Best Hotels In Las Vegas: Paris Las Vegas Review 2021

Last year, around 50 million people visited Las Vegas. The city attracts tens of millions of tourists each year. This year, the number could drop substantially because of the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Nevertheless, many of these tourists arrive and depart the same day, going to places such as Paris Las Vegas.

That is because of many reasons one of which is the available number of rooms for accommodation. In any given year, around 180,000 rooms are available at any given moment. Despite that, Las Vegas continues to be a magnet for tourists who enjoy all the attractions the city has to offer. One of these attractions is Paris Las Vegas. The hotel stands out from the competition in many aspects, as you are about to learn below.

Paris Las Vegas’ Features and Accommodations

Paris Las Vegas has retained one of the features that make hotels in the city special; themed casino resorts. The owners and operators insisted on a Paris or French theme for this facility. The hotel, which has been in operation since 1995 though it was officially opened in 1999, is the brainchild of Bally Entertainment.

It is worth more than $760 million though that is not the reason for its solid reputation and increasing popularity. The 33-story hotel and casino is a replica of the world famous Eiffel Tower. Other than that, it features multiple famous landmarks that you would find in France too. For example, a two-third replica of Arc de Triomphe and another one of La Fontaine des Mers are two of its hallmarks as well.

Eye-catching exterior replicas are a perfect accompaniment to the beautiful interior décor of Paris Las Vegas too. The classical French-styled accommodations are a breath of fresh air and provide the rooms with a European feel. It is also worth mentioning that the hotel is quite large with roughly 3,000 rooms.

Furthermore, guests never have to worry about non-existent hidden rooms upon booking a room here. For such a classy hotel, you might expect to pay ultra-high fees but the fact that rooms cost as low as $59 per night makes it extra special. Guests also have the option of choosing either smoking or non-smoking rooms. The elegance of the rooms coupled with the marble bathrooms fitted with baths and walk-in showers add to its allure.

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Restaurants and Dining Experience

You are probably like everybody else in that you visit a hotel for the accommodation as well as the food and drinks. In this regard, Paris Las Vegas stands out for the selection of restaurants it offers. First, the Eiffel Tower Restaurant is likely to take your breath away. The sumptuous food that it provides coupled with the awesome view make each experience worth savoring. This particular restaurant is over 100ft above the Las Vegas strip below.

According to USA Today, Eiffel Tower Restaurant is the most romantic restaurant in the United States. It specializes in filet mignon with truffle sauce, foie grass, roast rack of lamb, and beef Wellington to mention but a few.

Gordon Ramsey’s Steakhouse is also renowned for the quality of food offered. You can count on this facility to give you one of your most pleasurable eating experiences. The world-famous chef is strict on maintaining high standards and providing diners with an eating experience worth boasting about.

The menu available at his Steakhouse and the amount of preparation that goes into making each meal is a work of art. One of the Steakhouse’s most popular offerings is the Hell’s Kitchen tasting menu, which you can enjoy at a cost of $145 per person. Do not let the money scare you. Apart from these two, Paris Las Vegas is also rich in the dining options offered to clients, which include:

  1. Martoranno’s
  2. Burger Brasserie
  3. Mon Ami Gabi
  4. Hexx Kitchen and Bar
  5. JJ’s Boulangerie
  6. La Café Ile St. Louis
  7. Yong Kang Street
  8. Le Village Buffet
  9. Beer Park

Casino and Entertainment Options

Paris Las Vegas is a world-renowned hotel and casino. It offers plenty of entertainment options too. Napoleon’s Dueling Pianos gives you an opportunity to watch two pianists competing side-by-side as the rest of the guests watch. Anthony Cools, an R-rated hypnotist, is also available to perform plenty of hilarious shows that are guaranteed to leave you laughing until your ribs ache. Its Chateau Nightclub is an entertainment facility sitting on 45,000 square feet of space.

Feel free to dance away the entire night to your heart’s satisfaction. Moreover, the Chateau Nightclub offers an amazing view of the world around you, which includes the Bellagio Fountains. Climbing the 46-story Eiffel Tower is a highly entertaining act too!

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Fast Facts about Paris Las Vegas

  • It is a hotel and casino
  • Caesars Entertainment Corporation owns and operates it
  • Its casino occupies 95,263 square feet
  • Its casino offers more than 1,700 slots
  • Themed on Paris City
  • Features a replica of the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, la Fontaine des Mers
  • Features the 1,200-seater Le Theatre des Arts
  • Linked to Bally’s Las Vegas, its sister property, via a promenade
  • Featured in several films and TV miniseries such as 10.5: Apocalypse, Resident Evil: Extinction, Fargo, Despicable Me, and many more

Our Final Thoughts

The next time you are in Las Vegas and are wondering where to stay for the night or weekend, you should definitely visit this hotel. It offers you a chance to enjoy amazing cuisines from around the world by some of the most popular chefs, including Gordon Ramsey. Its casino is also lively and features over 1,700 slots on top of tons of other machines and table games that would help you to kick boredom in the backside.

The view that it provides of the famous Las Vegas strip below is worth the money. In addition to all that, the rooms are cozy, full of all manner of amenities, and affordable as well. Therefore, contact Paris Las Vegas today for a chance to place a booking in 2021 when the COVID-19 pandemic is behind us!

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