Best Hotels In Las Vegas: Sahara Las Vegas Review 2021

When you think about Las Vegas Nevada, certain images creep into your mind and take over what you come to expect from your upcoming visit to the land of indulgence. The lights, the glitz and glamour, the gambling, and the hotels.

Undergoing nearly constant renovation and upgraded and improvements, the Las Vegas Strip has been re-envisioned countless times and as time marches on, the endeavor to give “The Strip” a modern appeal, it threatens to lose some of its classical history. Anchoring the northern limit of the famous strip is the Sahara Las Vegas, one of the ageless attractions you will want to explore. When you walk inside its doors, you will feel the spirit of Las Vegas welcoming you.

Your hotel accommodations is an equally important facet of your visit to Las Vegas as any of the casinos or stage shows. Where you choose to stay often influences the theme of your entire trip and when you choose to stay at the Sahara Las Vegas, you are choosing to experience the best of old-world Vegas mixed with the modern luxuries of a modern world class hotel, ensuring your stay is a memorable and enjoyable one.

The iconic structure is an integral part of the history of the city and the stories that can be told that took place within those very walls are enough to fill up an entire vacation.

As some of the hotels on the Las Vegas Strip have their particular niches or quirks that gives them their competitive edge, the Sahara Las Vegas revels in its historical nature while maintaining a modern attractiveness. You get the better parts of the Vegas experience once you enter the Sahara’s doors and you won’t need to venture outdoors to get a fully rewarding visit to the city of blinking lights and dazzling displays.

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Rambunctious casino floors, quick service food joints, elegant dining on fine delicacies, and fully redesigned and refurbished rooms that you can enjoy in peace and quiet, or hosting a party of your own… all of these options are available to you under one roof at the Sahara Las Vegas.

The Sahara Las Vegas is a cornerstone of the old Vegas Strip, and the anchor location of an expansion of the brand that ventured out as the Sahara Tahoe, Sahara Reno, and Sahara Atlantic City. The luster of the classic Sahara faded and as the other locations were bought out and re-branded, the original Sahara Las Vegas also fell victim of changing times and the collapse of the “old strip” and closed their doors in 2011 to open as another property.

The loss of such an iconic Las Vegas icon was too much to bear and after some years under other names, the Sahara Las Vegas was reborn on the same spot in the same buildings to carry on its tradition of Las Vegas style larger than life hospitality.

Perhaps the closure and renewal could be seen as a beneficial event as the newly re-imagined Sahara is plush and regal without adhering to the stuffy old styles it was created in. The absolute rebuilding of the brand and refreshing of the property gave the Sahara the opportunity to carry on their Las Vegas charm with a clean slate and fresh outlook on what being a keystone luxury hotel and casino on the famed Las Vegas Strip could mean.

Gone are the old camels that represented the Sahara of the past and in their place are clean white and soft palette color schemes of the exotic Mediterranean that gives the Sahara Las Vegas sits name.

Tower names have changed and the accommodations have certainly been updated to reflect the modern appeal of the world class traveler, but the hospitality and comfort known as the Sahara has never changed.

Take heart that your rooms or suites will be impeccable and worthy of high praise whether you stay in the Marra Tower, Blanca Tower, or the “Four Diamond” Alexandria Tower, all of the Sahara Las Vegas’ more than 1600 rooms are a welcome sight of comfort and relaxation to take in after a day roving the exciting Las Vegas Strip or gaming on the invigorating casino floor.

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There is nothing standard in the Sahara’s “standard” rooms as each of them could be a home away from home. And the suites offer that extra space to entertain or enjoy a fully functional apartment style life while taking in Las Vegas. The Marra Suites are themed for the clean lines of the low lying lands, the Blanca Suites have the sophisticated appeal of a highly appointed Mediterranean villa.

And the Alexandria Suites will have you reclining in deluxe comfort in the style of high court palaces. The penthouse suites atop each of these towers have their own legendary makeovers giving the experience a notch up and apart from the rest of the rooms.

From the beautifully remodeled “Retro” Olympic swimming pool (the first in Las Vegas) to the slightly more intimate Alexandria rooftop pool with private cabanas and bottle service, the grounds at the Sahara Las Vegas are more than sufficient for all your travel needs.

Award winning chefs offer their talents in multiple on-property cafes, kitchens and dining experiences. Comforting street tacos at Uno Mas, daring tartare or suckling pig at Bazaar Meat, and pan-roasted branzino served with carrot silk or cippolini onion at Bella Bistro, you won’t need to search far for something to fit your taste or appetite.

If you’re in Las Vegas to do some gambling, The Sahara Las Vegas has one of the more impressive 60,000 square foot of gaming floor you’ll find on the strip. More than 50 individual tables and over 600 slots, you’ll delight in the variety of gaming experience the Sahara Las Vegas has to offer.

On site sports book, a dedicated poker room, and a concierge staff of casino hosts are there to ensure your every need or desire is met. The Sahara Hotel Las Vegas is a top of the line hotel casino that carries on the traditions of the best of Old Las Vegas and offers them to you wrapped in the freshly revived spirit of the New Las Vegas.

Fast Facts About The Sahara Las Vegas

  • Marks the northern end of the traditional Las Vegas Strip and serves as the first/last turnaround stop on the Las Vegas Monorail
  • Served as one of the primary filming locations and key subject matters for the 1960’s Rat-Pack film “Ocean’s 11” that inspired the popular remakes and sequels.
  • The Sahara Las Vegas is the second oldest hotel property on the Las Vegas Strip, opening six years after The Flamingo and five years before the Tropicana.
  • Spent the years 2011-2019 under the new name “SLS Las Vegas” until reinvention as the freshly renovated “Sahara Las Vegas” in 2019.
  • Host location for the annual Jerry Lewis Labor Day Telethon for much of the televised run and is the spot for the 1976 reunion of Martin and Lewis.
  • The Sahara had a 90’ tall 70mph roller coaster on property from 2000 until 2011.

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