Best Hotels In Las Vegas: Flamingo Las Vegas Review 2021

With more than 3,500 hotel rooms and suites to choose from and a casino that occupies a massive 77,000 sq. ft. of space, there is no doubt that Flamingo Las Vegas is a truly special piece of property. This hotel and casino guarantees the quality of entertainment that one has come to expect from an establishment in the City of Second Chances.

The fact that it was one of the first three hotels to set up base in the city makes it even more special. At the time, it had no more than 105 rooms. Since then, the all-in-one casino has become a favorite resort of millions of revelers from all parts of the world. Lying right at the center of the Strip and surrounded by other majestic buildings such as High Roller and The LINQ, the facility is truly world-class.

Selection of Rooms and Suites

When evaluating a top hotel in the Sin City, it is important to look at the variety of rooms and suites that it offers. In this regard, Flamingo Las Vegas stands out because of the massive selection of rooms available. For example, you have the option of choosing either a non-smoker or a smoker room depending on your preference.

In addition to that, you are free to choose a room or suite based on the view it offers of the surroundings. For example, you could book a room that offers a view of the majestic 550ft tall High Roller, which is one of the major landmarks in the city. Before doing that, you would need to remember that the cost of booking such rooms is quite high. Nevertheless, your options revolve around the following:

  • Forever Fab Suite
  • Fab Room
  • Go Room
  • Studio
  • Go Mini Suite
  • Deluxe Suite
  • Royal Suite
  • Neapolitan Suite
  • Cosmopolitan Suite
  • Metropolitan Suite
  • Luxury Suite

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Restaurants and Bars

Next, a detailed evaluation of an excellent hotel hinges on the range of restaurants, bars, and casinos on offer. Essentially, Flamingo Las Vegas does not disappoint. Its owners designed it to capture all the beauty of the city. With unmatched attractiveness, you would be spoilt for choice at the caliber of restaurants and bars that are available at this facility.

One of the most outstanding features here is the Center Cut Steakhouse, a restaurant with an upscale ambience and offerings that would leave you salivating. With high quality steaks brought from Aspen in Colorado, the restaurant opens its doors to a happy hour that lasts from 5pm to 7pm every day. Apart from this one, other restaurants worth sampling food from include:

  1. Paradise Garden Buffet
  2. Margaritaville
  3. Beach Club Bar and Grill
  4. Carlos ‘n Charlie’s
  5. Flamingo Food Court
  6. Club Cappuccino

However, it is worth noting that Flamingo Las Vegas is not only all food, meals, and delicious cuisines. The facility is also home to some of the finest bars that you can visit to imbibe your favorite drink. One of the must-visit bars here is the It’s 5 O’Clock Somewhere Bar, which opens its doors to revelers from 10am to 5am every day.

Apart from that, you could also soothe your throat with a few choice drinks at The Garden Bar, which offers you a magical view of the surrounding waterfalls and lagoon. Its casual feel combined with the convenient location adds a bit more luster to the hotel. Do not forget to pay homage to the Bugsy’s Bar, which operates 24/7. Bugsy’s Bar owes its name to Flamingo’s founder, Bugsy Siegel.

Flamingo Casino Offerings

It is difficult to talk about any hotel in Las Vegas without delving into its casino offerings. The same case applies to Flamingo Las Vegas. You can only appreciate the beauty and charm of this hotel after visiting its casino too. The first thing you notice at the casino is its close relation with the beauty of the Caribbean paradise.

Apart from that, the huge floor space combined with the limitless entertainment makes the establishment truly fairylike to all visitors. With an offering of over 1,600 slots, numerous table games, a race book and sports book, the casino is likely to not only meet but also surpass your expectations. If daily tournaments appeal to you, then you should play MegaBeat Jackpot here for a chance to win prizes that start at $200,000.

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Fast Facts About Flamingo Las Vegas

  • It is a 74-year old facility
  • Donny and Marie are the two headliner shows at Flamingo
  • Customers could admire the range of exotic birds at the wildlife habitat
  • Flamingo Promenade shops are open daily to shoppers
  • Changed its name thrice from The Fabulous Flamingo to Flamingo Hilton Las Vegas to Flamingo Las Vegas
  • Caesars Entertainment Corporation owns and operates it
  • The casino formerly sat on 72,299 sq. ft. of space before this was increased to 77,000 sq. ft.
  • It has more than 3,500 rooms
  • It is the oldest remaining resort on the Strip
  • Features a garden courtyard that acts as flamingoes wildlife habitat
  • It is the only surviving casino on the Strip among those opened pre-1950s
  • It has a Las Vegas monorail station known as Flamingo & Caesars Palace Station
  • It has appeared in pop culture on film, music, TV, and literature

Are you ready to abandon the norm and visit Las Vegas for a bit of fun, adventure, and mischief? In that case, you would rarely find a place that offers all that and more than Flamingo Las Vegas. Make your tour of the Sin City a truly awesome experience by spending time – and money – at one of the oldest and most famous hotels on the Strip.

With the range of bars, restaurants, rooms, suites, casinos and casino games, the hotel has everything. The fact that it is located on prime part of the City of Lights adds it a bit of mysticism. With affordable room rates and a superb outdoor space full of live flamingoes and world-class swimming pool, you are likely to visit the establishment repeatedly.

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