Finding The Best Pizza in Las Vegas: 10 Serious Contenders

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What is the one food in all the world that everyone can agree on? What is the one food in all the world that even when it’s bad… it’s still pretty good? What is the one food in the world where everyone gets excited when you say it’s on the way? Pizza! But what is the best pizza in Las Vegas?

You and I may disagree on toppings, crust preferences, or if pineapple belongs in the discussion at all, but just about every person out there will share a pizza with you, even if it’s one they wouldn’t order it themselves. Once the decision has been made, your friend will pick off the toppings they don’t like, but no one turns down pizza. What other food is like that? What other food do we universally share? Pizza brings us together like no other food in the world. We gather over pizza and live a full and rich life, often in spite of our disagreements on pizza styles.

best pizza in las vegas

Because it is such a beloved food, the variations have become multiplied and widely varied. New York style, Chicago pie, pepperoni, cheese… even HOW we eat it has become a source of debate.

With all these options, it is no surprise that you can find dozens of pizza shops in any city, and Las Vegas is no different. You will find hundreds of places offering slices or entire pizza pies, and every single one of them will claim to have the best pizza in Las Vegas.

Our Picks For The Best Pizza in Las Vegas

The funny thing is, that none of them are wrong. Pizza is such a personal choice, that no two people could entirely agree on a single restaurant being the best place for pizza in Las Vegas but each of the restaurants that made our list stand out above all the rest of the pizza places in Las Vegas for one reason or another.

If you love pizza the way we do, and everyone does… come check out our list of the best pizza in Las Vegas.

Evel Pie

Right on the corner of Fremont Street and North Las Vegas Boulevard, Evel Pie brings you the most fantastic themed restaurant and some of the best pizza in Las Vegas.

More of an event than a location, Evel Pie celebrates all things old-school starting with the daredevil Evel Knievel and his glorious 1967 jump attempt over the Caesars Palace fountain! Forty bones in his body said “no” but Evel’s old-school Vegas style said “yes!”

Menu item names at Evel Pie reflect this cavalier red, white, and blue daredevil-may-care attitude. From the simple “Cheesy Rider”, to the “Evel Knievel’s Super Kick Ass Combo”, every order feels a bit like thumbing your nose at conventional authority, especially when ordering the “Balls to the Wall” onion and meatball pizza.

There is the Flower Power vegan menu, and the self-explanatory “Olivia Gluten-Free John”. Everything has that 60’s and 70’s feel from the “Led Zeppole” to the mandatory, “Jump’n Caesar Salad”.

Naked City Pizza

This neighborhood pizzeria is one of these gems that you always have locals and tourists alike ordering side by said, because when you have the best pizza in Las Vegas, word gets out.

Starting as a sidewalk vendor, growing into multiple locations and even featured on the Food Network’s “Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives”, this humble pizza shop is “that” place you tell everyone about.

Hot and cold subs, appetizers that deserve some mention like the Stuffed Banana Peppers, and fries that are a meal unto themselves, the real star of Naked City Pizza is the best sheet style pizza in Las Vegas.

Available by slice, or any portion of the entire sheet, they offer something for every taste. Order the “Back Home” pie for the standard pepperoni and sausage, or try the “Helen Yee” which is a full meat pizza, and it’s topped with Naked City fries.

Vegetarian options are the “Eat Your Broccoli” pizza, and the “Run It Through the Garden” is vegan. Although the “Rebel Pizza” will temp even the most ardent of vegetarians.

OMG Pizza Time

If you find yourself off the strip, traveling down Sahara Avenue for any reason, you’ll see how Las Vegas is just like most cities with industrial areas, residential neighborhoods, and plenty of commercial real estate.

Once you step off the glitz and glamour of The Strip, it may be difficult to spot “Vegas” in any of these smaller pockets of civilization, but you will be able to spot the best pizza in Las Vegas, stop in at OMG Pizza Time.

Not too far from the Strip, but far enough to escape the lights and sounds, you can relax and enjoy some fantastic pizza pie from this small restaurant.

There is nothing exotic and crazy about OMG Pizza Time, and that’s why it makes our list of the best pizza in Las Vegas, they serve great pizza, subs, and our favorite, the meal calzone, away from the beloved chaos in the tourist areas and allows you to just sit back and enjoy your pizza.

Those Guys Pies

We’re starting to see a pattern here, Guy Fieri has showcased some of these same spots we’re listing as the best pizza in Las Vegas. I guess if it makes the grade for Diner, Drive-In and Dives, it’s worthy of a mention here as well!

Just off the strip, and now the successful restaurant has afforded the ability to open a second location over in Henderson, “Those Guys Pies” make some of the best pizza in Las Vegas, on or off The Strip.

Promising that authentic “east coast” flavor, Those Guys offers amazing pizzas, wings, sandwiches, fries, and a surprisingly authentic Philly Cheesesteak.

The Meat Pie Pizza is heavy with toppings, the White Pie is cheesy and creamy, but you absolutely have to try the “Maui Wowie Pie”; barbecue, house smoked pork, jalapeno, bacon, and… YES, pineapple. We can argue about whether pineapple is an approved topping another time, it gets a waiver here as the Maui Wowie is worth the visit.

Pizza Rock

Henderson is growing, mostly with successful restaurants from The Strip or Downtown Las Vegas opening a second location. If you had to pick one successful pizzeria in Vegas, everyone would pick Pizza Rock, one block up from Fremont Street and undisputed serving the best pizza in Las Vegas, and in fact taking the world championship in Italy as well.

So when Tony Gemignani tells you he’s making you the best pizza in all of Las Vegas… believe him.

We pizza lovers will spend hours discussing the virtues of OUR favorite pizza styles, New York, Chicago, even the sheet Detroit style. Pizza Rock has all of them and more. Let’s not waste our time arguing for and against pizza types, let’s dig in and taste them all!

You order a Sicilian Mob Boss, and I’ll get the Detroit Motorhead, and we’ll share them, coming together over our love for pizza. Did Pizza Rock just create world peace? Yes, yes it did.

Metro Pizza

Now expanded out to five locations, Metro Pizza still calls itself America’s Neighborhood Pizzeria, only now available in more neighborhoods. Once you taste from their menu and enjoy their down-home restaurant, you’ll agree that they offer the best pizza in Las Vegas, no matter which location you enjoy.

Spawning from a family business and a love of both pizza and for cooking for guests, the founders of Metro Pizza constantly strive to provide the single greatest bite you’ll eat, each and every bite you take.

Traditional pizzas like the thin Old New York East Side, or the Sicilian 86th Street Square Pie, each slice brings you home. The stuffed Chicago style pies are rich and heavy, from the meaty Loop, to the cheesy South Side. Every style and flavor of pizza can be found here, but the Zamboni is our current favorite; sausage, pepperoni, roasted red peppers and a generous drizzle of Mike’s Hot Honey over the top.

If you want some of the best pizza in Las Vegas, and are unsure what kind of pizza you are interested in, one of the Metro Pizza locations can make your life much easier.

Amore Taste Of Chicago

Proudly displaying the moniker of “Chicago Style Pizza in Las Vegas”, Amore Taste of Chicago has what people outside of the Windy City call pizza available, but their claim to fame and the pride of the kitchen is the deep, thick, and buttery crust that can rise over the pan two to three inches!

They have the best pizza in Las Vegas because they have the best kitchen, stocked with Chicago ex-pats who grew up making these pies “back home”.

We have to order the traditional Chicago Italian Beef every time we walk into Amore, but there is so much else to taste on the menu. The best pizza in Las Vegas is that Italian Beef, but the place is a full service restaurant, they have tantalizing rib dinners, a page full of pasta options, and so much more, but the pizza is the draw here.

If you’re in the mood for something creative, get the Taco Pizza, it is a great mix of two styles in one dish. All in all, if you’re in the mood for some incredible pizza in Las Vegas, and you’re willing to take a bit of a drive, you can’t go wrong with Amore, offering some of the best Chicago-style pizza in the Southwest!

Moneyline Pizza & Bar

The best place to get a pizza in Las Vegas was once known by the name “Five50” at the Aria. It was recently re-themed and renamed the Moneyline Pizza & Bar, but still serves the best pizza in Las Vegas.

Right in the middle of The Strip, Aria Resort and Casino is an upscale luxury lodging attraction, but it never forgot how much everyone loves pizza. Though the old Five50 is gone, Moneyline still delivers.

Incorporating more of a sports book bar atmosphere into the new Moneyline, the menu is full of craft beers, good wines, and a selection of whiskeys, a perfect pairing with some excellent pizza choices.

Red or white base with just about everything imaginable available as toppings. The simple looking menu can be deceiving, from the six “listed” pies, thousands of combinations can be created by choosing your toppings. And for those not looking for an entire meal, you can enjoy a single slice of the best pizza in Las Vegas at the counter.

All in all, if you’re looking for some of the best pizza in Vegas, look no further than Moneyline Pizza and Bar at the Area Casino and Resort.

Pin-Up Pizza

You can get pizza anywhere, nearly everywhere, so what does it take to make our list of the best pizza in Las Vegas? First, a great tasting pizza, selection choices don’t hurt wither, but a gimmick always helps too and Pin-Up Pizza has that in spades.

On the strip, Pin-Up pizza is in the Planet Hollywood, in Laughlin it is in Harrahs, and either location promised not only the largest, but the best pizza in Las Vegas.

New York style pizza, hand made with tomatoes and dough flown in from Naples, Italy for that authentic taste inferior ingredients just can’t match. The largest pizza in Las Vegas, measuring just short of three feet in diameter making each individual slice fifteen inches long and nine and a half inches wide.

Oh, and that other presentation that draws customers? The 1950’s bombshell pin-up theme is a rockabilly lifestyle celebration that brings smiles while you’re enjoying the best pizza in Las Vegas.


Seated right next to Caesars Palace’ Fountain of the Gods, Trevi is a fully rounded Italian style restaurant where you can get appetizers, entrees of pasta or other favorites, but it is also home to some of the best pizza in Las Vegas.

The wood fire brick ovens bake the crust just perfect and the result is believing you’re not in Las Vegas, but actually back where the name comes from, at Trevi Fountain in Rome staring at Oceanus who stares ominously into the distance, perhaps distraught that he’ll never taste the best pizza in Las Vegas or Rome.

The crispy cracker-like crust is a perfect compliment to the hot bed lying beneath the fresh toppings baked in a brick oven. Flatbread-style creations in pepperoni, fully loaded chicken, or a margherita style… all of them delicious to the last bite.

Before you finish your meal, toss a coin in the fountain. Legend of the original Trevi says a tossed coin promises a return to Rome, but a tossed coin here promises you’ll come back for the best pizza in Las Vegas.

Our Final Thoughts On The Best Pizza In Las Vegas

Pizza is pizza no matter where you go. All over the world, you spread some sauce on some dough, cover it with your favorite cheeses and toppings, and you have a shareable feast for all. A title claim of the best pizza in Las Vegas, or the best pizza anywhere will always be a matter of taste and desire. When you crave a thick Chicago pie, you’re not going to agree that a New York crust is the best pizza in Las Vegas, and conversely, a New York fan won’t agree that your favorite Chicago style pie is the best pizza in Las Vegas.

An excellent way to approach this value judgment system is to acknowledge that here in Las Vegas, there are so many options to choose from, so many restaurant themes, so many pizza styles and toppings… that no one has to argue which is the very best pizza in Las Vegas.

They all have their merits and what we can all agree upon is that a good pizza is a good time out and about with friends or spending time alone, a pizza is there to comfort us all and to celebrate the diversity of choices we all make day in and day out. Pizza is life and none of these locations is wrong when they claim to have the best pizza in Las Vegas.