Planet Hollywood Las Vegas Review | Best Hotels In Las Vegas

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planet hollywood las vegas

Las Vegas has always been a famous tourist spot in Nevada, and lots of guests come every day to visit this beautiful City of Lights. From small hotels to luxurious ones, this city contains many resorts for guests to stay at while they are on vacation.

One of the best hotels in the Las Vegas Planet Hollywood, which offers all the amenities guests wish. It is located in the heart of Strip Las Vegas and is a four-star hotel.

This article contains a detailed review of the Planet Hollywood Hotel so, keep reading to find out everything you need to know!

Our First Glance at The Planet Hollywood Las Vegas

Planet Hollywood Las Vegas (previously called Aladdin) is a luxury hotel within Paradise, Nevada. Caesars Group manages and runs it. Planet Hollywood Luxury hotel is a four-star building with a good atmosphere and a great Strip site. The 2,496 air-conditioned guestrooms of the hotel feature a contemporary monochromatic design, as well as outstanding facilities.

The casino offers many popular Vegas games, and also go-go performers, and a great playlist. It first launched in 2007 and had its bedrooms redesigned within 2017. Planet Hollywood Las Vegas hotel’s current theme directs towards the vibrant and trendy styles, with sleek interior spaces that verge on retro in areas. Guests can see the details such as solar eclipse-inspired metallic ceiling lights, color-swapping bubble-textured walls, and swirling ceiling-to-ground crystal skylights.

Moreover, the casino at the Planet Hollywood Las Vegas is a flashy place, filled with illuminated walls and high-standard performers to enhance the clubby tunes. Like any other good location near The Strip, this hotel recognizes its target audience and facilitates it from beauty competitions to major live acts.

Also, the restaurants at Planet Hollywood Las Vegas offer a unique vibe of happiness and relaxation because of their high-class foods prepared by renowned chefs like Gordon Ramsay. All of these make the first impression of an excellent atmosphere in Planet Hollywood.

planet hollywood las vegas

Fast Facts About the Planet Hollywood Las Vegas

About The Hotel

  • Houses a dedicated wedding chapel, reminiscent of Elvis Presley’s 1967 wedding on this spot.
  • You could live here; the Elara timeshare is part of the complex.
  • Originally the “Tally-Ho” and “Aladdin”, the property was rebuilt between 1998-2000.

About The Casino

  • The “Pleasure Pit” area of the casino is full of live go-go dancers entertaining the gamblers.
  • 100000 square feet of gambling space

Additional Amenities

  • Zappos Theater is the largest theater on the Strip and has one of the largest projection systems in the world.
  • The “Miracle Mile” shopping mall was originally named “Desert Passage” and its opening was presided over by Barbra Eden from “I Dream of Jeannie” fame.

Features and Amenities of Planet Hollywood Las Vegas

Las Vegas Planet Hollywood is an ideal hotel with all the amenities visitors want. No guest steps out unsatisfied from the hotel. All of them are happy with all the features and amenities provided. Moreover, this hotel has the highest reviews on the internet from verified guests who claim that the hotel staff is friendly. All of these things make Planet Hollywood Las Vegas one of the best hotels out there.

A complete-facility spa and nine in-place restaurants are available at the luxurious Planet Hollywood Hotel and Casino. The location of Planet Hollywood Las Vegas hotel is ideal as shops like The Linq and The Mob Museum are within walking distance. The resort features 15 high-class restaurants, three live theatres, and the Miracle Mile Outlets directly linked to the hotel, which feature about 170 premium retail outlets.

planet hollywood las vegas

Planet Hollywood Las Vegas has two public swimming pools and steam rooms with views of the beautiful Strip. The health club and on-site stores are also accessible to visitors. Also, high-class artists offer sunset entertainment for the visitors.

The lavish rooms of Planet Hollywood Las Vegas feature 42-inch broadcast televisions. Every guestroom also includes a large restroom and film collectibles. Free Wi-Fi service is also available in the entire hotel.

Dining choices involve BurGR, the famous American restaurant of top cook Gordon Ramsay, and the Street Bar, a traditional American steak restaurant. A UPS Outlet, automobile rental service, several ATMs, conference rooms, event facilities, and a marriage venue are among the other popular amenities.

The hotel manager also arranges event passes, guides, and drink specials. Moreover, complimentary self-parking is available although, the valet service costs a charge. Facilities such as dry-cleaning and housekeeping are open 24/7.

About the Guest Rooms at the Planet Hollywood Las Vegas

Built to make visitors feel like celebrities, Las Vegas Planet Hollywood Hotel has made everyone happy. The guestrooms are not an exception to their ideal services. The traditional rooms are about 450 square feet in size. They all have a double bed, a 27-inch plain-screen television, iPod charging points, comfortable chairs, and soft, fluffy wraps.

The air-conditioned guestrooms feature a monochromatic interior design with a mall-type urban theme. Moreover, brush marks and artsy images of models featuring Rauschenberg-influenced paint scribbles adorn the white walls of the rooms. Visitors can see simple, elegant lines in the dark grey furniture, coffee tables, benches, and sofas.

planet hollywood las vegas

Large plain-screen TVs with broadcast networks are ordinary, with small fridges tucked back alongside chrome-operated tables and wardrobes. Baths contain grey stone walls with large bathing tubs and separated showers. All rooms offer free Wi-Fi, espresso machines, blow dryers, and ironing tables as usual amenities.

Furthermore, full-scale living spaces, cookeries, and layout-conscious features, including brass pendant lights and amoeba-molded coffee tables, distinguish the updated suites of the hotel.

The sights from the luxury suites at Planet Hollywood are breathtaking. Some rooms have beautiful hillside views around Las Vegas, while others have The Strip Las Vegas view.

Animal-friendly and ADA-accommodating guestrooms are accessible on demand. These ideal facilities make Planet Hollywood among the best hotels in the Strip.

Dining Options Available at Planet Hollywood Las Vegas

The site comprises a maximum of 11 eateries. However, Planet Hollywood operates four of them. The Gordon Ramsay Burgers Restaurant is the best on-site but, you should get there early because lines can get long. It is indeed the most crowded because of the delicious burgers of the renowned chef Gordon Ramsay.

The Spice Marketplace is another delightful buffet restaurant with a diverse menu. Other than this, Pin-Up Pizza is a fast-casual pizzeria with large slices. Ringer, located by the sports store, offers bar items. Mexican, American, Japanese, and Chinese cuisines, a steak restaurant, a snack bar, and a hot dog counter are also open.

Planet Hollywood hotel also has several Starbucks spots if you need a caffeine boost. Around the resort and close to the swimming pool are some crowded bars.

Ping-pong benches, a foosball set, and backgammon tables are available at the swimming pool pub for enjoyment. As for bars, the Heart Pub is a luscious spot that offers all types of drinks for the visitors.

Visitors can watch the casino activities while enjoying their drinks. Extra Lounge is indeed a great place to get drinks and even to catch a glimpse of a celebrity. Celebrities prefer it for drinks.

Gambling and Entertainment Options at Planet Hollywood Las Vegas

The Las Vegas Planet Hollywood has always impressed its visitors with its extraordinary services, and the entertainment is no exception. The hotel offers a spa, salon, fitness center, swimming pools, and a theatre. The featured Mandara Spa will take visitors to another universe with its Balinese-influenced decorations. The Celebration of Affection is the signature service of the spa.

It involves an exquisite bathing experience and a whole-body massage. Skilled makeup application, spray tans, and eyelash treatment is available at the Planet Hollywood Beauty Salon. The fitness center provides personal coaching and also aerobic and stamina-training facilities. Resorts are constantly outshining one another, yet Las Vegas Planet Hollywood Hotel is the first to launch the FlowRider.

It allows everyone to hold ten or put their positioning abilities to check. There are many slot machines, gaming tables, and a ride and sporting book within the spacious casino of Planet Hollywood. There are even two large pools, one for individuals over 21 while the other is for families. With so many options, guests never get bored in the hotel.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Planet Hollywood Las Vegas

As with any of the dozens of incredible hotel options in Las Vegas, whether on the strip, off the strip, downtown, or anywhere else, there are going to be pros and cons, advantages and disadvantages. Planet Hollywood Las Vegas is no exception to this. While there are plenty of amazing things about this location, there are also some things about this location that might draw some to alternative options.

Below, we dive into some of the most apparent advantages and disadvantages at the Planet Hollywood Las Vegas Hotel and Casino, a great Center Strip hotel option for most. Check below for the scoop!