Best Hotels In Las Vegas: Circus Circus Las Vegas Review

Undoubtedly, hotels are attractive. For starters, their rooms and suites have every amenity that you need for a comfortable and highly enjoyable stay. Their spas also deliver an unforgettable massaging and relaxing experience that has the potential of enabling you to forget all your troubles.

On top of that, their buffets have every kind of dish that you would never think of cooking yourself at home. Hotels are also popular for their wonderful location and stunning views. Las Vegas has a ton of them just like any other top city in the world. Circus Circus Las Vegas has the unique distinction of ranking as one of the top hotels in the city for various reasons, as you are about to learn below.

Circus Circus Las Vegas Features

Circus Circus Las Vegas ranks as one of the largest hotels in the world. With a mix of three hotel towers and a huge motor lodge, there is no doubt that you would struggle to find another massive masterpiece that compares to this. Its 3,773 rooms and suites are also among the most in not only Las Vegas but also the rest of the country. The addition of the RV Park adds a unique attribute to the facility too.

Moreover, the management has made sure that the hotel remains in pristine condition through regular renovations and refreshing. It would be unfair to expose visitors to substandard hotels when Las Vegas has a reputation for providing some of the best hotels with stunning rooms and suites.

Despite all that, you should not gawk at the pricing since the hotel is not one of the most luxurious. Consequently, its rates are quite affordable. Typically, a room here would cost you around $56 per night. Las Vegas rooms and suites or any other quality accommodation would probably cost you twice that.

More importantly, the reasonable rates are not a precursor of low standards or quality of service. Normally, you would expect to find horrible accommodation at low rates. Here, that is not the case. The management has created a facility that provides bang for the buck! The hotel and all its rooms, suites, bar, and casino has all the amenities you need for comfortable dining, drinking, or gambling experience.

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Dining Experience

It is impossible to talk about Circus Circus Las Vegas without mentioning the dining experience. You would never be disappointed if you want to show up at the hotel for nothing other than the chance to enjoy its sumptuous meals. First, you have the option of eating at The Steak House, which ranks as the best in the Entertainment Capital of the World.

Secondly, you could also show up at Burgers and Dogs for a chance to enjoy any of the popular foods you like. At Burgers and Dogs you get your food served just the way you like it. Apart from that, you should also feel free to visit The Circus Buffet, which stands out for the kids-friendly pricing that it offers in addition to the exceptional dining value.

Other topnotch dining options available at the Circus Circus Las Vegas include:

  1. The Blue Iguana, which is renowned for serving authentic Mexican cuisine
  2. Pizzaria, which sates all your craving for pizza
  3. The Westside Deli, which has a reputation for offering sandwiches 24/7
  4. Starbucks, where you can have your favorite cup of coffee
  5. Horse A Round Snack Bar, which caters to the needs of kids

Bars and Casino

Let’s say you are considering a trip to Las Vegas purely for the gambling experience. In that case, Circus Circus Las Vegas would still be a viable option because its casino has everything that a gambler needs for a truly memorable experience. The fact that the hotel is circus-themed should not make you consider it a bad choice.

With four separate casinos to choose from, you will definitely enjoy your time here. The gaming space takes up as much as 124,000 sq. ft., which is truly remarkable. The MGM-owned property has introduced the hugely popular Circus Players Club, which offers great value for money without taking anything from the resort’s theme.

Moreover, free lessons are available to anyone who is not conversant with slots or table games. Therefore, brush up your knowledge of these types of casino games before placing your money on the line. Circus Circus Las Vegas provides the free lessons because it has opened its doors to a more casual pool of customers compared to other casinos in the Gambling Capital of the World.

Once you are through with the lessons, you would have the chance to try your luck on the 1,400 slots and numerous table game machines. The hotel also has a race and sport book that has undergone recent renovations. For the most part, its casino appears to be heavily designed for slot players, though.

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Fast Facts About Circus Circus Las Vegas

  • Opened on October 18, 1968
  • Offers 124,000 sq. ft. of casino space
  • It is the world’s leading permanent big top
  • The first family-oriented casino in the City of Second Chances
  • Second floor was specifically for children’s games
  • It was initially only a casino but experienced financial problems that forced owners to construct a hotel too
  • It was the most popular MGM property among Hispanics out of 10 local resorts
  • MGM sold it to Phil Ruffin in 2019

Lastly, there is little doubt that you would have an out-of-the-skin experience by staying, dining, drinking, or gambling at Circus Circus Las Vegas. This 5-decade old facility has ensured that customers have access to clown-based surrealism courtesy of its circus theme. The hotel and casino’s big top might make you think it is purely for kids but that is not the case.

Circus is also for grown-ups who crave a bit of mischief, gambling, vacation, or entertainment. Its stunningly mesmerizing beauty should be sufficient to put your mind and heart at rest. Therefore, the next time you visit the City of Lost Wages, you should definitely include a tour of this grand hotel in your itinerary.

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