Best Hotels In Las Vegas: MGM Grand Las Vegas Review 2021

The MGM Grand Las Vegas is one of the most impressive and iconic hotels. Calling it a hotel would be a huge disservice though. That is because the establishment is a complex casino too. In Las Vegas, you would never find a larger casino floor than what this facility offers.

Throughout the city, only one hotel ranks bigger than MGM Grand Hotel. Worldwide, it ranks third in the list of the largest hotels too. Local and international tourists consider it one of the popular destinations to visit.

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First Takes of the MGM Grand Las Vegas

The MGM Grand Las Vegas stands on the site of the former Marina Hotel and Casino, which was in operation until 1990 when it was closed. However, Marina was never brought down. Instead, it was renovated into the beautiful MGM Grand Hotel that stands in its place today. The expansion of the former facility also created enough room for creating what has become a true landmark of Las Vegas.

In 1991, MGM Grand was completed and its doors opened for business. Initially, it operated more as a children-themed complex. Kids loved it for its Wizard of Oz theme. Its Emerald City was equally popular without forgetting the truly impressive yellow brick road walkthrough.

In 1996, MGM Grand Las Vegas went through its first massive renovation. Consequently, it got rid of the Wizard of Oz theme, which often made it appear more of Disneyland rather than a casino.

In place of the Wizard of Oz, MGM Grand Hotel now took up a new theme; that is, MGM Lion. Consequently, this necessitated a change in its design, which then saw visitors entering the facility by walking through a lion’s mouth. Later, the hotel’s management had a change of heart and removed this theme too. In its place, they went for a 40ft high statue of a lion. This new theme and design would emerge as the biggest bronze statue in the US.

Additionally, various other designs and themes were also considered. These included a theme park, which the management hoped to use to attract more kids to transform the facility into a family-oriented casino. The idea of a theme park flopped forcing them to change it into a luxury condo complex. Before then, they had also tried a live lion exhibit before letting go of that idea too.

Currently, the theme in use is slightly mature Art Deco, which represents classic Hollywood. With it, MGM Grand Hotel Las Vegas seems to have found its niche. It underwent more renovations in 2012, which brought it up to speed with its contemporaries and made it a more appealing establishment too. Today, the hotel-cum-casino is enjoying much success by simply providing the accommodation and gambling space that its customers crave.

MGM Resorts International, a company whose revenues regularly surpass $10 billion a year, owns MGM Grand. The hotel is not the only property it owns in Las Vegas or elsewhere around the world, though. One of the hotel’s strongest features that MGM Resorts International created is the M Life Rewards Program. The program allows participants to collect points at any of the franchises facilities.

Further, it is worth stating that MGM Grand Las Vegas has evolved into one of the major players in the city. The hotel is the centerpiece of a gaming firm that has grown into a global power. For this reason, anyone planning to travel to Las Vegas to tour or partake in a bit of gambling should include a visit of this hotel in the itinerary.

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The MGM Grand Hotel Experience

In addition to these, the hotel’s main building has 4,293 rooms and each of these cost from $79-$499 per night. It also has 751 suites, which you can stay in upon paying between $250 and $2,500 each night.

At the back of the MGM Grand Hotel Las Vegas stands the Mansion. Here, you will find villas to stay in that cost between $5,000 and $30,000 per night. However, it will cost you nothing to stay in these villas if you are a famous VVIP or celebrity. Alternatively, just prove to the management that you are ready to play with $500,000 at the casino and you would stay at any of the villas at the Mansion at no cost.

Are you interested in buying a piece of real estate here? A suite at the MGM Grand costs between $450,000 and $2 million. MGM Grand’s Signature has 576 suites ready for purchase in case you are thinking along those lines.


Las Vegas is renowned the world over for gambling. It is the home of casinos of all sorts. At MGM Grand Hotel Las Vegas the casino is one of its most treasured attractions. With its M Life program, every dollar you spend at this casino or any other that MGM Resorts International owns is never a waste. Instead, it all goes towards a total that eventually rewards you.

The least you can pay at a stake is a penny while the highest is $1,000. Progressive slots are also available together with plenty of table and poker games. Therefore, make sure you visit the facility the next time you are in Las Vegas for the experience of a lifetime.

Fast Facts about the MGM Grand Las Vegas

  • More than 70,000 people pass through the hotel’s lobby every day
  • The hotel has more than 6,000 rooms and suites
  • It is home to the largest casino in Las Vegas with a gaming floor measuring 170,000 square feet and more than 2,300 gaming machines
  • It hosted the fight between Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield, which was originally known as “The Sound and The Fury” before transitioning into “The Bite Fight”
  • Staff at the hotel wash over 92,000lbs of linens each day
  • It hosts over 12,000 guests each night
  • Its Grand Garden Arena, which is sold out on fight nights, hosts up to 16,800
  • $3 can earn you as much as $2.4 million, as it did in 2014 when a gamer played it at a slot machine and smiled all the way to the bank

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