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four queens las vegas

A person becomes exhausted from his daily routine and wants to rest and spend some quality time with friends and family. If you plan a vacation to enjoy yourself in Las Vegas, you need to stay in a hotel. The best choice to stay in the hotel is the Four Queens Las Vegas hotel.

It is just 1.3 miles faraway from the Las Vegas strip. It is situated on Freemont street at an ideal location, and there are many nearby attractions. A complete hotel with many entertainment options like gaming, swimming pools, free wireless internet, and televisions with the cable network.

The four queens hotel has long been the favorite of tourists who visit Las Vegas for recreational purposes, and we are sure you would love the details we have shared down below.

Our First Glance at Four Queens Las Vegas

The Four Queen Las Vegas hotel is on working since 1966. It is providing entertainment and gaming opportunities. There are meeting rooms and banquets also where you can arrange your functions and events. The rooms are very spacious and clean. They all well decorated; the rooms are in three different categories, one is South tower premium room, one is South tower accessible room, and one is North tower standard room.

There are two types of suites: the Royal Suite and one is the Regal suite. There is also a pool in the hotel, on the 25th floor to enjoy the sunbath and swimming. There is also a gift shop in the hotel where you can find t-shirts, mugs, etc. There is a Royal playing club where people enjoy the most.
Moreover, there are gaming apps, table games, slots, credit applications, and much more. You can enjoy the best and yummiest food in the restaurants of the hotel. You will get entertained in the hotel as comedy shows are also arranged in this hotel. They provide the best quality to their visitors.

four queens las vegas

Fast Facts About the Four Queens Las Vegas

About The Hotel

  • Opened its doors to the public on June 2, 1966
  • Initially it featured only 120 rooms, which has been increased to 700

About The Casino

  • The original casino sat on 20,000 sq. ft. of space, which has now been padded up to 40,000 sq. ft.
  • The casino is named after Faith, Hope, Michele, and Benita the four daughters of Ben Goffstein – the builder
  • One of the few hotels and casinos located right in the middle of all the excitement that Fremont Street offers
  • It was the first casino to offer Blackjack Switch, which is a variant of the original blackjack, in 2003

Dining Options

  • In Hugo’s Cellar it has one of the most exciting restaurants in downtown

Additional Amenities

  • Mike Hammer performs his comedy and magic here
  • Gift Shop is open to customers who are interested in a bit of shopping
  • Comes with a rooftop pool
  • Nightlife lovers can dance until they drop dead at the 10,000 sq. ft. Canyon Club Nightclub

Features and Amenities of Four Queens Las Vegas

There are many facilities offered by the hotel like you will get free parking. No worries about the precious belongings as the security is fully tight; cameras are installed. Security cameras are installed at common places and outside. You will get super-speed internet, on which you can easily upload and download the files and enjoy social media by uploading your photos.

Casino and gambling are also in the hotel, where you can play many games. Bar and lounge are present where you can enjoy your favorite cocktail. You can easily hire a car if you want to visit and explore Las Vegas. The rooms are air-conditioned, flat-screen TV, coffee, and tea maker are also present in the room.

four queens las vegas

Connected rooms are also available if you needed. Suites are also present in the hotel. Housekeeping is done daily. Free toiletries, and bath/shower option is also available in the room. Smoking and non-smoking rooms are available in the hotel.

You will be entertained in the hotel surely as there are also comedy shows arranged in the hotel. Hugo’s cellar restaurant provides perfect food, and the environment is so romantic with red bricks.

The time is 5 pm to 10 pm; you will enjoy the best food in the town. You can take the best facilities in the hotel at the best price. At the gift shop, you can get magazines, newspapers, cigarettes, and gift cards.

About the Guest Rooms at the Four Queens Las Vegas

There are different categories of rooms you can select according to your budget and choice. There is a south tower premium room constructed of 325 square feet, it has a modern look, both king and two queen beds option is available. The beds are covered with the best linens that provide you a comfortable sleep throughout the night. There are many facilities in the room like a mini-fridge, coffee or tea maker, heating and cooling system, flat tv. Super speed internet is also available in the room.

South tower accessible room is also available; the room is 328 square feet. Maximum four people can stay in this room; it also includes a coffee/ tea maker, flat-screen TV, blow-dry, iron, heating, and cooling system. The washroom is also spacious with a wide entrance; the height of the shower can also be adjusted. Closet hangers, drapery pulls, grab bar are also available in the washroom.

four queens las vegas

The third type of room is the North tower standard room; there is one king bed or two queen bed options. The room is 290 square feet; it has a flat-screen tv, coffee or tea maker, iron. You can also enjoy the beautiful scenery of the city through the room window.

The next category is the Royal Suite, constructed on 620 square feet; it is a luxurious place with a king bed, a separate sitting area whose couch turns to a queen-sized bed. There is a 52 inches TV, best linens, fridge, coffee or tea maker.

Maximum four people can stay in the room. The Regal Suite is constructed on 650 feet; it also has flat TV 55 inches, coffee/ Tv maker, mini-fridge, iron, heating, and cooling system. Maximum 4 people can stay in these rooms, experiencing the best luxurious environment.

Dining Options Available at Four Queens Las Vegas

Hugo’s Cellar is the best restaurant in the hotel; they introduce you to the romantic environment and welcome the ladies to the restaurant. Their appetizers are so delicious that you can’t resist licking your finger. Rack of lamb, swordfish, medallions of beef is their specialty. Desserts are also juicy and delicious. Magnolia’s Veranda is another restaurant; they offer quality and food at a reasonable price. Chicken Gumbo, steaks, eggs, burgers, fries, and bar be q are available.

four queens las vegas

Chicago Brewing Co. is also in the hotel, where you can order pizzas and enjoy a glass of beer. A Patio bar is 43 feet long, and you can enjoy a glass of cocktail while watching TV.

The bar has a misting system that makes you comfortable. You will surely enjoy every restaurant in the hotel as they offer you the best taste and affordable price.

Gambling and Entertainment Options at Four Queens Las Vegas

You can the best experience while exploring the new games. You can play table games, free slot games, gaming tournaments, special room offers, and much more. By having their membership, you can enjoy all the games. You can get the cashback points easily. You can also enjoy the gaming app.

There are many games, about 1000 new games, best poker games that you can enjoy. Three card poker, blackjack, roulette, craps, Mississippi Stud are the table games you can enjoy the most. There is also a sportsbook that you can enjoy and win. A 42 inch TV, where you can see the sports.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Four Queens Las Vegas

As with any of the dozens of incredible hotel options in Las Vegas, whether on the strip, off the strip, downtown, or anywhere else, there are going to be pros and cons, advantages and disadvantages. Four Queens Las Vegas is no exception to this. While there are plenty of amazing things about this location, there are also some things about this location that might draw some to alternative options.

Below, we dive into some of the most apparent advantages and disadvantages at the Four Queens Las Vegas Hotel and Casino, a great Downtoan hotel option for most. Check below for the scoop!

four queens las vegas

Contact Information
(702) 385-4011
202 Fremont St, Las Vegas, NV 89101

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