The Biggest Hotel in Vegas: Our Top 10 Largest Hotels Listed

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Las Vegas has one of the largest amalgamations of hotels in the world. In fact, six of the ten largest hotels on Earth as of August 2020 are located in Las Vegas, Nevada. But which are the largest? Below is a list of the biggest hotel in Vegas awards.

The Biggest Hotel in Vegas: Top 10

The Venetian Resort Las Vegas

Defining something as the “largest” could be selected by square footage, property acreage, or even income, but we’ll list the biggest hotels in Vegas by available rooms. If there is an agreed-upon authority on things such as the fastest, strongest or largest, it would be the Guinness World Records organization.

According to the folks at Guinness, The Venetian Resort Las Vegas is the biggest hotel in Vegas. Because they are under the same roof and connected as a single unit, The Venetian and The Palazzo combine their two hotel room counts, making an impressive 7,092 guest room count and was the biggest hotel in the entire world until 2015 and is now second only to the “First World Hotel” in Malaysia.

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MGM Grand Las Vegas and The Signature

A grand classic from 1993 and its more recent addition of The Signature in 2006, these two monumental casino hotels serve as the second biggest hotel in Vegas with 6,852 rooms available. Originally the MGM Grand hotel itself was a large enough hotel but with the decided lack of interest in the MGM Grand Adventures Theme Park, the attraction park was flattened to make way for three condominium-style hotel additions.

Oddly enough, the MGM Grand, without its Signature condo addition, served as the largest hotel in the world between those two dates. Rather than increasing its stature with the addition, it was wholly overtaken by The First World Hotel, though it was still the biggest hotel in Vegas.

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CityCenter Las Vegas

Pushing the limits of what can be considered a single hotel, the CityCenter Las Vegas complex comes in as the third biggest hotel in Vegas and rounds out the Las Vegas representation on the list of the five largest hotels in the world coming in as forth.

With a combined hotel room count of 6,790 guest accommodations and suites, the CityCenter Las Vegas consists of four individual hotels; the Aria, the Vdara, the Waldorf Astoria Las Vegas, and the Veer Towers. This compilation of four hotels into a single room count seems like a technical cheat to the layman but who am I to argue with documented size?

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Wynn Las Vegas and Encore Las Vegas

Slipping down the international list of largest hotels down to number eight, the Wynn Las Vegas and Encore Las Vegas still comes in as number four on our list of the biggest hotel in Vegas. The namesake of the man commonly touted as the father of the modern look of the Las Vegas Strip Steve Wynn, the Wynn Las Vegas was built in 2005 and was immediately followed up with the construction of The Encore Las Vegas opening in 2008.

Together they offer 4750 rooms and suites for the discerning Las Vegas traveler. The Encore tower is seventeen feet taller than its sister tower The Wynn, but nine feet shorter than the tallest hotel on the strip, the Palazzo.

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Mandalay Bay, Delano and Four Seasons

Three individual hotels in two buildings, the Mandalay Bay, The Delano and the Las Vegas Four Seasons are comprised to make our list of biggest hotels in Vegas at entry number five. 4426 rooms and suites, all the picture of luxury await guests in the two iconic structures.

The Four Seasons is fully housed on floors 35 through 39 inside the Mandalay Bay tower and the Delano Tower adds in an additional 1117 suites, all notable as being among the biggest starting hotel suites in Vegas. This addition was targeted as a dedicated hotel for the large convention center but became a luxury hotel in its own right adding to the Mandalay Bay’s size.

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Luxor Las Vegas

Part of the “new Vegas” skyline is the postmodern design of the Luxor Las Vegas, coming in as the sixth biggest hotel in Vegas. The iconic black pyramid in the Nevada desert with its intense light beam piercing the sky is a vision to behold, day or night.

The 4407 guest rooms include the main pyramid and the two ziggurat towers but this inclusion of three buildings seems less of a technicality than other entrants on the list as they are all considered one hotel. Also of note, the main pyramid structure contains the world’s largest atrium by volume, so The Luxor gets a bonus “biggest hotel in Vegas” point.

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Excalibur Hotel and Casino

Another truly singular hotel on our list of the biggest hotels in Vegas is the Excalibur Hotel and Casino. Singular in both senses of the word as it isn’t one of the multi-hotel entrants on the list, but also because once you see the facade of the Excalibur, you will never mistake it for any other hotel on the Strip, or in the world.

Themed after the Camelot and King Arthur legends, this colorful and playful hotel has 3981 hotel rooms spread out amid faux castle turrets, draw bridges, and crenelated walls. This experience is the seventh biggest hotel in Vegas and the eleventh largest in the world.

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Caesars Palace

Caesars Palace is another Las Vegas institution that comes to mind whenever someone even says the word “Vegas”. Originally opening in the “old Vegas” days of 1966, Caesars has been renovated and updated many times to keep it relevant with the changing face of the Las Vegas tourism appeal.

Decades of expansion and updates have grown the Palace to a six-building behemoth currently offering 3970 guest rooms and suites. If you’ve ever wanted to stay in a piece of Las Vegas history, imagine yourself in ancient Rome, or enjoy a modern hotel on the Strip, Caesars Palace is one of the biggest hotel in Vegas offerings to accommodate your desires.

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bellagio las vegasModeled after the luxury life and elegance of Lombardy Italy, the Bellagio Las Vegas resort is a staple of the Strip for its opulent design and ornate decoration. The two buildings, the main tower and the Spa addition offer 3933 rooms and suites, any one of them appointed in a richly fantasized idea of wealth and extravagance.

Though it is the ninth biggest hotel in Vegas, the Bellagio may be more well known for its 8-acre lake and elaborate fountain show that takes place all day and night with thousands flocking to see the fantastic display. The Fountains at Bellagio was the world’s biggest fountain in the world until Dubai Bay opened in 2010 but is still the biggest in Vegas.

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Circus Circus Las Vegas

Rounding out our top ten list of the biggest hotels in Vegas is the Circus Circus Las Vegas Hotel and Casino. Opened in 1968 as one of the first family-friendly casinos looking to bring in more tourism to the Strip with gamblers bringing their families along, this staple on the strip has been modified, renovated, and updated countless times through the years and now offers 3773 rooms in three towers.

Circus Circus is the first entry on our list that is eclipsed on the international list by an American hotel NOT in Las Vegas. It is the tenth biggest hotel in Vegas and the eighteenth largest in the world, falling just below the Honolulu Hilton.

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