Best Breakfast In Las Vegas: 10 Great Spots For Morning Bites

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Some people come to Las Vegas for a once-in-a-lifetime trip, never expecting to return. Others make the annual pilgrimage, and some make Las Vegas their regular spot to get away every chance they get. No matter what your Vegas habits are, you’re are likely looking to cut loose a little bit while in the city renown for allowing the wild side of you to “remain in Vegas”.

Many people come here and indulge in excess, knowing that it is either a one-off, or a weekend escape. We stay up too late, we drink too much, we have a great time spending all our energy on these special days under the Las Vegas lights.

best breakfast in las vegas

However, at some point in the trip you’re going to need to refill your tank from all this excitement, your body won’t run on empty for very long and a great way to recuperate from last evening’s adventure is to ask the locals where to find the best breakfast in Las Vegas and take in a good morning meal before setting off on whatever your next Vegas adventure will be tonight.

When we think of food in Las Vegas, the image used to be polarizing. You either had the cheap buffets that were given away for coming to the casino, or you had the extravagant dining experiences that will set you back thousands, neither conjured up the thoughts of the best breakfast in Las Vegas.

But Vegas has evolved since the iconic stereotype image was created. Restaurants are everywhere offering fantastic meals at any price point. Take in a free buffet, splurge on a steakhouse experience, but each and every morning, fill up your tank with a bevy of choices from all the breakfast options around Las Vegas.

Our Picks For The Best Breakfast in Las Vegas

There are hundreds to choose from, but we’ve selected these ten to represent the best breakfast in Las Vegas. Of course, there are tons of breakfast options in Las Vegas, however these are the ones we selected as the best based on our own experiences and the in-depth research we have done regarding the best breakfast in Las Vegas.


With all the unique options for food you can only get in Vegas, are we really suggesting a chain restaurant as one of the best breakfast in Las Vegas options? Yes. Yes we are.

EggSlut is local to Los Angeles, California with four locations but branches out internationally into Korea, Japan, Kuwait, and the UK. Their Las Vegas location is on the second floor of the Cosmopolitan and when you visit, you’ll immediately understand why EggSlut makes our list.

Inexpensive, counter service, breakfast sandwiches. This may not build up your expectations but the line commonly winds around the concourse as everyone is willing to wait for their EggSlut. Anywhere you go, they tell you to eat where the locals eat, the line is full of those “in the know”. Top quality food, prepared by foodie chefs that want to create a menu full of options, all at a low cost… If you’re looking for great food served fast so you can get back in the games, EggSlut serves easily one of the best breakfast in Las Vegas.

Hash House A Go-Go

You can stop in a the Hash House A Go-Go at several locations in Las Vegas. The Plaza, Sahara, Rio, and two stand along locations in Summerlin and Henderson. All of them offer the same fantastic food, but the location on the Strip in the Linq may offer the best breakfast in Las Vegas.

They have lunch and dinner menus but the breakfast/brunch is the draw for why you come to the Hash House A Go-Go. The egg scrambles and great for those feeling less than adventurous with their breakfast, but if you want to enjoy some new flavors, you’ve come to the best breakfast in Las Vegas location.

The hash menu offers up five savory creations, the pancakes and waffles are ridiculously large and flavored with everything from the standard banana to the absurd Snickers! The Farm Favorite menu has sage fried chicken, with or without waffles, and crab cake Benedict. All of the meals are large portions and large in flavor! All in all, if you are staying at or near any of the locations mentioned above, you can get the best breakfast in Las Vegas at Hash House A Go-Go.


With five location in Las Vegas and branching out to Dallas and Salt Lake City, Skinny Fats is taking the food service industry by storm and celebrates their food by celebrating their guests.

Believing that food and friends go hand in hand, you might enjoy the best breakfast in Las Vegas with your friends, or among the new friends you found simply by walking into their restaurant.

Breakfast menu items rotate in and out but the general feel of the place is a “Healthy” option countered by a “Happy” option. For the healthy, we can get enough of the T.A.T.S. which is Turkey Bacon, Avocado, Tomato, and Spinach topped with a spicy sauce that brings it all together. From the Happy side, the Wake N Bacon is amazing even if just for that Sriracha cream cheese.

And if you fall in love with SkinnyFATS sauces, you can take some home with you or have them shipped out, by the bottle or a pack of all five. All in all, if you want one of the best breakfast in Las Vegas options, look no further than this delicious option.

Peppermill Las Vegas

Sometimes, breakfast in Vegas comes at odd hours. When you’re having the time of your life and enjoying all the Strip has to offer, you may wrap up your “day” and find that more time has passed than you expected, and so when you set out to find the best breakfast in Las Vegas, The Peppermill Restaurant and Lounge is there for you, serving a tasty breakfast 24 hours a day.

Peppermill offers up the traditional breakfast plates of ham and eggs, or pancakes and French toast, but you’re here in Las Vegas, time to try something new.

Order the Tostada Omelet for a taste of Mexican food, or the Maserati Omelet for an Italian flair for your breakfast. And you can’t go wrong with the Munch’s Breakfast, a sausage, pepper, and mushroom hash brown scramble. If you’re not a fan of mushrooms, try Joe’s San Francisco Special with sausage and beef mixed in with spinach. It is one of the best breakfast in Las Vegas options.

cosmopolitan las vegas

The Henry at The Cosmopolitan

When you find yourself at the Cosmopolitan and looking for one of the best breakfast in Las Vegas locations, you have more than one option, but have a seat at a table in The Henry, take a few moments to decompress and enjoy your meal, the breakfast and brunch menus at this warm and inviting restaurant will have you savoring every dish and comforted with familiar favorites.

If you’re in a hurry and need to get back to the tables, grab some of the best donuts around; bananas foster and caramel glaze!

But take a seat and order a traditional classic such as shrimp and grits or brioche French toast. And we highly recommend the best breakfast in all of Las Vegas, the Signature Short Rib Benedict; braised short ribs and poached eggs with hashbrowns and a tangy and silky hollandaise that tops it all of with a savory delight. Options abound, take time to enjoy breakfast at The Henry! All in all, if you want one of the best breakfast in Las Vegas options, look no further than this delicious option.

Rooster Boy Cafe

Head off the Strip and over to Summerlin’s Desert Shores by Red Rock Canyon for one of the best breakfast in Las Vegas locations. Rooster Boy Cafe is one of the best kept secrets in Vegas but we’re cluing you in because you do not want to miss out on this fantastic breakfast spot.

This is the quiet little cafe that makes you wish you lived in the area so you could visit every morning. Chef Sonia’s world travels and experience has brought her to Las Vegas with exotic breakfast recipes to tantalize your taste buds.

A rotating menu with a “Quiche of the Day”, a brisket hash or a variety of Galettes, you won’t find these flavors elsewhere. The Shakshouka is a savory tomato breakfast meal and the souffled Dutch Oven Pancake is a sweet treat. Beyond all these flavors, there are fresh baked goods as well as their own line of distinct granola, soon to be packaged and available at local markets.

Eat (Fremont Street)

Hiding away a short walk off Las Vegas Boulevard and one block off Fremont Street is a dining experience that is humble enough to call itself simple “Eat” while simultaneously serving one of the best breakfasts in Las Vegas.

When you spend your evenings under the glitz and glamour of all Fremont Street has to offer, spend your mornings dining where the locals eat. You’ll taste fantastic dishes designed by a master chef who wants to feed and please the guests.

Every option on the breakfast menu looks like it could win first prize for presentation in any competition, but it gets even better than looks, the taste is amazing! The Prime Rib Hash or the Truffled Egg Sandwich are favorites on the menu and the Deviled Eggs are unique, but for an experience and possibly the best breakfast in Las Vegas, order the Huevos Motulenos, served with green and red chili and every bite a rich and rewarding meal. All in all, if you want one of the best breakfast in Las Vegas options, look no further than this delicious option.

Cafe Americano

The dawning of a new day doesn’t always mean the party has to stop. In fact, that’s part of the fun of coming to such a non-stop party town like Las Vegas in the first place, you can do just about whatever you like, 24 hours a day!

So when you find yourself taking a break from the gaming tables and looking for some fantastic food to refuel your non-stop party without having to give up the spirits, consider stopping in at Cafe Americano in either the Paris or Caesars Palace locations for one of the best breakfasts in Las Vegas.

The fare at Cafe Americano will not disappoint. You have the multiple options as the omelets and Avocado Toast are “build your own” style. A great Steak and Eggs or a surprisingly tasty Truffle Mozzarella Frittata are especially great but for a unique flavor and quite possibly the best breakfast you’ll have in Las Vegas or anywhere else, order the Carrot Cake French Toast.

Echo & Rig

Breakfast is one of those events that we all know we need to take time for, but we’re only in Las Vegas for a little while and we lost track of time! Well fear not, Echo & Rig Butcher and Steakhouse serves one of the best breakfasts in Las Vegas and they skirt the “breakfast” rules by calling their menu “brunch” so you won’t feel so bad about missing the alarm and searching for eggs at noon!

Located in Tivoli Village in Summerlin, Echo & Rig is a great place to dine any time of day but when you crave breakfast, you won’t find better fare.

Being a butcher shop and steakhouse, the Grilled Bacon on the brunch menu’s Small Plates section is nearly obscene it is so thick and juicy! The Steakhouse Scramble is made with their own sausage and you simply must try the Short Rib Hash, but if you need lighter fare, the Spinach and Goat Cheese Quiche is well worth a bite! All in all, if you want one of the best breakfast in Las Vegas options, look no further than this delicious option.

The Bagel Cafe

When a family moves to Las Vegas from Long Island, New York one of the culture shock moments they are sure to realize is the lack of small intimate cafes with quality “New York” dishes available. If you’re on the hunt for the most delicious and best breakfast in Las Vegas, look no further than The Bagel Cafe.

This was certainly true in the mid 1990’s but small restaurants are making a rise, thanks in part to this family opening The Bagel Cafe and offering one of the best breakfasts in Las Vegas.

The restaurant was so popular in Summerlin, they opened a sister deli on the Strip. Twenty bagel varieties and a plethora of spreads to go on them, a simple bagel order can be fulfilling. Traditional egg dishes, omelets, or waffles are always available, but if you want the best breakfast in Las Vegas, you’ve got to go for a little “New York” flavor with potato pancakes with matzoh brie, fruit-filled blintzes, and of course, the bagel and lox because they have the smoked fish flown in from home! All in all, if you want one of the best breakfast in Las Vegas options, look no further than this delicious option.

Our Final Thoughts On The Best Breakfast In Las Vegas

Breakfast may not be the highest priority on your list of things to do once you make it to Las Vegas, but if you don’t take care of your body and feed it some good food in the mornings, you’ll find you risk running out of steam early in the evening. And breakfast doesn’t mean you have to eat bland food either, among the countless options available in Las Vegas, these are only a few of the best spots for a great breakfast. You can enjoy traditional favorites or exotic new dishes at most of these places. Some locations cater to the fancy, some cater to the fast.

Finding the best breakfast in Las Vegas is all up to your tastes, mood, and desires. Grab a quick egg sandwich and an orange juice, or sit down to be pampered with spices and flavors served on breakfast foods prepared in a new way, while sipping cocktails from the bar. Las Vegas has something for everyone and breakfast is no exception. The sheer number of breakfast dishes available in Las Vegas may outnumber the number of poker tables… well, maybe not, but we do know that the food at these establishments are tasty and fulfilling, giving you the energy to get back to that table!