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golden nugget las vegas

The Golden Nugget Las Vegas is among the most ancient casinos found inside the city. Since 1946, the Golden Casino has continued its excellence. The Nuggets proffer exceptional service, which makes it the most competitive spot on the busiest Vegas Strip.

The Golden Nuggets has 2,419 spacious and luxurious rooms. From its operations to its maintaining quality service, this hotel is the conspicuous exclusion.

The Golden Nuggets Las Vegas has not similar Strip-caliber rules and quality, and it holds its values of facilities and atmosphere in the Las Vegas Strip.

After passing the smoking lobby, guests will find a state-of-the-art 40,000 square feet spacious casino that has a huge variety of eateries and bars, and some lovely and attractive pools. Guests can divinely enjoy the extent from bachelor parties, old-men’s gambling games to family vacations.

Our First Glance at The Golden Nugget Las Vegas

Guests and visitors can find the oldest Golden Nugget Las Vegas Casino on the downtown legendary Fremont Street. It is about fifteen minutes’ taxi drive from the Vegas Strip. An almost 100-foot architecture that covered foot-traveler street known for famous Vegas late-night life, the hotel is located near the middle of the Downtown Las Vegas nightlife. Anciently the place is renowned as Old Vegas or Glitter Gulch.

It is specifically a similar place where during the year 1906, the first Vegas casino began development. City downtown has numerous small-scale casinos and hotels than the Las Vegas Strip. The place is typically more economical, less luxurious, and less wild. Most of the time, downtown Vegas serves on budget tourists and retirees. The primary attraction at most reputed casinos happen to be the very low tables and nickel slots.

While it mostly houses old age people, you’ll find plenty of young people there as well. The probable reason behind a mixed company of different age groups is that the place is an exclusive nightclub in the vicinity. Downtown Vegas is an attractive place, but it is not suitable for tourists who want to enjoy their trip economically.

The ride between the Golden Nuggets and Vegas Strip is expensive that will consume most of your money as a visitor. But it is an excellent place for locals and high-budget guests.

golden nugget las vegas

Fast Facts About the Golden Nugget Las Vegas

About The Hotel

  • Its grand opening was on August 30, 1946
  • Has received the AAA Four Diamond Award consistently since 1977, which is the longest streak in the history of hotels in Nevada
  • It has four towers, with the newest being the Rush Tower
  • It has 2,419 rooms ranging from 1-2 bedroom suites to luxury apartments, and penthouse suites

About The Casino

  • Set aside 45,000sq feet of space as casino/gaming area
  • Features thousands of slots and video poker machines
  • Intimate 600-seat showroom full of headliner entertainers as well as nightly entertainment

Additional Amenities

  • Landry’s Inc. owns and operates Golden Nugget Las Vegas
  • Has been featured in multiple movies that include Viva Las Vegas (Elvis Presley), Diamonds are Forever (James Bond film of 1971), Vegas Vacation (a Chevy Chase comedy movie), Smokin Aces (2006), Next (2007), and The Grand (a 2008 poker mockumentary)
  • RUSH Lounge provides exceptional ultra-lounge experience

Features and Amenities of Golden Nugget Las Vegas

The Golden Nugget Las Vegas is a place with an arrangement of luxurious features. It includes an outdoor swimming pool that also has an aquarium of sharks, a whopping casino, a small spa, a pool for just adults, and a fitness club.

The Golden Nugget Las Vegas has many admirable facilities that keep visitors amused. The Golden’s most attractive hallmark is the Shark Tank. It is an open-air pool area with a high waterslide that flows into a huge shark aquarium with a capacity of 200,000 gallons. The waterslide is a favorite spot for adults.

The pool area has a lot of bar chairs a few blackjack tables that are just a few feet away from the pool water. So, guests do not leave the place as some gambling options available near the poolside.

golden nugget las vegas

For a more relaxed experience, the Hideout is the perfect place but, it is an age-restricted place for the twenty-one or above age group.
There is a Hideout that has large daybeds, a bar, and private rental cabanas. With a spacious forty-five thousand square feet casino in downtown Vegas, Golden Nugget is the largest one that attracts both locals and tourists.

However, visitors who are allergic to smoke may find the place not suitable for them because the low ceilings and large number of smokers cause the casino room to be choked by cigarette smoke clouds most of the time.

Above the central lobby, a small fitness club and spa are available. The Nugget spa offers extravagant services, including manicures as well as pedicures, couples’ massages, body wraps, facials, and hair treatments. There is an attractive fitness club with tall windows and a cool atmosphere overall.

About the Guest Rooms at the Golden Nugget Las Vegas

The Golden Nugget offers various types of rooms ranges from smoky to sleek and modern to date. Golden Nugget Las Vegas has four towers with distinct room types that range from various sizes, facilities, and decor. There is a tower called “Carson Tower” that has contemporary and neutral-tone rooms.

Spa Tower has modern suites with gold decor, and these rooms have separate living spaces with two levels. The Rush Tower has newly renovated rooms and has a minimum smoke smell. And The Gold Tower has the most up-to-date rooms.

golden nugget las vegas

The most economical rooms in the Golden Nugget are the Carson Tower rooms. Bathrooms are small and have a standard tub and shower combos. There are basic amenities like free Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs, sitting areas, hairdryers, ironing press, and basic toiletries.

The “Gold Tower” is centrally located among all towers and accessible easily to the pools, casino floor, and a few restaurants.
The Rush Tower is the brand-new, least smoky, and quietest building.

Its rooms have a dark, virile decoration done with chocolate coffee-colored tones and vivid orange strokes.
For visitors wishing to celebrate, the Spa Tower provides fascinating bulky two-story suites. The “Spa Tower” suites provide guests an idea of the high life in Vegas.

Dining Options Available at Golden Nugget Las Vegas

In Golden Nugget, various dining options are available. It includes a buffet cafe, steakhouses, and outlets of many reputed fast-food chains.
The hotel offers ten varied dining choices on the premises, including a Starbucks, a buffet, a steakhouse. In the steakhouse named Vic & Anthony, you will get to experience one of the best steaks you have ever had.

golden nugget las vegas

For modern and old tourists and visitors, erratic American alternatives can also be enjoyed. When it comes to choosing fast food, the very famous Chick-Fil-A is the best option for junk food lovers. It serves all three meals.

Copious bars are spread all over the property. Additionally, the Golden Nugget has a popular nightclub and Troy Liquor Bar. Guests can enjoy 24/7 room service as well.

Overall the Golden Nugget is the best place for both old retirees and young adventurous people. The site is unique as it combines the taste of Nugget casino and nightlife for all ages in the name of entertainment.

Gambling and Entertainment Options at Golden Nugget Las Vegas

In Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino, one can feel the unusual and exciting feeling. The Casino air is dense with joy, and the dins of people having fun make you enjoy the ambiance already. In Golden Nugget, the heartbeats of visitors get pumped up, and pulse begins to pound.

The Golden Casino is the oldest one in the town, and when it comes to gaming and gambling excitement, no one can beat the place! Golden Nugget Casino, with its long casino history, is unique in Vegas. Visitors and guests can experience some thrilling video machines and gambling slots.
The Golden Nugget Casino offers a combination of contemporary and traditional table games. It is the perfect place for all adventure-loving youngsters and experienced retirees.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Golden Nugget Las Vegas

As with any of the dozens of incredible hotel options in Las Vegas, whether on the strip, off the strip, downtown, or anywhere else, there are going to be pros and cons, advantages and disadvantages. Golden Nugget Las Vegas is no exception to this. While there are plenty of amazing things about this location, there are also some things about this location that might draw some to alternative options.

Below, we dive into some of the most apparent advantages and disadvantages at the Golden Nugget Las Vegas Hotel and Casino, a great Downtoan hotel option for most. Check below for the scoop!

golden nugget las vegas

Contact Information
(702) 385-7111
129 East Fremont St, Las Vegas, NV 89101

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