Best Hotels In Las Vegas: Mirage Las Vegas Review 2021

If you consider yourself an “old school Vegas” lover and lament the loss of its darker rat-pack era identity and popularization of the city as a resort destination, then Steve Wynn is the one to blame and The Mirage Las Vegas is the hotel resort casino that started it all.

The Mirage is the face of the “new” Las Vegas and with its opening in 1989 set off a firestorm of new development along the famed Las Vegas Strip with property owners all trying to keep up with the new kid on the block that was mocked in concept but then blew away the competition when guests flocked to the new style resort. The Mirage Las Vegas set the example of what Las Vegas would become.

Getting To Know The Mirage Las Vegas

Located in the center of The Strip, The Mirage was considered a huge risk when they were planning the development. Other hotel and casino owners considered this opulent resort would be a failure, too much, too elaborate, too big… At the time of its opening, The Mirage Las Vegas was the largest hotel in the world, and came with the price tag of being the most expensive hotel built.

But the over-reaching concept was immediately justified as the guests flocked through the doors and shower other Las Vegas developers that the resort-style Mirage was the wave of the future. Open in 1989, The Mirage holds up over time and is still considered one of the best accommodations you can find in Las Vegas today.

You can’t think of The Mirage Las Vegas without the image of Sigfried & Roy with their white tigers coming to mind. The show began in the first year the Mirage was open and ran for thirteen years, the glitz and glamour symbolizing the look of Las Vegas entertainment. Since their retirement, the legacy of Siegfried & Roy continues with The Mirage hosting a zoo of sorts in their backyard.

Siegfried & Roy’s Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat is an amazing attraction for the hotel with the famed big cats lounging in shaded luxury and the 2.5 million gallon aquarium offers education, shows and even an opportunity to swim with the dolphins. If you don’t care to get wet, there is an observation deck where you can view the underwater action going on.

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Places to Eat At The Mirage

You will not find yourself lacking for options when it comes time to enjoy a meal at The Mirage Las Vegas. Nine fantastic restaurants offer variety in cuisine and price so there is something for everyone to enjoy whether you’re looking for an exotic fine dining experience or just a quick bite before heading out to the casino floor.

A wide selection of craft brews and excellent “bar food” are at The Still, while the open kitchen design of Tom Colicchio’s Heritage Steak is a fine night “out” in a darkened elegant dining room with all the menu options promising a bit of sophistication. Japanese, Italian, Mexican, American cooking spices up the Mirage’s other options and of course, a couple coffee houses are available as well.

Shops, Amenities and More

No modern Las Vegas resort is complete without offering a few shops to take home some souvenirs or at the very least window show at the luxury items, and The Mirage is well stocked with stores to offer you some love to take home. Prime among The Mirage stores is “The Beatles Shop”, listed as the only licensed Beatles retail store.

Here you can pick up some merchandise from the celebrated Beatles-themed Cirque du Soleil show “LOVE” performed in The Mirage 2013 seat specially built “Love Theater”. Other shops range from high end luxury items such as jewelery, clothing and shoes, music and art memorabilia, and even a tattoo parlor.

If you didn’t take advantage of the opportunity to swim with the dolphins, maybe a day in the warm Las Vegas sun at The Mirage pool is more your style. In keeping with the South Seas Polynesian theme, the main pool is a winding, island filled, waterfall laden affair with plenty of palm trees providing shaded shelter from the blazing sun and plenty of uncovered areas to take in the rays.

If “uncovered” is more your speed, the Bare Pool is an adults-only pool that allows you to work on that deep tan all over as a topless bathing area.

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The Rooms and Gaming Space

Known since its beginnings as a high end luxury resort at more accessible prices, The Mirage Las Vegas is still one of the best room and suite deals you can find up or down the strip. Twenty nine floors of luxury accommodations, the top five floors are reserved for the penthouse and VIP suites, but it’s always worth looking for an upgraded room even when checking in to the “standard” Resort King room.

They may be able to move you to a tower suite, or give you a volcano view room. The “Stay Well” upgrades and the multi-bedroom suites are top of the line and then the Lanai suites and villas put you over the top and into luxury beyond compare.

In 2000, MGM bought out Steve Wynn and took over operations in The Mirage Las Vegas. This took the 100,000 square foot gaming floor and one of the world’s best poker rooms from an already popular gaming site and folded it into MGM’s brand of loyalty points M-Life offering perks and bonuses at every one of their properties.

This wildly attractive gaming location has all the latest slots and table games, an excellent smoke-free sports book facility, and in The Mirage’s reputation with pushing the limits into the future, they began an interactive mobile gaming system so you could take the fun with you up to your room or out on The Strip.

Fast Facts About The Mirage Las Vegas Resort and Casino

  • Originally slated to be called “Golden Nugget”, the Mirage’s distinctive golden glass windows comes from mixing actual gold dust into the window tinting process.
  • The Mirage 160’ tall marquee is the world’s largest free-standing lit marquee.
  • Innovative security, the Mirage Las Vegas was the first casino built with dedicated cameras watching each table individually.
  • Broke a construction drought, when built in 1989, it was the first large-scale hotel casino built on the strip in sixteen years since the MGM Grand in 1973.
  • Houses a 53’ long and 8’ tall aquarium decorating the back side of the reception and check in hospitality desk.
  • Propane and natural gas do not have a natural smell, that “foul” odor is thiol-mercaptan artificially added to warn of leaks; the erupting volcano at The Mirage uses specially stripped out gas scented with coconut and pineapple instead of the notorious “natural gas” smell to conform to the Polynesian theme.

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