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cosmopolitan las vegas

If you are looking for a hotel in Las Vegas, then keep Cosmopolitan Las Vegas in mind. It’s a great place for you to stay, located in the center of strip Las Vegas. It’s a unique place where you can enjoy the casino as well, as there are many entertainment options.

You can enjoy the breathtaking scenery of Las Vegas in the hotel room and enjoy the skyline. You will have a luxurious experience; the restaurants in the hotel have the best chef in the world.

The hotel is well decorated, giving a soothing feeling as soon as you enter. Because of its ideal location, it is favored by many tourists who visit Las Vegas regularly for vacations.

Our First Glance at The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

When you enter the hotel, you feel so relaxed. The color palette is also so eye-catching they use cool blue and bright white colors. You will have a very luxurious experience; all the bathrooms have marble rooms. The rooms are contemporary decorated, and some rooms have terraces where you can enjoy the skyline, and beautiful scenery of Las Vegas, the rooms have a 52-inch Plasma TV.

The resort fee is dollar thirty-nine, in which you will get wifi, a Tennis court, and a fitness center. Parking is free, 24-hour valet parking and a self-parking option are also available. There are many nearby attractions that you can visit. There is a bus stop, restaurant, subway, shopping, theatre, and movie theatre at walking distance.

There are about 20 rooms in the hotel; they have all kinds of restaurants, including upscale. You can enjoy food from the whole world like Chinese, Mexican, and french food. There is fine dining as in-room service available also. You can also enjoy the hot days of Las Vegas by enjoying swimming in the swimming pool. There are three different pools in which you can go swimming. There is no shortage of entertainment options at the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas Hotel, and you will have a memorable stay.

cosmopolitan las vegas

Fast Facts About the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

About The Hotel

  • The Cosmopolitan Hotel Las Vegas cost $3.9 billion to construct
  • It has 3,027 rooms
  • The hotel recently remodeled all the 3,027 rooms in 2018
  • It opened its doors on December 15, 2010
  • Gogobot rated it the Best Hotel in the World in 2013

About The Casino

  • Its casino, which sits on 10,000sq meters of space, is one of the smallest in the strip
  • 1,300 slots available at the casino

Additional Amenities

  • Its Marquee Dayclub and Nightclub is the highest grossing in the country
  • Its three-level Chandelier Bar is one of the most popular places in the city for a cocktail
  • The Blackstone Group, with its limitless wealth, owns The Cosmo
  • 14,000 square feet of space is available for business meetings and conventions
  • It has a 3,200-seater theater

Features and Amenities of Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas hotel provides many features and facilities, and you feel very comfortable and have a luxurious experience. Valet parking is also available; you have to give your car and park at a secure place. Free internet is available from which you can download and upload photos, do your business meeting as it is supersonic in speed.

You can do swimming in their pool; they take special care of special hygiene. There is also a fitness center, where you can do exercise in a gym. There is a bar and a lounge where you can enjoy a cocktail. Pets are also allowed in the hotel; the casino is also where you can play games. There is a great entertainment option for you. All the rooms are air-conditioned, there is an additional bathroom.

cosmopolitan las vegas

Daily housekeeping is provided, and keep your rooms clean. The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas hotel also provides evening entertainment options for kids and adults. The private balcony is also with a room where you can enjoy the beautiful skyline of Las Vegas.

Microwave is also present in the hotel with the help of which you can warm your foods, minibar where you can enjoy drinks in your room. Flat-screen TVs are also present in the room.

Nonsmoking rooms and smoking rooms are also available in the hotel. You can also enjoy on-demand movies in the room. Suites are also present in the hotel.

About the Guest Rooms at the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

There are different types of rooms in the hotel that you can select according to your choice. All the room has a theme of the beige, white, and blue theme. Windows are from roof to floor, from which you can see the beauty of Las Vegas.

There is a room with two queen beds, a terrace studio, one microwave, a fridge, and free wifi. There is a room with one bedroom terrace, with having a microwave, fridge, and free wifi. There is a room with a terrace studio with a fountain view, free wifi, TV, and a fridge.

cosmopolitan las vegas

There is also A terrace studio with free wifi, and a microwave is available. There is a city room with queen beds, has an exhibitions shower, the floor is of marble, maximum of four people can stay in it.

There is a wrap-around terrace in which there is free wifi, a microwave, and a fridge. There is a Lanai suite in which there is a kitchenette, a minibar, one king-size bed.

You can enjoy the side of the pool from the windows that are from ceiling to floor. There is a Chelsea penthouse in which there are 2400 square feet; two queen-sized beds are in it.

Dining Options Available at Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

Many restaurants in the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas hotel have the world’s best chefs. There is an overlook grill they serve you at the pool; they offer brunch, breakfast, and lunch at the boulevard pool. There is a wicked spoon restaurant where you can enjoy delicious food. Eggslit offers the best breakfast with freshly made eggs and fresh ingredients.

There is beauty, and Essex offers the best platers and classy cocktails that make your tastebuds active. Milkbar, Starbucks, STK, Tekka Bar, Ve Benne Cafe, Zuma are the renowned cafes in the hotel with mouthwatering foods and drinks.

cosmopolitan las vegas

Holstein is the place where you can enjoy the best bun burgers that are so mouthwatering. Milkshakes, beers, and much more American snacks are also available in the hotel.

Hatties B hot chicken is the best-fried chicken that you can enjoy; it is a southern-style chicken served hot. Ghost donkey is a restaurant where you can relish Mexican dishes.

District donuts are also the very best that are freshly baked, and you enjoy them the most. Chinese cuisine is also available in China Poblano that also presents Mexican dishes.

Gambling and Entertainment Options at Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

You will never feel bored in the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas hotel, as it has many entertainment options for people of all ages. You will be excited to know as there are many entertainment options. There are modern games and at an advanced level like slots and video games. The casino is constructed on 100000 square feet area; you can have identity membership and enjoy many games.

There are about 1300 reel spinning video poker machines, and you can enjoy them as they range from dollar 0.01 to dollar 500. There are also table games such as blackjack, craps, roulette, and much more. Race sports books area is also separately built to sit, bet many on many sports, and enjoy the sports. You can also apply for credit and has the ultimate option to win the games.

There are many entertainment options like you can enjoy the marquee night and day club, there is about 60,000 space where you can feel the best beats from the famous DJ’s. The barbershop cuts and cocktails offer the best cocktails and make your night amazing. Chelsa is the venue where you can arrange concerts in a spacious place.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

As with any of the dozens of incredible hotel options in Las Vegas, whether on the strip, off the strip, downtown, or anywhere else, there are going to be pros and cons, advantages and disadvantages. Cosmopolitan Las Vegas is no exception to this. While there are plenty of amazing things about this location, there are also some things about this location that might draw some to alternative options.

Below, we dive into some of the most apparent advantages and disadvantages at Cosmopolitan Las Vegas, a great Center Strip hotel option for most. Check below for the scoop!

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