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mirage las vegas

Las Vegas is famous for its beautiful, luxury and glamorous hotels, resorts, and casinos, and these glorious hotels attract millions of travelers from around the world to explore the city while experiencing the beauty and magnificence of the hotels for a unique exposure that no other city has to offer to the tourists.

One of these splendid and marvelous hotels is The Mirage Las Vegas that lets the tourists escape to a world alluring to the imaginings and the senses. The Mirage Las Vegas is located on the densest township of hotels known as The Las Vegas Strip.

While this strip sees a lot of competition between the hotels, the Mirage Hotel holds a unique place due to great customer service and amenities that provide an overall satisfying experience to the tourists.

Our First Glance at Mirage Las Vegas

The Mirage Las Vegas is amongst the finest hotel and resorts in Las Vegas, located on the busiest and famous Las Vegas Strip. Mirage Las Vegas was built in 1989 by then novice and now world-famous developer Steve Wynn. The Mirage is the most expensive hotel and casino in history, with a budget of almost $630 million.

The windows of the Mirage Las Vegas have distinctive gold color, which comes from the genuine gold dust in the tinting process. The glamorous and dazzling building of the Mirage Las Vegas has set newfangled standards for the resorts and casinos in Las Vegas, and Steve Wynn is considering to be the father of today’s Las Vegas, which is famous for casinos and resorts.

The guests receive a warm and lively welcome in the incredibly designed Polynesian-themed hotel. The hollering Volcano outside the hotel and the oppressive jungle oasis vibes inside the Mirage Hotel Las Vegas gives a throwback to the 80s. Despite being one of the first resorts in Sin City, the Mirage Las Vegas has maintained its standard with fully up-to-date, latest, and stylish modifications according to modern times.

mirage las vegas

Fast Facts About the Mirage Las Vegas

About The Hotel

  • Originally slated to be called “Golden Nugget”, the Mirage’s distinctive golden glass windows come from mixing actual gold dust into the window tinting process.
  • The Mirage 160’ tall marquee is the world’s largest free-standing lit marquee..
  • Broke a construction drought, when built in 1989, it was the first large-scale hotel casino built on the strip in sixteen years since the MGM Grand in 1973.

About The Casino

  • innovative security, the Mirage Las Vegas was the first casino built with dedicated cameras watching each table individually

About Restaurant

  • Nine fantastic restaurants
  • Japanese, Italian, Mexican, American cooking spices up the Mirage’s other options

Additional Amenities

  • Houses a 53’ long and 8’ tall aquarium decorating the backside of the reception and check-in hospitality desk.
  • Propane and natural gas do not have a natural smell, that “foul” odor is thiol-mercaptan artificially added to warn of leaks; the erupting volcano at The Mirage uses especially stripped out gas scented with coconut and pineapple instead of the notorious “natural gas” smell to conform to the Polynesian theme.

Features and Amenities of Mirage Las Vegas

The Mirage Las Vegas stands on The Strip of Las Vegas as one of the first resorts and casinos in the city that is still giving tough competition to other hotels on the Las Vegas Strip. Mirage Las Vegas offers free parking to the guests, and a parking garage is available in the hotel for guests with a private conveyance.

Guest can always avail the facility of car hiring service from the hotel that picks them from The Mirage Las Vegas’s gate that makes the travel around the city much easier. The Mirage Las Vegas hosts the world-class casino developed by Steve Wynn, the father of luxury resorts and casinos.

mirage las vegas

The Mirage Las Vegas facilitates its guests with a high-speed internet connection and Wi-Fi throughout the hotel rooms, lobbies, meeting rooms, conference rooms, and all other public or private spots in the hotel.

One amazing feature of the Mirage Las Vegas is its welcoming attitude towards pets, unlike many luxury resorts on the strip, an incredible and most appealing amenity of the hotel for the tourists with pets.

The swimming pools in the Mirage Las Vegas are always filled with fresh water to enjoy the ultimate experience of swimming in the humongous pool.

Additionally, the heated pool, outdoor pool, adult pool, and shallow pool are also available in the Mirage Las Vegas. Many famous and well-known chefs have their restaurants in Mirage Las Vegas, which adds up to the deluxe style and theme of the hotel.

About the Guest Rooms at the Mirage Las Vegas

The Mirage features 3044 rooms that include all rooms, from a standard room to deluxe suites with extra bedrooms and more space. All the rooms are spacious, well-furnished, and beautifully designed, keeping in view the common needs and taste of the tourists visiting Sin City.

The Mirage offers beautiful views of the city, mountain, or pool from the rooms and suites of the hotel that and guests can select the rooms as per their choice of the favorite view.

mirage las vegas

The floor-to-ceiling windows in all the rooms of the Mirage let the guest enjoy the city with picture-perfect views and are covered with black-out curtains that are remotely controlled and block the sunlight from entering the room in the early morning.

A flat-screen TV, satellite TV, air conditioner, telephone, and radio are available in the rooms to make the guests’ stay comfier and contended at the Mirage Las Vegas.

Minibar is available in the suites and deluxe rooms of the Mirage Las Vegas for the guests and a separate sitting and dining area. The interiors and decorations of the rooms are contemporary.

The bathrooms have top-notch toiletries without any charges in all the rooms, and a hairdryer is available.

Dining Options Available at Mirage Las Vegas

The Mirage Las Vegas offers dozens of dining options for the guest, from casual to fancy and street food to exquisite cuisine. Heritage Steak from the world-famous Tom Colicchio is amongst many famous restaurants in The Mirage. Cravings, the Mirage buffet restaurant, serves three-time meals for the guests with a variety of dishes and cuisine.

Craving offers the services of providing brunch, but this service can only be available on weekends. The Mirage Las Vegas has almost all types of restaurants that serve various foods such as Italian, Chinese, Asian, American, and fast food and street foods.

mirage las vegas

The Mirage is home to a unique restaurant on the hotel’s premises that offers shared plates to the guests. Other than restaurants, snack bars, coffee shops, frozen yogurts place is also available in the Mirage Las Vegas.

Starbucks and California pizza are also available on the premises of the Mirage for Starbucks’ coffee and pizza lovers.

Gambling and Entertainment Options at Mirage Las Vegas

The Mirage has a high emphasis on the entertainment of their guests and has always served the purpose in the best possible way. The casino in The Mirage is one the best, biggest, and fully equipped casinos on the strip, and guests would not have to go to any other casino for gaming. The casino has plenty of table games, poker and slot machines, race and book sports that can keep hundreds of guests busy in gaming and gambling at the same time. Other than the casino,

The Mirage offers many other entertaining events, such as the Cirque De Soleil show ‘Love,’ which is one of the most successful shows. The Mirage Las Vegas has a Dolphin habitat that offers yoga with dolphins and many other activities such as paintings with dolphins. The Mirage hosts many night parties with famous DJs that are the ultimate fun and entertainment source. The volcano explosion shows that is held every night is feats to the eyes of the tourists staying in The Mirage Las Vegas.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Mirage Las Vegas

As with any of the dozens of incredible hotel options in Las Vegas, whether on the strip, off the strip, downtown, or anywhere else, there are going to be pros and cons, advantages and disadvantages. Mirage Las Vegas is no exception to this. While there are plenty of amazing things about this location, there are also some things about this location that might draw some to alternative options.

Below, we dive into some of the most apparent advantages and disadvantages at the Mirage Las Vegas Hotel and Casino, a great Mid Strip hotel option for most. Check below for the scoop!

mirage las vegas

Contact Information
3400 S Las Vegas Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89109

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