Best Hotels In Las Vegas: Mandalay Bay Las Vegas Review 2021

Holding court as the southern anchor point of the world famous Las Vegas Strip is the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino Las Vegas. In fact, as you drive north from California into Las Vegas, the Mandalay Bay is the first building on your left once you pass the iconic “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada” sign and you can’t miss it, it is enormous.

This incredible resort complex sits on 120 acres of prime real estate of the Las Vegas Strip and houses well over 4700 guest rooms and between the show rooms, event halls, and the water complex, the Mandalay Bay Las Vegas can be a destination unto itself sure to entertain and provide for all your needs without ever leaving the property to take in a true Las Vegas vacation.

First Glance At The Mandalay Bay Las Vegas

Mandalay Bay Las Vegas was built on the site of the original Hacienda Resort, one of the original “all inclusive” resorts that encouraged Las Vegas tourism by flying patrons in from across the country on their own “Hacienda Airlines” and kept the visitor entertained and gambling on their casino floor.

When the new face of Las Vegas was emerging, the Circus Circus Enterprise Group bought and demolished the Hacienda Resort and planned to build the new Mandalay Bay in its place. This new resort was designed to be more tropical luxury based and less glitzy and glamour based. The tropical theme would be inspired by Rudyard Kipling’s romanticized poem about escaping the drab workaday life and recalling more pleasant times far away in “Mandalay”.

The new resort complex Mandalay Bay first opened its doors in 1999 and began construction on a major expansion only two years later which was delayed due to the tourism slump following the 9/11 attacks and finally completed in 2003. In all, the complex holds 4700 rooms and suites in two buildings identified as three separate locations.

The Main Tower houses more than 3200 rooms and suites as the “Mandalay Bay”, the Delano Tower has 1117 guest suite accommodations, and back in the main tower, the highest five floors are still part of the Mandalay Bay facility but are sold and marketed as the “Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas” and are home to 424 luxury rooms and suites.

In 2005, the Mandalay Bay Las Vegas facility became part of the MGM Resort family and as such the M-Life Rewards program could be used around the magnificent property with accumulation of points and spending of rewards making it possible to never step foot outside of the Mandalay Bay property for your entire visit to Las Vegas. Part of that allure comes from the water features the Mandalay bay has available to their guests.

Digging More Into The Mandalay Bay

Mandalay Bay becomes Mandalay Beach when you venture down to the pool and water features. And 11 acre pool glistening in the Nevada desert sun calls for you to come cool off in the refreshing blue waters. A wave pool makes for a great relief and honestly a bit of exercise when you’re out enjoying the rocking depths. If you’re not up for body surfing the waves, take an inner tube and float along the lazy river for an afternoon of calm and relaxing water fun including a splash in a waterfall.

The subtle and discrete Moorea pool is a 21-and over portion of the pool complex that caters to those who want to sunbathe without those pesky bikini top tanlines… Mandalay Bay’s water fun has you covered even if you’re not in the mood to get wet. Cabanas and bungalows are available poolside and the Shark Reef Aquarium is just across from the wave pool. This aquatic zoo facility offers amazing views of sea life that you won’t get the chance to view in the wild. If you’re in the mood, you can participate in the feedings or for the truly adventurous, SCUBA dive among the sharks!

A busy day at the Mandalay Bay Las Vegas will stir up your appetite and when you go looking for food, you won’t have to look far. More than 28 locations on property can cater to your desires whether it be fine dining or a quick counter service bite. While some high end resorts offer only high end dining, the relaxed atmosphere of the world-class Mandalay Bay offers something for everyone accounting for the fact that you may indeed splurge on an evening meal that you dress up for and enjoy a night out on the town, sometimes you just want a burger.

Offering too many locations to delve in to details, the 28 dining spots dotted around the complex including an actual Irish pub, a wine cellar, poolside buffet, French bistro, and more than one sophisticated steakhouses, something on property at Mandalay bay Las Vegas will satisfy your palate and your budget.

Speaking of “too many to delve into details”… the entertainment spots on property at Mandalay Bay are a menu of multiple locations that will provide you with something to do at any hour of the day.

Fourteen clubs and lounges, poolside stages and beachfront concerts, The House of Blues venue, a 12000 seat theater and an incredible one and a half million square feet of convention center space, in addition to the spa and the Shoppes at Mandalay Place which is a another strip of stores and dining establishments that connects the Mandalay Bay facility to the MGM sister location of the Luxor, you will always have something interesting to see and do, day or night at Mandalay bay.

135000 square feet of casino floorspace welcomes the novice and expert gambler to play among the blinking lights and ringing bells. Over 300 video poker games and 900 slot machines dot the floor amid tables for blackjack, Craps, Roulette and for the elite gamer, Baccarat. A dedicated poker room and the BetMGM sportsbook round out the Las Vegas experience with a full gambling experience including VIP access for the high rollers among you.

Mandalay bay Las Vegas holds true to its foundation as the old Hacienda it was built on. They offer a fully immersed and all inclusive getaway from the mundane and normal life. Coming to Las Vegas is becoming a tourist destination due to places such as the Mandalay Bay with the entire complex being a fully functional and highly impressive resort that serves your every need.

Fast Facts About Mandalay Bay Las Vegas

  • The resort is featured in many television shows and films including a CSI, the remake of Ocean’s 11, and The Hangover.
  • The complex is so large, it has two Starbucks coffee locations.
  • The wave pool ordinarily produces 2’-4’ waves but is capable of creating 10’ surfable waves for special events.
  • A season 15 episode of “The Amazing Race” had contestants rappel down the side of the distinct face of the main tower.
  • The hotel’s gold exterior appearance is due to gold leaf being used to treat the windows.
  • At the grand opening in 1999, 200 motorcycles were driven through the main doorway led by Blues Brothers star Dan Ackroyd, BB2K star John Goodman, and brother Jim Belushi. Bob Dylan followed with a concert at the Mandalay Bay location of The House of Blues.

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