Best Hotels In Las Vegas: The D Las Vegas Review 2021

The United States is home to more than 54,000 hotels and guest rooms with a bed capacity of over 5 million. In Las Vegas alone, the number of hotel rooms stands at slightly above 150,000. For a city with a population of around 650,000 the number of hotels and guest rooms is quite impressive. The D Las Vegas is one of the premier hotels to visit when in the city. Do you want to know what makes it special? Continue reading to learn more.

To many people around the world, Las Vegas is more commonly associated with gambling. However, it is also one of the most popular tourist attractions in the land. It has been listed one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations because of many reasons. One of these is the caliber of hotels available here, including the D.

Selection of Rooms and Suites at The D Las Vegas

Before delving deeper to appreciate the selection of rooms and suites available in the D Las Vegas, it would be prudent to check a few facts about it out first. For starters, this hotel and casino boasts of over 600 rooms. Two brothers, Derek Stevens and Greg Stevens currently own this magnificent piece of hotel.

According to legend, the “D” in its name stands for the owners’ roots – Detroit. Others attribute the “D” to its downtown location in the city too. This piece of property has been one of the hallmarks of Las Vegas architectural appeal since 1979 when it was initially known as Sundance Hotel. From 1987, when it mostly boasted an Irish theme, it was renamed Fitzgerald’s Hotel and Casino.

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The Birth Of The D

In 2012, the hotel underwent a major rebranding and renovation that saw the owners christen it the D Las Vegas. All that renovation cost a massive $22 million. With the rebranding, the facility discarded its Irish theme and embraced a more Vegas style. Today, its décor is replete with three main colors, which are black, red, and white.

The exterior mesmerizes visitors and passersby with high-tech displays. All its furnishings are made in America too to complete the Vegas feel. Furthermore, the recent renovation, which took place only eight years ago, has given the rooms a more modern and fresh style. Nevertheless, there is more to the hotel’s rooms and suites as you will see below.

  • Double Queen Room, which measures about 33sq. ft. and costs roughly $30 per night
  • King Room, which is similar to the Double Queen Room except for its king-sized bed and the fact that it is ultra-comfortable
  • Corner King Premium Room, which is one of the most luxurious rooms in the hotel offering stunning views of the surrounding mountains, and charges rates that could exceed $200 a night
  • The D Suite, which is the ultra-luxurious suite in the hotel charging rates that start at $150 a night, and filled with stylish amenities

Dining and Entertainment Options

The D Las Vegas offers superb dining options courtesy of the restaurants available within the facility. For example, you have the option of dining at Andiamo Steakhouse, which opens every day from 5pm to 11pm. Here, you are free to place an order for American steaks or any of your Italian favorites.

The D Grill is also open to diners from 8am to 10pm daily, especially those interested in a bite of sandwiches, burgers, or breakfasts throughout the day. American Coney Island is worth visiting as well because of the range of hotdogs that it has been making for over 100 years. American Coney Island is not the only facility operating 24 hours every day. McDonalds is rightfully in this category too.

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Drinking and Gambling

Going hand-in-hand with the dining side of The D Las Vegas is the range of drinking and gambling options on offer. Other than the restaurants listed above, you could also visit a few bars that specialize solely in drinks. One of these is the D Bar that is replete with highly talented and entertaining bartenders.

The Longbar is worth a visit too, especially for the TV sporting experience it offers as you sip your favorite drink. Move upstairs if you feel uneasy about drinking at the two establishments to grab your favorite glass or bottle of drink at the Vue Bar while playing a massive array of slot machines. The 42,000 sq. ft. casino is a gambler’s paradise. It has everything you can imagine from table games, dancing dealers, blackjacks, to slots.

Fast Facts about the D Las Vegas

  • It is a 34-story hotel and casino boasting of 638 rooms
  • Derek Stevens and his brother Greg Stevens own and operate it
  • It has a dinner theater known as Showroom at the D
  • It boasts of a 42,000sq. ft. casino
  • It features a pool, multiple restaurants, and a business center
  • Offers over 1,000 slots and 22 table games spread on two floors
  • It is downtown Las Vegas’ tallest building
  • It is the second tallest building within the limits of the city behind Allure Las Vegas
  • Its Sigma Derby machines is one of the few remaining ones in Las Vegas
  • Recently erected the Mannekin Pis statue that is bringing luck to gamblers
  • Its casino was the first in Las Vegas to accept Bitcoin
  • Its Bitcoin ATM was the first of its kind in any casino in the city

Our Final Thoughts

Why worry about where to spend money gambling, dining, eating, resting, or just having fun when you can visit The D Las Vegas? The hotel and casino is a state-of-the-art building that was brought into the 21st Century courtesy of a massive renovation carried out eight years ago. Its dancing dealers, superb and comfortable rooms, Bitcoin ATM, and beautiful restaurants where you can rest while enjoying any meal of your choosing, make the hotel truly one of its kind.

Furthermore, the fact that it is well-located in downtown Las Vegas and the tallest building in that part of the city makes it a true tourist attraction and landmark. Therefore, place your booking today to enjoy all that the hotel and casino has to offer!

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