Finding The Best Bars in Las Vegas: Drinking At 16 Locations

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Las Vegas earns its name as the entertainment capital of the world with its selection of bars. It has everything from refined cocktail bars to intimate hideaways to ruffled laid-back dives. If you are looking to imbibe in a handcrafted cocktail after work, trying to lubricate a special someone or going out with the boys or girls, there is a perfect bar for you in Vegas.

Our Picks For The Best Bars in Las Vegas

Finding the best bars in Las Vegas can be challenging, so we have come up with a list of top bars that you should check out to enjoy cocktails in true Sin City style. From hot newcomers to old standbys, our list covers it all.

Herbs & Rye – Off the strip

The Herbs & Rye is located west of the Strip on Sahara Avenue. Past its drab, strip-mall exterior is a stylish décor featuring deep oak furniture and red walls.

This dark and seductive bar is said to serve some of the best cocktails in the country. These drinks cover different eras, including Gothic, Prohibition, and Tiki.  The full-service kitchen serves excellent Italian food and juicy steaks.

Atomic Liquors – Downtown

Originally called Virginia’s café, this former viewing spot for atomic bomb testing in the desert is the oldest freestanding bar in Sin City. The bar has a history of serving celebrities like The Smothers Brothers, Barbra Streisand, and The Rat Pack, who were regulars.

It features vintage décor, excellent cocktails, and good food. Sour beers are the primary specialty.

Rosina – The Palazzo

The 1,100 square foot bar maintains a classic look with a solid brass molding façade, spacious booths, Art Deco designs, and crystal chandeliers. The lounge area has small cocktail tables with pearl-colored leather chairs and high-top tables paired with rich burgundy-colored chairs.

The bar serves excellent spirits and liquor, and you can have your flute topped off with the push of a champagne call button.

The Golden Tiki – Chinatown

Get in through the secret lava rock cave entrance ready to imbibe on rum and experience the exotic Tiki culture. The 4,000 sq ft bar features four tiki-themed lounges and zones like The Headhunter’s village, The Mermaid Cove, and The Pirates Lair. The décor is over the top, and it includes tiki weapons, skull racks, waterfalls, and cargo cult artifacts.

Velveteen Rabbit – Downtown

Velveteen Rabbit bar located at the heart of the Arts District features mismatched vintage furniture in small chatting areas, trompe-l’oeil wallpaper, local art, and an outdoor patio. When opening the bar, founding sisters Christina and Pamela Dylan envisioned a welcoming space for socializing.

The bar has an excellent beer list served from a rotating selection of 12 taps. The cocktail list inspired by the golden age of mixology is the product of creativity, fresh produce, and homemade ingredients.

Oak & Ivy – Downtown

It may be in a shipping container, but Oak & Ivy is one of the best bars in Las Vegas. This bar boasts a variety of unique handcrafted drinks, fresh homemade garnishes, rare beers, and spirits.

Whiskey, however, is the star of the show. The cocktail menu features more than 30 varieties from barrel-aged to Whiskey Smash made with nine different Moscow Mules.

The Dorsey – The Venetian

Oak and brass finishes, a warm fireplace, and plush library seating create a high-end, ultra-modern setting for enjoying champagne and cocktails.

The Dorsey cocktail lounge serves a broad range of concoctions conceived by Sam Ross of New York’s Attaboy & Milk and Honey. They include Penicillin with scotch, honey and an Islay float, East Side Rickey with vodka, and many more.

Skyfall Lounge – Delano

Perched high on the 63rd floor of the Delano resort, Skyfall Lounge provides spectacular 180-degree views of the City of Lights.  Guests can get cozy on theater-style sitting and sip champagne as they get a new unobstructed perspective on Sin City through the floor-to-ceiling windows.

The outdoor patio provides a transcendent setting to soak in the neon glow of the City as the night sky emerges. Enjoy artisan cocktails and creative plates as you listen to easygoing tunes from the resident DJ.

Downtown Cocktail Room – Downtown

Located around the corner from Fremont Street, Downtown Cocktail Room has been a local’s favorite for a long time. It’s one of the bars that started the craft cocktail trend in Vegas.

The bar has a great absinthe selection and a craft cocktail menu that changes every few months. Mike Morey’s Tip n’ Sip is a bar within the Downtown Cocktail Room that serves cheap booze to hosts.

The Barbershop Cuts & Cocktails – Downtown

The Barbershop Cuts & Cocktails features a gentlemen’s barbershop and an inconspicuous cocktail room. Gentlemen can get a haircut or fresh shave at the front and enjoy tableside whiskey service and craft cocktails in the back. Enjoy live entertainment while as you sip barrel-aged whiskey, craft beer, or the various spirits on the menu.

Frankie’s Tiki Room – Downtown

Frankie’s features a remarkable combination of modern lowbrow art and traditional island décor with a hint of Las Vegas Kitsch. This dark, vintage tiki bar is located near the strip close to the Downtown Arts District.

It is decked out in tiki galore and mainly serves rum cocktails with the strength of each indicated by the number of skulls next to its name on the menu. Escape to the fantasy and have your mind blown as you sip a glass of the Bearded Clam or the Lava Letch.

The Chandelier – The Cosmopolitan

The Chandelier has built a reputation as one of the best bars in Las Vegas. Located on Level one of the Boulevard Tower of the Cosmopolitan hotel, this bar is a multi-story visual wonder. It is decorated with over two million octagonal crystals and divided into three lounge experiences, each with a unique personality and clientele.

The first floor is a classic casino lounge that serves unique takes on Cosmopolitan cocktails. The middle floor, level 1.5, features the only molecular mixology in sin city. Flame torches and liquid nitrogen are used to create award-winning cocktails for the true experience seeker. The true splendor and class of the Chandelier is showcased on the top floor.

Gold Spike – Downtown

Gold Spike is one of the best bars in Las Vegas and Downtown’s premier adult playground. This bar located north of Fremont Street offers locals and tourists a refreshing escape from the glitz of the entertainment capital of the world. It takes guests back to their Midwestern college town where men and women were youthful and idealistic, and the drinks were cheap.

The Gold Spike is the ideal hangout if you want to enjoy a game of darts, borrow retro games, or shuffleboard in the massive backyard.  Drinking and dining options are provided round the clock.

Thunderbird Lounge & Bar – Downtown

A retro style, beers on tap, bar top gaming, a pool table, and a happy hour from 3 to 7 pm make Thunderbird Lounge & Bar downtown’s premier whiskey bar and one of the best bars in Las Vegas.

Guests get to enjoy live events, excellent bar food, and a wide selection of drinks. Cocktails include the 1948 Cocktail, the Hemingway daiquiri, and the Pink Squirrel. This popular bar easily made our list of the best bars in Las Vegas.

Commonwealth – Downtown

Cocktails and décor reminiscent of the pre-prohibition era are the highlights of this 6,000-square-foot tavern. A stuffed albino peacock welcomes guests into the bar with dark woods and picture frames hanging on the exposed brick walls. Chrystal chandeliers shimmer in the incandescent light that brightens the bar.

Upstairs is a rooftop patio that offers sweeping views of the City and mountains in the distance and music on the dance floor and handcrafted cocktails. Dance the night away or try to get into the speakeasy dubbed “The Laundry Room.”

The Underground – The Mob Museum

The basement stairs at the Mob Museum take you back in time to the glamorous mobster era when speakeasies operated to quench the nation’s thirst during prohibition. Experience authentic prohibition-era craft cocktails and “illicit” moonshine from the on-site distillery as you immerse yourself in the stories, imagery, and artifacts from the roaring 20’s.

Overall, it should come as no surprise that The Mob Museum has made our list of the best bars in Las Vegas.

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