.

While there is no bad time to visit the entertainment capital of the world, there are some times that are better than others. Below are pointers on the best time to visit Las Vegas, depending on your reasons for visiting.

Additional Resources For Las Vegas Travelers

The Best Time to Visit Las Vegas for Good Weather

The hot desert climate of Las Vegas means that the weather can be very extreme. There is plenty of heat and sunshine for most of the year. Summer temperatures can soar to above 100 degrees Fahrenheit and during winter temperatures can drop to below freezing. Outdoor activities during these extremes are unappealing. January and December have the coldest weather, while the hottest days are in July and August.

The vast majority of Las Vegas visitors spend their time indoors in hotels connected by indoor walkways, so the weather is of little consequence. If you want to venture outside to enjoy everything that the City has to offer, you should head to Vegas in October, November, March, or April when the temperatures are at a pleasant 50 degrees.

The Best Time to Visit Las Vegas to Avoid Crowds

Vegas in the Off-Season

There is no off-season in Las Vegas. You’d think that the scalding temperatures of summer would put off tourists, but this is when the most massive crowds gather in Vegas. The hottest months of March through August attract huge events like the Fourth of July. Pool events are the rage during this season, with families gathering at water parks and college crowds at poolside parties.

Ironically, if you want to avoid huge crowds, you should visit during the best weather of the year. Las Vegas is emptiest when school is back in session after summer and after all holiday parties end in late winter and spring.

Vegas in the Peak Season

Tourists flock to Las Vegas all year round, but some seasons see the most tourist influx. November through January can be considered the peak season. During this period, festivities abound, especially between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, making Sin City a party hub.

Hotel bookings and flight reservations are hard to get during the peak season, so you have to do it at least one month. Hiking fans use this time to climb the hills surrounding the Valley since the Vegas winter is warmer than the rest of the country.

Vegas in the Shoulder Season

February to April and September to November are considered to be the shoulder season. This is when crowds of people from nearby Cities visit Las Vegas to take part in the weekend frolic. Since the crowds only come in during the weekend, you should plan your visit for the weekday.

During the weekday, the pools are quieter and more accessible, and the accommodation is inexpensive and readily available. The weather is also amiable, with temperatures averaging between 68 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Best Time to Visit Las Vegas for Events and Festivals

The City that never sleeps does not run out of events and festivals all year long. From lavish rooftop parties to over-0the-top festivals in indoor theme parks, there is always something to attend in Sin City. Some are, however, better than others. The best activities, events, and festivals to participate in each season include:

Spring (March to May)

During the spring season, the weather is friendly, and the crowds smaller. This season attracts film festivals, rodeo festivals, music festivals, and several gastronomical adventures. Weekend reservations are expensive owing to the weekend getaway crowd, but weekdays are relatively inexpensive. Resorts all over the City offer happy hours and spring break specials.

The highlight events include the Country Music Awards and the Billboard Music Awards, which draw a significant number of music lovers. Foodies enjoy unique masterclasses, wine tastings, galas, and more hosted by celebrity chefs in their restaurants during Bon Appetit’s Uncork’d, which is Las Vega’s busiest festival.

NASCAR Cup Series comes to Vegas in early March as does the NCAA March Madness basketball tournament.

Summer (June to August)

Given the severity of the heat, pools and water parks are the main attraction. The best spots for family fun include Wet ‘n’ Wild, Rolling Wave Pool, Lazy River, and the Mandalay Beach sandy shoreline.

Being the world’s gambling capital, Vegas host the annual World Series of Poker (WSOP) stretching across several weeks. You can watch from the sidelines or throw your hat in the ring to compete for a multimillion-dollar prize. The world’s most massive fashion marketplace MAGIC also happens in August as does the world’s largest hacker conference, Def Con. The biggest celebrations, however, are on Independence Day. There are massive fireworks displays everywhere you look, and nearly every bar, restaurant, and casino hosts a party.

Fall (September to November)

September is the last month of the year tourists can enjoy poolside relaxation. As the temperatures drop, festivals come back to life. Thousands of music fans throng the City from all over the country to see big-name artists at the iHeart Radio Music Festival in September. There is also a pre-race party featuring Ke$ha that kicks off the Rock n’ Roll Las Vegas Marathon. The Greek Food Festival also happens in the fall. During Halloween season, Mandalay’s Beach shark reef turns into a haunted reef, and the Las Vegas Bikefest takes place.

Winter (December to February)

This is the most festive season in Las Vegas with a lineup that includes Christmas, New Year, and the Las Vegas Bowl. If you are looking to have the time of your life, this is the best time to visit Las Vegas, especially December. New Year’s Eve festivities surpass Independence Day celebrations with casinos and hotels putting on massive shows to welcome the New Year. The streets are packed, and you are advised to make your hotel and dinner reservations well in advance.

As January ends and the cold subsides, convention season begins. This is the best time for golfers and hikers. Valentine’s Day and the Super Bowl make Vegas a popular destination in February.

The Best Time To Visit Las Vegas On A Budget

With careful planning, you can visit Las Vegas on a bargain. This will give you a bigger budget for having fun in the City. Dips in airfare pricing and cheap hotel rates coincide with, among other things, the most disagreeable weather. It’s all about supply and demand. Visit Vegas when the number of tourists is low, and you will get excellent discounts.

If you want to visit Las Vegas at a bargain you should:

When To Get The Cheapest Flights

Las Vegas is almost exclusively a tourist destination. Most tourists come from all over the world by plane and land at the McCarran International Airport, which is conveniently located close to the City. This means that budget flights can be found all year-round. Popular airlines operating from other American Cities to Las Vegas include Delta, American Airlines, JetBlue, Virgin America, and Southwest.

January, February, April, and September are the cheapest months to fly to Sin City. March July and December are pricier, but travelers can still find bargain deals from El Paso, Los Angeles, Denver, and San Francisco. You can find flights that are 10% or cheaper if you book roughly four weeks before departure.

Avoid Conventions

Las Vegas is a top exhibition and convention destination. Hotels get a lot of reservations, and this demand causes the hotel rates to skyrocket. The Las Vegas Convention and Visitor Authority has a website where you can find an online calendar of all conventions. Large conventions with over 30,000 people will cause a citywide spike in hotel prices, but smaller gatherings will only affect hotels near the exhibition spaces.

Events and conventions to avoid include Magic International, Super bowl Weekend, the Rodeo, Surfaces, Consumer Electronics Show, NASCAR races, and Conexpo. Since there is always something happening in Las Vegas, choose to visit when there are small events or when hotels are offering bargain rates.

Visit on Weekdays

The best rates when visiting Las Vegas are found midweek. Weekends attract more tourists creating a high demand for flights and hotel rooms. You will get better prices on weekdays when the weekend crowds dissipate. Summer and winter have the most enticing discounts, especially right before and after New Years’ Eve.

Finding the Most Affordable Hotels

Las Vegas is home to all types of hotels from luxurious penthouses that go for thousands of dollars a night to ultra-cheap $10 a night specials. You will find the best deals on hotel rooms at the peak of summer when it is hottest or during the shoulder season of January to April and September to November. Look out for hotels offering things like waived resort fees or opportunities to redeem points.

Most hotels offer discounted rates not earlier than three months in advance. Book a hotel room that you can cancel without a penalty and try to find another with a reduced price as you approach the date of your scheduled trip.

The Best Time to Visit Las Vegas for Buffet Hunters

You can enjoy an extensive array of dishes at one of the very popular buffets in Las Vegas. If you don’t plan right, you will end up waiting in line for a long time and eat food that has sat on the heat lamps for too long. If you go just before lunch is switched over to dinner, you will pay the lower lunch price and enjoy fresh dinner and the shortest lines.

The Best time to Get Married in Las Vegas

Tourists flock to the “Marriage Capital of the World” to get hitched every day. There are very many marriage venues to choose from, and the marriage certificate is easy to obtain. If you are planning to get married in Vegas, you should prepare for the weather.

The mild predictable weather of October makes it the best month for a Vegas wedding. Although April and May have warm and sunny weather, you have to plan for the unpredictable wind conditions. Getting married on or around Valentine’s Day, Christmas, or New Year is very special, but you have to prepare for an indoor ceremony to avoid the cold weather.

Best Time to Visit Las Vegas to Ride the High Roller

Standing at 550 ft tall, the High Roller at the LINQ is the world’s tallest observation wheel. Groups can walk around inside the cabins for breathtaking 360-degree views of the City that includes jets arriving at the airport, the Bellagio fountains and the lights of the Strip. You can have a bartender serve you drinks onboard as you enjoy the half-hour rotation. The best time to be on the high roller is just before sunset.

The Best Time to Visit Las Vegas to Hit the Casinos

Every day is a good day to place a bet at Vegas. It is not called the “Gambling Capital of the World” for nothing. It is, however, more exciting to place casino bets on some days more than others. Major sports events bring out crowds to place wagers at the casino sportsbook. Sportsbooks have modernized in recent years to create comfortable settings that feature comfortable seating, high-definition walls, and food and drink menus.

The Super Bowl is the single biggest day for betting. The march Madness college basketball tournament, however, generates the most traffic. Other sporting events that encourage plenty of betting action include boxing and UFC fights, and home games by the Raiders or the Vegas Knights.

Our Final Thoughts on the Best Time To Visit Las Vegas

The best time to visit Las Vegas depends on what you want. People visit Vegas to try their luck in the casinos, attend festivals and massive events, get married, or vacation. Whichever reason you have to visit Las Vegas, you should make sure that your visit is at the right time.

The best time to visit Las Vegas, a tourist, is between the last week of April and the second week of May. This is between spring and summer. It is right after the spring break crowds have left and before the summer crowds have taken up residency by the poolside. The weather is perfect for relaxing by the poolside with a cocktail and a book while working on your tan.