Best Hotels In Las Vegas: Cosmopolitan Las Vegas Review 2021

Several aspects of Cosmopolitan Las Vegas stand out. First, it is one of the newest pieces of real estate along the strip. Secondly, it is the most high-end building along the same strip too. Originally, this Blackstone Capital Group-owned piece of property was to be a condo development.

It changed into what it is when the developer experienced financial problems and was thus unable to complete it as originally planned. Today, it is a full-scale casino resort with more games and slots than you could ever dream.

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First Takes of the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

The Cosmo, as it is more affectionately known, stands on one of the most iconic locations in Las Vegas. It is directly opposite Planet Hollywood. As if that is not enough, it lies between The Bellagio and The Aria. Location is not its only strong suit though.

After all, it features a ton of luxurious amenities, which you would probably expect of a piece of property that costs $3.9 billion to put up. The amenities include excellent rooms, superb casino, stellar retail space, stunning restaurants, delightful conference space, a state-of-the-art gym, and a theater.

Wide Selection of Rooms and Suites

The selection of rooms and suites at The Cosmopolitan Hotel Las Vegas is as varied as you would expect from such an establishment. For starters, it offers 17 different types of rooms to choose from with rates starting at $250 per night.

Since The Cosmo is one of the prime properties in the city, you should expect to part with roughly $300 for a standard room per night or more when it is full. Typically, though, you would have to choose from a list that features the following selection of rooms and suites:

  1. City Room
  2. City Studio
  3. Terrace Studio
  4. Terrace Studio Fountain View
  5. Terrace One Bedroom
  6. Terrace One Bedroom Fountain View
  7. Terrace Studio Two Queens
  8. Terrace Studio Two Queens Fountain View
  9. Executive Suite
  10. Terrace Suite
  11. Wraparound Terrace Suite
  12. Lanai Suite
  13. Reception Suite
  14. Two Bedroom City Suite
  15. Bungalow
  16. Chelsea Penthouse Suites


What you would discover about Cosmopolitan Hotel Las Vegas is it is not all about suites and rooms, though. It also offers an exemplary range of restaurant options to choose from, especially if you would love to sate your urge for a delightful drink. The restaurants are more than drinks, as well.

They feature sumptuous meals and a once-in-a-lifetime experience that is likely to prove to you that you spent your money well. Nevertheless, if you are ready to try any of its restaurants for a drink or meal, then you should choose from the following options:

  1. Beauty and Essex
  2. Blue Ribbon
  3. China Poblano
  4. O.C.G.
  5. E by Jose Andres
  6. Egg Slut
  7. Estiatorio Milos
  8. The Henry
  9. Holsteins
  10. Jaleo
  11. The Juice Standard
  12. Milk Bar
  13. Momofuku
  14. Overlook Grill
  15. Rabbit. Lie.
  16. Scarpetta
  17. STK
  18. Wicked Spoon
  19. Zuma

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Bars and the Casino

As stated above, Cosmopolitan Las Vegas is full of amazing drinks that you could partake of while gambling. It is difficult to speak of casino without mentioning drinks. Fortunately, The Cosmo has that well taken care of for the benefit of its patrons. To enjoy all that the casino has to offer, you would have to find your way to the property’s main level. While there, you would have access to hundreds of table games and slots. A Talon high limit room located on the property’s second floor is worth visiting too.

On the main floor, The Cosmo also allows you to try your luck at a high limit gaming area, which is separate from everything else, as well. The difference between the Talon Room and this high limit gaming space on the main floor is the former is set aside for gamers interested in the publicity and liveliness of it all without sacrificing their privacy. That is not all though, as The Cosmo has a reward program dubbed Identity Club where gamers earn points for playing any casino game of their choice.

As for drinks, you get everything you need from the five bars at the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas. The bars are known as Vesper Bar, The Study, Clique, Chandelier Bar, and the Bond Bar. If you are a firm believer in cool surroundings, then you would enjoy drinking the evening or night away at Chandelier Bar. Alternatively, you would have drinks and more fun at The Cosmo’s nightclub, which is known as Marquee Day and Night Club, which is one of Las Vegas’ biggest and most popular.

Final Thoughts on the Cosmopolitan

Therefore, prioritize visiting Cosmopolitan Las Vegas soon. As shown above, it has plenty of attractions to offer you. These include the casino, a stunning nightclub, world-class dining and drinking experience and meals from some of the most famous chefs in the world.

Its multilevel swimming pool is a notable attraction too. Furthermore, the hotel is worth visiting when you need to go on a solid gambling vacation alone or with your friends. With plenty of slots and table games, there is no doubt that you would have the time of your life at The Cosmo.

The high-level nature of the additions at the hotel coupled with the surreal experience it offers all clients make it a must-include in your upcoming itinerary around Las Vegas.

Fast Facts About The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

  • The Cosmopolitan Hotel Las Vegas cost $3.9 billion to construct
  • It has 3,027 rooms
  • Its casino, which sits on 10,000sq meters of space, is one of the smallest in the strip
  • Its Marquee Dayclub and Nightclub is the highest grossing in the country
  • Its three-level Chandelier Bar is one of the most popular places in the city for a cocktail
  • The Blackstone Group, with its limitless wealth, owns The Cosmo
  • The hotel recently remodeled all the 3,027 rooms in 2018
  • It opened its doors on December 15, 2010
  • Its two (184m-high) massive towers are known as Chelsea Tower and Boulevard Tower
  • Gogobot rated it the Best Hotel in the World in 2013
  • It has a 3,200-seater theater
  • 14,000 square feet of space is available for business meetings and conventions
  • 1,300 slots available at the casino

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